Time. More valuable than money.

Time Is Money

There are really only two things you do with ICIWorld 
once you have gone through a one-time 60-minute setup. 
Some members have had two hours because of questions. But that is it!
A world service to help you make connections in real estate the rest of your life.
And once you have learned how to work exclusive type information properly.
We recommend a once per year tune up to catch up on the latest technology.

  1. Search from time to time either on your mobile phone or computer for as little as a few seconds, minutes from time to time, we suggest a minimum of once per week. Make a connection. What you do with that contact is up to you. But as far as your use of ICIWorld is concerned it is completed in as little as a few seconds to 2 minutes and 30 seconds which seems to be the average. We think this is also helpful for us as a provider when there are thousands using the service that could slow things down.  Then you carry on and network with others, etc. set up a showing, and conduct a transaction. 

    You can even make it faster by subscribing to receive the commercial listings for your area by EMail Digest once per day and scan the Haves and Wants in a seconds. One contact can make tens of thousands of dollars. It can be that fast!. It has taken thirty years to set this all up. See ICIWorld’s Global EMail List Servers. Over 300 global lists to choose from. Only select the Digest which could include all the categories for your area or you could get duplicates. It is possible to specialize, ie: only hotels, only shopping centers, only land, etc. For residential, do not select every city, choose the greater area which includes all the cities and that way you only get one email with the new listings in it. 

    If timing, timing, timing is important to you on finding out about a new opportunity to act on it quickly then the EMail Digest can be a great and valuable benefit to you. Brokers tell me before they got on the service they lost deals because they were five days late finding out about something.
  2. Add listings, Haves and Wants from time to time. Treat your information as gold, a hot potato. Get it working. If you wait 2 hours, is it possible that the perfect buyer or seller for your property just finished a search and misses your opportunity? Handle the inquiry, network, show the property and do a sale. Network other opportunities not on ICIWorld that lead to doing deals. Develop new contacts you can add to your CRM for future business.

    If you cannot add your Want on ICIWorld within 2 minutes make an appointment with us. We are your assistants to network your information to the world. But if the information is not placed, you remain a secret agent.

All the rest is a one-time orientation and setup usually 60 minutes.

  1. Search listings, Haves and Wants from time to time on your mobile devices and computer.

    It should only take you 3-5 seconds to search on your mobile device or computer to see the latest listings, Haves and Wants in your area. Make connections, network, show the property, and make money.

    If not make an appointment with us and we will get you set up.

    Install the ICIWorld App for iPhones and Androids


    make a shortcut to https://www.iciworld.com

    Make connections and develop business relationships with others to network, show property, and do deals.

    ICIWorld has among the largest displays of exclusive real estate information in the world placed by real estate professionals in Database 1 and by the public in Database 2 FSBOs worldwide.

  2. Add listings, Haves and Wants from time to time.

    Trigger leads, show property, make money.

    You must never let them go longer than 90 days old or they do not show up on the thousands of people using the mobile apps.

    We recommend updating them every 30-60 days.  That way they go back to the top of the database AND they get sent out by email to the industry by EMail, 20,000+/- per day.

    If you modify them before 30 days they do not get sent out to the industry by EMail.

    We also recommend you have a minimum of fifteen real estate listings, Haves and Wants on ICIWorld at any one time up to date.  Otherwise, you are missing doing business and do not realize it. 

    If you do not know how to work exclusive real estate, visit the ICIWorld YouTube Channel and take in a Webinar on-demand.

    Once you place a minimum of ten Haves and five Wants, and they are all less than 90 days old, then and only then are you maximizing your opportunities in real estate in this information age.

    Your listings, Haves and Wants are displayed and being searched 24/7 by people in 138 countries.

    The links from ICIWorld on your website work automatically updating themselves daily.

All the rest is a one-time setup and orientation.


ICIWorld Saves You Time Prospecting and Networking Commercial Real Estate Opportunities Worldwide Connecting For Your Next Transaction. Includes businesses and residential.
Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS, Realtor, Broker 48 years
Manager. Consider us as a personal assistant.
The ICIWorld Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople

It is all about getting your Have and Want information to do the work networking 24/7 globally such as on the ICIWorld App on the Internet that helps you connect with others in a timely manner. And triggering leads and incoming referrals because your information appears on member broker and salespersons websites worldwide each one generating traffic in addition.

The three most important words in real estate generally understand are location, location, and location. 

But CCIMs also say timing, timing, and timing. 

When you place a Have or Want on ICIWorld it is instantly available worldwide and EMailed out to the industry within 24 hours. 

People see your information, can pick up the phone and call you.  It is that fast. See the transactions. It is our sincere goal that every single member is added to this list. To us at ICIWorld it is inevitable. There are five billion people using the Internet where we are.

Make a one-hour appointment with us to be conducted over the Internet while you are sitting in front of your computer.

We will send you the instructions for you to forward to your website designer, to place the Widgets of Listings on your website that are absolutely inevitable to trigger leads for you. 

 One follow-up appointment is recommended for us to ensure they are set up properly to trigger leads and make you money.

When you order a website, it is a one-hour appointment.

Never go longer than 90 days without either doing a deal or making good connections you feel will lead to making money someday.

See Our Pledge.


Since 1994