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Search Matrix Samples.

Royal Lepage
Century 21 HomeLife
Sutton Group
Right at Home
Keller Williams
Coldwell Banker
Central Canada CCIM Chapter more coming

Can easily be built for a company, real estate board, association, country, etc.

Recommendations so far: 

  1. Add Date Range
  2. Add Residential
  3. Add Market Areas as per main system
  4. Get a Graphic Designer to design page.
  5. Consider a mobile widget. See https://iciworld.mobi  click on Search. Made especially for a company.

Benefits of a Search Matrix Page from ICIWorld

  1. Handles information not just listings. Extra opportunities to make money.
  2. Provides the public with ore choice.
  3. Provides owners with more exposure to help get a higher and better price and terms.
  4. Summarizes in one concise location on the Internet for people to search.
  5. Gives every broker and salesperson more opportunities to make money.
  6. By having it on one page for search purposes, can easily be added to the main website for the whole company. Traffic benefits all brokers and salespeople in the company.

What is important on this page is the search matrix instant retrieval of information, not the design of this page.This page to undergo formatting for new website. 

Real Estate Search Matrix 

This is the ultimate service to help networking of exclusive real estate information in the world today.

On a global scale, company wide, association wide, etc.

Designed for:

For Real Estate Associations, Real Estate Boards, Real Estate Companies, Real Estate Franchises, Real Estate Groups Real Estate Chapters of All Kinds. International, National, State, Province, City, Region, etc.

You can also think of it as a Widget – a link added to your website that displays listings, Haves and Wants of your members . . . to the public that triggers leads for your members and provides valuable services for the public.

This is cutting edge technology and we ask for your vision and we will help you develop this Have and Want Real Estate Listing Service to suit your group, association or company.

The final look should have the input of your graphic designer and/or webmaster.

What is it?

A search matrix is a page that provides choices for viewers to see all the inventory, real estate Haves and Wants, listings of members of your company, group, association, in one easy search page.

It is a link provided by ICIWorld that is easily placed on your website within a few minutes.

It includes exclusive information provided by your members not available on other services.

How does it work?

The very next person who visits your main website and clicks on any choice and sees a listing they like, they can pick up the phone and call your member and do business.


This makes your members happy because as a result of you placing this on link on your high traffic site, they can benefit from this traffic to generate leads.

Bottom Line.

This is a win win situation for all involved including the public who we all serve.

See samples in a grey table below.


It is powerful networking!

This networking
of information will generate deals and leads.

It will help people connect to do business.

It will generate more leads for your office,
organization or group.

It will help identify people with whom you
may want to do business because the listings identify the kind of business that
person is doing presently.

It helps to
develop better business relationships because it puts you in touch in a timely
manner with people with whom have a similar interest to do business.

It will make you money and provide faster and better services to prospects and

It will help you list and sell properties
because you it will demonstrate how well connected you are in the market place
of buyers and sellers.

Great for your
Company, Commercial Group, Chapter, Real Estate Board, ICI Council,
Overlay Board, Commercial Board or Division, Franchise, Community and more!
Just place a link on your main web site, the one with the most traffic!
People see the information and call your members!  It is that easy!

The moment a member adds a Have or
Want it is instantly available on the Internet in your search matrix!
The very next person that sees it, can call that member and do business!

It is this Have and Want information
that people are searching for on the Internet!  ICIWorld makes it
easy for you to give it to them from your whole organization.

It can be arranged so that
an Email goes to every member.

ICIWorld becomes a backend search
database engine so to speak on behalf of your organization or group to
collect information and display it according to your wishes.

  • Helps your members make more money.
  • Helps your members serve the public better.
  • Helps your organization recruit new members.
  • Makes information available, not just listings.
  • Provides world wide exposure.
  • Provides local networking.

It opens up a whole new world to network
information not just listings!


Another innovation first from ICIWorld

for people in the Commercial Real Estate Industry

We think it is the best possible way to network information on
behalf of your group in the world today and benefits your organization and all
the people you serve..

“On the Cutting Edge of Technology” . . . for the World.

Your members will be only seconds away from starting their
next deal!  And they will do deals! They will like it! The people you serve will like it!  Every organization,
company and group in the world should have it!

It can be designed within hours
for you. We can provide introductory services to demonstrate it all in action to
your whole group.  Individual members will require a short orientation and
training session to fully benefit from the ability to network information not
just listings in a professional and competent manner compatible with organized
real estate in the world today.

