Learning and Using the Powers of the Internet and How to Work Exclusive Real Estate Information
with presenter Gary Nusca, CCIM

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This email is to provide more information about the Seminar for your real estate sales team in your office that can expand opportunities to do business for Realtors. We would simply need a date and time from you. That’s it!

Make sure you go to www.iciworld.com and click on Seminars and see the hand written comments from attendees. All real estate agents are from new in the business to 50 years in the business.

What participants had to say…

“Opened my mind to promote myself and my business

              So glad I came

                      Great tool for business

Great info website on mobile great

Great flow of presentation, use of real examples

It was well worth attending the workshop

        Gary is a true professional very knowledgeable

Definitely relevant               

Great time, well done. Even with years of experience never too old to implement new methods

Extremely informative, excellent presentation”

“Great for the real estate industry” 

It covered what I needed to know

This is an educational seminar designed for real estate brokers and sales people and compatible with all company and industry services.

This seminar is $1,500 for real estate boards but is no cost to your office in consideration of us doing a 6 minute commercial about  ICIWorld.

ICIWorld.com is a Global Broker’s Real Estate Information Listing Service.

30,000+ listings, Haves, Wants 75% exclusive. We teach how to work exclusive information in compliance with the industry.


This creates powerful lead generation, important tools for real estate brokers and salespeople and greatly expands opportunities to do business.

There is no obligation to join.  

We have done this seminar for countless real estate offices and boards.

See comments at SEMINARS at www.iciworld.com

Some have said this was the best seminar ever.

All designed to help your sales team make more money using the Internet.


5 Ways to Generate Leads for Real Estate Brokers & Salespeople 

You Tube Vdeo with five Internet Lead Generation Strategies

Presented by a broker who has done over 1,000 transactions over the years and in the business since 1972. He is also a CCIM and an Office Seminars a Membership Chairman of the CCIM Chapter.

Mastering the Powers of the Internet will cover:

●Mobile websites and devices – the new Internet revolution!
●How to have information at your fingertips
●How to work Exclusive Real Estate information in compliance with RECO that generates business in addition to MLS!
●How adding links to listings to your website can become inevitable to generate leads.
●How to get leads to show FSBO’s, people who say I do not want to list but bring me an offer and I will pay you a commission.
●How to get listings over competitors.
●How to use these tools and the Internet to unlock the potential for you to earn more money!
●How To Promote Your Website – what good is a website if you have not traffic?
●Mobile Apps used by many in the real estate business.
●It energizes and recharges your sales team with new tools, concepts and ideas to make more use of the Internet to do real estate business.
●We support all your existing services.

Follow the link below to see the testimonials from your colleagues, Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople, that have glowing comments about the seminar.
Click here to see all testimonials and for more info. 

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We look forward to having some fun in your office presenting this seminar.

Can be presented as a Webinar over the Internet! From a one on one presentation to 1,000 may attend. Can be presented on a moments notice with one email invitation to all your sales team.

Can be presented to real estate boards, associations, as well as real estate offices, etc.

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Seminar Co-ordinator

Feel free to call Gary Nusca, CCIM Seminar Presenter 416-214-4875

The proof is in the pudding..

Attendees have provided very positive comments after attending Seminars. These are available for you to read online, in their own hand writing. 

If you would like to read them, follow this link.  CLICK HERE (These are the comments from the Seminar at MREB)

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