The Market ICIWorld Real Estate Network is a Global Real Estate Information Listing Service

First real estate Have and Want information service on the Internet in 1994 as

In one sense it is similar to classified ads in a newspaper.

Real estate brokers and salespeople advertise their listings, Haves and Wants in Database 1.

The public can read the listings, Haves and Wants and contact the broker directly.

The public advertises their Haves and Wants FREE in Database 2 FSBO’s. (For Sale By Owner)

  • However only the real estate broker members of ICIWorld can see the contact information.
  • There is however a limited view of the subject line for the world to see.
  • The pubic must contact a member for more information on anything in Database 2 FSBO’s.

The cost for brokers and salespeople is $319 per year for unlimited ads or $40/mo.

This includes:

  1. unlimited ads for listings, Haves and Wants
  2. ICIWorld Widgets of listings for the website of the real estate broker or salesperson member
  3. design and setup of a website free for 30 days then $199/year ($16.50/mo.)
  4. extensive circulation, distribution and readership of information locally and world wide (138 countries)
  5. delivery by EMail of listings, Haves and Wants to the public daily
  6. exposure on 2,000+/- other brokers websites at your option

Additional services:

  1. ICIWorld Widgets of listings for a brokers website CLICK HERE
  2. Extensive circulation, distribution and readership CLICK HERE
  3. Websites See Samples

ICIWorld has been operating since 1994 for $319 per year.

It is a global service, a dynamic real estate Internet database.

Real estate brokers add, modify and delete their listings, Haves and Wants themselves on line.

  • they are available on over 18,000 places on the Internet, instantly
  • readership is from people in 138 countries, instantly
  • listings appear on 2,000+ other brokers websites instantly. Each broker does extensive advertising in their own right.
  • new Haves and Wants are EMailed out to the industry daily, 20,000+/- per day to subscribers
  • listings appear on ICIWorld mobile Apps for Androids, iPhones, instantly, world wide
  • listings appear on mobile website for all mobile devices world wide.
  • one on one personal training to help place your first ads
  • one on one personal assistance anytime by appointment.

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