ICIWorld was the first commercial real
estate information service on the Internet in 1994.

ICIWorld helps your members network have
and want real estate information not just listings such as on a real estate
board internet type service.

Our surveys show there is 2-10 times as
much information as can be placed on a real estate board type internet service.
Everyone in the industry should get excited.

It is the new frontier opening up in the
real estate business today. Learn how this information can be worked in a
competent and professional manner.

Matrix for your national company, group, international organization, national association, provincial, state organizations, franchise, etc.

You have to be a visionary to view this page.

Think of your members, your sales team, identifying and collecting have and want real estate information, information that can not be placed on a real estate board but never the less can generate leads off the Internet.

This is a major industry game changer!

It has the potential to unlock revenues that you presently do not have and no hope to have.

On this testimonial page, see all the deals that are being done, started from Haves and Wants that were NOT ON REAL ESTATE BOARDS!

My specialty has been as broker for forty years has been selling new and resale homes then commercial. This whole concept started when I became a CCIM and attended marketing sessions. Ask me personally about this at another time. The problem was trying to keep track of Haves and Wants.

Today that problem IS SOLVED with this service.

Our specialty is in the Haves and Wants and the database not the appearance to the public on our website or your website. By hiring designers one can design a module to suit your specific requirements and fit within the design of your website.

There are many ways to display
Have and Want information and real estate ads for every single member of your group and to make it searchable by the public.

A search matrix and category widgest are ways to do this.

This is where you select fields and click search database and results appear within seconds.

Another way is like classified ads
in a newspaper with prepared searches.

Here are examples of prepared searches:

The most comprehensive page of choices is one we have in
Ontario Commercial, Ontario Residential.

This can easily be duplicated for your area no matter where in the world you are located.

Search Search at www.iciworld.com

Simply think of a page for your
country or association with the cities, categories and key words that
you think the public would like.

They click on what they like. Pick
up the phone and call your members.  It is that fast.

The very first person who visits YOUR website and sees a listing displayed can pick up the phone and call your member and do a deal. It can be that fast!

See the examples in these search category widgets:

Results can be tailored to suit guidelines such as active listings only, by age ie: one month, two months old, three months old, one year, all, etc.

Look at the age and status fields for instance in these samples.

World with Ontario Commercial Key Words and Cities  Available on both https://iciworld.mobi  and an ICIWorld App.

World with Ontario Residential Key Words and Cities  Available on both https://iciworld.mobi and an ICIWorld App

https://iciworld.mobi  Mobile website. For all mobile devices world wide

A search matrix is a little

See sample links below.

These are all prototypes subject to confirming actual memberships and design of pages.

Listings can be displayed in many ways:

Prudential Re/Max Royal

Search Matrix
Prudential Sutton
Central Canada CCIM Chapter
The Star Group
for a
Major Real Estate Board(such as TREB)
MREB“Real Estate Information can
make one a lot of money.”

Okanagan-Mainline Real Estate Board ICI Group

It is inevitable that it will help your organization grow through increased networking
opportunities and enhanced world exposure.

The advantage to your members is that your website will provide more traffic for the opportunities of your members.

Connections and deals result as a direct result of simply adding a link to your website to the search matrix.

In each case, you can have your own
web designer design the page.

You should think, which links do I

It is the URL of that link that we supply that produces the results you should want for your organization.

You can set the parameters.

One industrial real estate group in Michigan only wants to display listings less than thirty days old. We can do that for you!

This one page should display all
the Haves and Wants of your country or association in a manner that
helps them see the Have and Wants of what everyone is working on. This
helps people make connections to do business.

In each case you will have control
of who will appear in each group, country, or association.  If you
promote this page, everyone will want their listing on it and they will
have to get your approval.

Your comments are most appreciated.  It is you who we

serve. If you have ideas to help enhance these services to help you make money,

please do not hesitate to

contact us.

And finally, it does help when members of this service
take the leadership to bring this service to the attention of the leaders in
your company, organization or group for the benefit of all.

You as a member
benefit through increased connections to do transactions as a result.

we only allow licensed real estate people to join in the USA and Canada.

The more
networking opportunities there are, the more business everyone has a chance to

You will be pleasantly surprised to see that these
networking opportunities occur right within your own office and amongst the very
people with whom you feel comfortable with to do business.

“Have and Want Information from a whole industry at your fingertips!”

Doing our little part to help our real estate industry serve people to connect to do business

The Market ICIWorld Commercial and Residential Real Estate Network


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Contact us world

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