To provide the networking of every conceivable opportunity in real estate through the hands of licensed real estate professionals.

Real estate brokers and salespeople are best positioned in the real estate industry to identify opportunities and then to market, and network them in a competent manner to do business on a global scale.

There is a lot of fraud on the Internet so having licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the real estate industry involved in real estate trades to protect and serve people is important and becomes even more important today.  Fraudsters, scam artists and thieves can take advantage of people trying to sell properties themselves privately advertising on the Internet.  Real estate salespeople are trained to qualify people so things are legitimate.

As far as policies and services are concerned, generally speaking,  we constantly search and provide licensed real estate brokers the Internet tools, database, technology and information concepts to do business and make money in their service to the public.

ICIWorld’s goal?

To help the licensed real estate industry world wide as a service to network and display all kinds of “Have and Want real estate information” on the Internet for the benefit of the world to see to serve the public locally and world wide.

Provide an easy and productive Internet real estate information and networking service for licensed real estate brokers and salespeople to market real estate and network opportunities with the world.

To have it all go through the hands of a licensed real estate practitioner who provide protections in a trade in real estate. See how they help.

This is especially helpful for licensed real estate salespeople for the myriad of opportunities that can not be placed on traditional real estate boards at the moment.

This is generating business regularly for members now.

And perhaps with this service going forward it can and should be used by associations. We invite inquiries.

I have been in real estate and as a broker since 1972.

Since 1994 I have been on the Internet 24/7 sort of like a scientist, inventor, engineer, doctor of the Internet, discovering and identifying ways with a passion for individual brokers and salespeople to save time and energy to put the advantages of the Internet to work for them and the people they serve in the easiest fastest way possible today while at the lowest possible cost with information services.

These ideas came from CCIM marketing sessions of Haves and Wants, and from a book by Bill Gates @the speed of thought. What you think can be placed on the Internet. Have and Want exclusive information can not be placed on a real estate board, but can be placed on ICIWorld as long as you do not identify the property.  You put listing agreements in place first before divulging the location and/or to show property in the case of exclusive information.  This presents more opportunities for the public to contact real estate salespeople to do business otherwise not possible on real estate boards as of this moment.

I call it the ICIWorld Real Estate Information Listing Service.  And . . . now from twenty years of experience providing this service to the industry, I believe it should be a mainstream service of real estate boards to help brokers and salespeople provide this information networking to service the public.

We believe it has now proven itself to be working successfully over the years with lots of experience and track record to prove it should be a mainstream type service for all real estate boards in the world.

It can literally display every real estate thought, Have and Want, from brokers and salespeople to any and everyone in the world who are interested. This helps spark connections to do business. This is helping the real estate industry today, now, daily!

This discovery has been with the input of thousands of professionals in the business, brokers and salespeople over the last twenty plus years and today is delivering information world wide for the real estate industry over the Internet from the ICIWorld Global Brokers Database Engine.  Now with 1,000+/- members, 40,000 readership from 138 countries, 20,000+/- EMails delivering Haves and Wants to the public daily, 50-150 new listings daily, display of listings on 1,000+ other brokers websites and 18,000+ pages on the Internet. Information populates instantly world wide and is available on computers, iPads, Apps for iPhones, Androids, mobile websites for Blackberries, Windows devices and more.

We have discovered unique ways to serve the industry world wide. Ways that are not available on any other service.  This is for every single real estate broker and salesperson on the planet to do more deals, do more referrals. Ask for a seminar for your real estate office if in Ontario or for a Webinar for your real estate office, sales team or individual brokers or salespeople if in the USA and Canada or for any country of the world.

From as early as 1992 we started. From 1994 on the Internet to the present we have been on the Internet.  Today with there are several different, unique opportunities and services that can make more money while providing extra unique services for the public that are now available for every single real estate broker and salesperson on the planet.

This is for not only commercial real estate salespeople but now residential as well!

You will find the networking of “real estate information” is unique on ICIWorld although commercial brokers and salespeople on this service have been doing it for years and making money and . . . lots of money.

See Testimonials.

