Picture yourself in a room, a very large room, say the size of a grand ballroom at the largest convention centre in the world . . . and it was called the Internet.

Picture that it was a convention, a real estate convention, of real estate buyers and sellers, ready, willing and able, buyers and sellers of every conceivable type of property and business opportunity. And you are at this convention.

It included bankers, mortgage brokers, real estate developers, managers of pension funds, REITS, people in charge of acquiring property, real estate departments of large and small organizations, owners of real estate.  And in this room in a very special area were people, families of people who had taken their special time who were looking to buy real estate and . . . who were looking to buy real estate today and in the future.

And at this convention, conference there were real estate brokers and salespeople from all over the earth who each had a list of all their buyers and sellers and what their buyers were looking for, and what each seller in their marketplace who had indicated they would sell their real estate or business opportunity and at what price.

And then you had the unbelievable opportunity to talk to every single person at that convention about your opportunities and said to them, if you have someone interested in my inventory we should follow up after the convention. I will see if I can  make an appointment for your buyer to see my sellers property on Wednesday and put a listing agreement in place to cover our showing.

Or if you were a seller, you found twenty people who were interested in when could they see your property that you said was coming for sale.

Every permutation and combination of buyers and sellers was actively at work at this convention.

This was a market, a real estate market on the grandest scale.  You were able to see if people were interested in what you had to offer. You were able to explore not just listed properties that you had, but properties that you knew about that were for sale, of people who had given you permission, written permission, verbal permission, confidential permission in order to explore every conceivable opportunity from every person you had talked to in your every day business life.

And low and behold you were surprised to see how at this special convention of people who also had a like minded interest in real estate and business opportunities, that you were able to garner interest in the real estate interests that you presented to them.

This was quite a convention, conference.  In fact once you made a list of all your opportunities you were able to place individual items on lists that people who could not attend this convention at the exact time you were there, but could attend at others times, they could see your information with your contact information and follow up with you later.

This convention room is the size of the planet earth.  The hall is ICIWorld which gathers this information and puts it on display as long as you want for every one in the world who may be interested.

People are always searching for the latest opportunities but many can not find exactly what they want right away so they start searching the lists that had properties buyers and sellers that were older than 90 days old. Specialized buyers looking for specialized type properties and sellers.

This convention has it all in real estate and business opportunities.

There is nothing like it in the world where if an owner said to you bring me in $1,000,000 for my property and I will pay you a commission, but I do not want to give you a listing at this time because I am also dealing with others and the first person who brings me what I want, I will work with them.  I give you my verbal permission to find a buyer and I will work with you to cover your showing with a listing agreement but only when you have an actual buyer. And you agree to do it and mention to the owner you will market their information and will be doing it without the address.   And when you find a buyer you expect the owner to sign an agreement to cover your showing and if and when a successful agreement is reached to pay a commission.

People who do not attend this convention, this world wide convention, can be said to be missing out on opportunities.  Opportunities that can help their prospects and clients.  Opportunities to make money in their service to the public. Their prospects and clients are missing out being informed of and having the opportunity to reach interested, qualified buyers and sellers.

The public that does not attend are missing out on achieving what we say in real estate is the highest and best price and terms for a property by reaching the most people reasonably possible at any given time.

Buyers that do not attend are missing out because they are missing out on opportunities not available anywhere else.

There is another major world wide hall globally in real estate and that is real estate boards.  But that only includes signed listings that are made public.  It also is essential to attend this as well otherwise you are missing out.

That does not include all the signed exclusive listings where the addresses are confidential for various reasons, business for sale confidentially, for sale by owner properties presented by real estate brokers who know about them and who end up selling 91% of them available today.  And all the opportunities that real estate salespeople know about but they personally do not have a signed listing but can get a signed listing to show a property if they only had a buyer.

People think they are saving commission by selling private but in the end, buyers subtract what they think the commission is anyways. And 91% of the FSBO’s that are sold, are by buyers who use a licensed real estate salesperson anyways for prudent and good reasons.

The real estate brokers and salespeople who do not attend this convention simply are missing opportunities to make money, provide a great service to the public and they do not even know it.

But now you do.

And to getting into this convention and networking your information is simply listing it on a Have or Want Sheet.

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