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Join today (for licensed real estate salespeople) to get all your listings, residential AND commercial, circulated through the industry and to receive the FSBO’s by EMail.

One principal who placed a Want ad for real estate in the private FSBO Area Database 2 received six calls from members. One was a Re/Max agent member of ICIWorld who sold a property to him. One of many many examples happening regularly.

Another member saw a Want in ICIWorld’s FSBO Database 2 from a principal for a six plex apartment. He did not find it on ICIWorld but checked his MLS and found one. He called the buyer, showed it and sold it.

Another example Dorin a residential real estate agent saw a church for sale placed by a principal in Database 2. She called the owner and asked the three special questions and put the church for sale in Database 1, got a buyer after 30 days, a church congregation, and sold it for $2.4M.

Database 2 is working smooth delivering principal buyer and seller opportunities to Executive Members of ICIWorld who have elected to receive them by EMail. We help all members when they join to subscribe to this special EMail List Serve.

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