It is compatible with all other services in the industry.

We think this is important good news for the industry because one of the mandates for licensed real estate brokers and salespeople to serve the public is to protect them. ICIWorld only allows licensed real estate brokers and salespeople to join the service. *See Who Can Join.

Another mandate is to get the public the highest best price and terms when selling and this comes by exposure in all the reasonable competent ways in the industry today. Otherwise one an easily be missing doing a deal and not realize it.

  • For sellers: This service is important for example based on what one broker told us, that he placed a $4M shopping centre on his real estate board and got four calls, he placed it on ICIWorld and received over 30 calls and sold it. So we recommend one must include ICIWorld in your marketing plans otherwise one can easily be missing out and not realize it.
  • For buyers: More information becomes available that is not on real estate boards providing more choices, more opportunities to do business. Also the public can see your Wants and contact you as a member to sell their property since you have a buyer.  A $75M office complex in Toronto was sold this way where someone who had the office tower contacted a member who had placed the want on behalf of a major buyer.

The following are examples of unique services from ICIWorld that are not available on any other service in the world that we know of that can help every single real estate salesperson on the planet to do more business in their local market areas.

  1. There are 30,000 listings, Haves and Wants, displayed to the public, 75% are of an exclusive nature.
  2. We do not delete old listings. They are used for networking purposes. You must learn to search the latest 30-60-90 day listings by using the age date field. You can also use the Active Status field search and the date field.
  3. You should display these listings from YOUR website.  They are absolutely inevitable to trigger business for you to do business and/or referrals.
  4. Widgets are links for all real estate broker and salesperson websites in the world of exclusive listings that are not on real estate boards.
  5. Widgets for members do not allow the public to click on the messages numbers.  This means the public must call you for more information. This is absolutely inevitable that you receive inquiries. This is lead generation. Reasons for people to call you.
  6. These leads trigger referral opportunities with the average $3,000 to $10,000 for a five minute referral. One broker has now done fifteen of them.
  7. These leads trigger direct business that you can make appointments to show properties, get an offer, do transactions and make money. Information can absolutely trigger leads. Many brokers have little or no listings on a real estate board. Now every single broker should have at least fifteen pieces of information working for them at all times. We show you how.  It is unique.
  8. Unique EMail List Servers deliver these unique and exclusive opportunities to the public on behalf of members.
  9. Membership is uniquely restricted to licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the USA and Canada. *See Who Can Join.
  10. Database 2 FSBO’s (for sale by owner) of listings are placed free by the public but only members can access the contact information.
  11. Delivery of the FSBO information to members only by EMail.
  12. Providing all licensed and real estate salespeople the ability to network “information” to help people not just listings on a real estate board. This opens up all the FSBO’s opportunities, open listings, etc. Network them here without providing addresses or identifying locations of properties. Put agreements in place first before showing property or divulging addresses. This is unique in the marketplace and is making a lot of broker members a lot of money while providing services to the public not provided by traditional real estate boards at the moment. We say at the moment because we thing boards should adopt a modified version of this service as a service the public from their members.
  13. Lists of buyers. This display demonstrates how well members of ICIWorld are connected to buyers in the industry. This demonstrates to the public how well connected you are into the marketplace of buyers and sellers. This is a powerful listing tool when you can print out a list of buyers.
  14. Display of these buyers on your own website demonstrating to your prospects, clients, etc. how well connected you are into the marketplace of buyers and sellers. They are more likely to list with you when they see you are connected to an industry of buyers.
  15. This is a global world database for every real estate salesperson in the world to place all their Haves and Wants as well as advertise their real estate board listings. It is simply a marketing tool to help every single real estate salesperson in the world.
  16. Handling both residential AND commercial real estate information not just listings.
  17. Handling properties “coming for sale.” Trigger leads.  Put people on a list so that when you do get a listing signed they can be the first to go through the property.
  18. Advertising that you reach people in 138 countries of the world for the ultimate in world wide exposure.
  19. ICIWorld Mobile Apps display your information to the world wide. This triggers calls for you to do business. Note: your listings must be less than 90 days old to be displayed in the default settings on world apps from ICIWorld.
  20. Started in 1994 to investigate ways to make the Internet and technology work for individual brokers and salespeople reduce the cost of advertising while providing the full power of the Internet where there are over 5 billion using it as a marketing medium.  There is a great track record and experience serving the industry properly, competently all these years and . . . learning from mistakes, problems and solving them along the way.  There is even more to be done and we are very excited about that.
  21. Perhaps the fastest service in the world to display a list of buyers or sellers along with contact names and phones numbers. Print a page or two of these Haves and Wants, make phone calls without having to be on the Internet.
  22. We teach How to promote your website.  This is where brokers and salespeople should be spending time promoting your own business, promoting your own website. This program teaches how to get and drive traffic to your own websites.  ICIWorld provides a monthly program to help.  We have attended world search engine conventions at a cost of over $4,000 and share this with you.
  23. Sponsorship program. Sponsor one member to join and reduce your membership fee.  Sponsor more and receive 3 months bonus on your membership. Sponsor 4 and receive a year free.
  24. Security on the Internet – Important for every single person using the Internet to know about this.
  25. EMail List Servers – Subscribe/unsubscribe to receive new listings daily. We suggest the Digest Method which is one email with the new listings in it.
  26. What is unique is the development of this service with the feedback of hundreds of licensed real estate brokers and salespeople. It is as if you said, Gary, as a real estate broker and CCIM, study the Internet for 20 years from a real estate brokers point of view to provide serves to the public successfully. Then share it with us.  We do this in a 120 minute seminar. See the unique comments from attendees of other real estate offices in the industry.
  27. It is unique in the significant amounts of money that can be made with exclusive real estate information.
  28. It is unique because it can present real estate and business opportunities every where in the world to everyone in the world instantly with a membership and add a Have or Want.

