ICIWorld Webinar Seminars (Similar content as live seminars) are meetings conducted over the Internet while you and all your attendees are watching a power point presentation on your computer while listening on a phone or VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) ie: listening through your speakers on your computer. It is education learned from being on the Internet since 1994 helping real estate salespeople benefit from the Internet. It is as if you had said “please study the Internet as a real estate broker for me for 20 years and then bring me the best in a summary of what you have learned that I can use now to help my sales team make money and tell it to us in 90 minutes.” And can you do it free thanks and yes you can do a 8 minute commercial on your services.

ICIWorld Webinar Seminars designed for real estate brokers and salespeople in Canada, USA and world wide to get them up to speed in using the powers of the Internet. It is about many things including applying real estate concepts and information tools for their own market areas and specialties. Advanced users will appreciate the significance of exclusive information, how to work it, the extra powers of lead generation that provide extra revenue.

ICIWorld Webinar Seminars designed for buyers and sellers. If you have an investment group please call. We demonstrate how to work with the service and the people on it to find: exclusive information, how to receive information the same day it becomes available, how to place information and reach a large community of people with a like minded interest in buying and selling real estate, networking, and more. And make suggestions how we can improve the service to serve you.  How to harness the power of organized real estate to work for you. Every single broker and salesperson helps people create wealth through real estate. Learn more.

If you are not sure of how this works let us go through the motions of how it would work for you and your office. It only takes a few minutes.

Attendees can see what is on our screen and can listen. We can switch it to see a members screen all the while talking together no matter where they are located all free through the Internet.

And . . . we can completely host a Webinar event for you to conduct for your organization. You can introduce the speaker or be the speaker. The speaker can be in one city while you are in another and all the while everyone listens and watches their presentation on the screen. This works now in real time. We actually are on a daily Webinar from 7am-4pm daily helping members apply these information and wonderful tools for their real estate practice!

Types of Webinars:

  1. ICIWorld Webinar Seminars No Matter Where In The World You Area LocatedSimilar to live seminars conducted in real estate offices and for real estate associations called  “Mastering the Powers of the Internet” except conducted on the Internet for all your sales team. Great for an association as well if you have 1,000 members spread out over a large area and many can not attend your office. It is the same power point demonstration. Simply set a date and time for your sales team. We send you an email with instructions to get into the seminar from everyone’s computer no matter where they are located. At the appointed time yoour people can click in their EMail on the link that hooks them right into the seminar. They will see a powerpoint presentation being conducted on the screen while we are talking “live.” We can make it so that they can ask questions during the presentation. It is the ultimate in convenience because they can be at the office, at home, or somewhere with an iPad, iPhone or Android for instance and listen in. So within 1 hour they will have attended the seminar. Saves driving to the office fighting traffic, etc. Webinar Seminars are conducted for your location of your real estate office no matter where in the world you are located. If for any reason you are not sure of the benefit of this Webinar Seminar ask to have it conducted for you one on one or with others to judge the importance.  These are Internet tools that work for every area of the planet.  Designed for real estate professionals world wide. We can ship you a 16 page Agents Handbook prior to the Webinar Seminar so that everyone will a copy. This is a free Webinar Seminar in consideration of allowing us to do a six minute commercial on our services.
  2. Daily Webinar Workshops – these are mostly one on one with our members no matter where in the world they are located. We conduct these to help members get orientated on ICIWorld. Usually one 30 minute session and members can be placing Haves and Wants and managing them successfully. For Web Sites it is a minimum of 90 minutes usually made up of 3 – 30 minute sessions or two sessions one of 30 and another 60 minutes.  If a member needs a hand for anything on our services they make a thirty minute appointment one on one. Appointments in the USA and Canada are from 7am-3pm Mon-Fri Eastern Time (New York, Toronto, Miami time) Once training and/or setup is done, there is usually no need to have any more webinars of this type.
  3. Recorded Webinars – of past events.  See our Media and ICIWorld You Tube Channel or Seminars.
  4. Webinar Events– Live scheduled meetings inviting people to attend. Everyone can attend from the comfort of their own home or business office. Or . . . you can invite all to come to your office. In this case you would need a computer on the Internet, a projector and screen to display to your group and audio sound. We can be presenting from office to your office for all to see and hear.

    We host guest speakers from time to time. You can conduct a Webinar Event. It an be a paid or free event.  In fact any real estate office, company or association can easily hold a meeting world wide, state wide, area wide and have people attend no matter where they are located. The speaker or presenter can be in one location, the broker host or moderator can be in another location, and of course all attendees can be anywhere as well. The one common thing everyone must do is get on to the Internet 10 minutes prior to the start of any meeting. For instance we host a monthly Webinar called How To Promote Your Web Site. It is 90 minutes long and attendees take notes during the session and can ask questions. Another was a speaker who has sold over $400,000,000 of apartment buildings, 45 minutes and very interesting. Another was from the Greater Tampa Bay Area Real Estate Association on the TD Bank providing financing in Florida to buy properties. Another was an economist speaking to the CCIM Chapter at the Greater Toronto Area Real Estate Board auditorium. If you have a speaker of any kind and they have a power point presentation think of your audience who you would like to attend, ie: just your sales staff, or do you have a product or service that is beneficial to the real estate industry?

Up to 1,000 may attend. Meetings to date have averaged 5-100 attendees.

It is just so convenient. One could conduct a complete training conference convention this way or make a morning of it.

Particularly beneficial if you have members or salespeople strung out long distances.

One phone to us and presto it is easier than you ever imagined.

We take all the technology out of the equation for you and make it simple!

Can demonstrate it anytime.

Call and be in front of a computer.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Gary Nusca, CCIM
ICIWorld.net, Inc.