ICIWorld has been building a real estate networking service since the early 1990′s and now our services are getting a make-over to ensure they work as smooth and as fast as ever!

Thank you to everyone who visits our site for your patience, kindness and understanding as we build this service on your behalf. We’d really enjoy your feedback at this time so that we can be extra responsive to your requests, click here to send give us your input!


Phase 1 www.iciworld.com

  • This site is 75% built now and operational.
  • We are now in the optimization phase

Please start to use this site full time, we encourage your feedback, suggestions, and enhancement requests by email or at the bottom of this page.

Phase 2 www.iciworld.net

We suggest that all Executive Members go and reset their favourites bar in their browser to https://iciworld.com/

You can still log in via www.iciworld.net

  • Click on Log In
  • This will take you to the Log In Member Management page
  • Members can add, modify and deleting listings with help from us, if needed
  • The redesign of this area has not started yet
  • Please continue to use iciworld.net for adding, modify, deleting listings and training Videos

Phase 3 Search Results – Coming soon


Give Us Your Feedback Below!

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