And more.

The service is tried, proven and tested and is working daily to serve the public. No matter where in the world you are located it works because we are all on the Internet and there are local applications for your area.

This is not a listing service like a real estate board although membership is similar in that we only allow licensed real estate brokers and salespeople to join. It is more like an International Newspaper Real Estate Classified Ad Service. This database becomes very important to brokers and salespeople because of this broker centric mandate to serve the industry.

The challenges going forward.

Marketing and advertising are always challenges to grow any service.

The more members there are, the slicker the service can become for everyone in terms of graphics and design.

It is the search engine and the use of it that has been our focus since 1994.

Yes ICIWorld has been on the Internet since 1994 with the oldest real estate domain name on the planet,

We  used the domain name of for years, (Commercial Investment Bulleting Board Sytstem) and fifty+ other domains which we still have to this day. But are rebuilding the brand with as recommended by an Internet company with former Google search engineers since they say carries more weight for being in business for 20+ years and it is registered for 10 more years. This helps build traffic for all real estate broker and salespersons listings, Haves and Wants, it builds interest, it drives traffic to members websites and helps the public make connections because of the extensive network of connections to everyones listings from over 18,000 pages on the Internet and display of listings on 1,000’s of other brokers websites, each of whom promotes their own websites with 1,000’s of dollars.

We too are learning every day and learn from members and the public and from other professionals and service providers in the industry.

Today services can be segmented to serve the mandate of a real estate board, association, institute, company, franchise, etc. by displaying the Haves and Wants of their respective members on their own websites. The traffic generated can do nothing but help their members, our members, who are one and the same in many cases.  Yes I recommend every major entity should have a “have and want” information service on their own website to help their members. We have some special solutions and services for this.

This is the information age and ICIWorld is handling real estate information in this information age as smooth as can be subject to improvements of design of interfaces.  The ICIWorld database engine is doing its job daily.

Although we have been a real estate broker for over 40 years, please consider us as a personal marketing and information assistant to you personally. This is our specialty, helping licensed real estate brokers and salespeople take advantage of the Internet.

We thank everyone for the continued opportunities to be of service.

Feel free to call and chat anytime.

Gary Nusca, CCIM, AMP, Inc.