Global Real Estate Networking With Digitized Information

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Global Real Estate Networking With Digitized Information


Provided by the ICIWorld Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople Since 1994.

You can connect with the best service in the world, MLS, to buy and sell real estate through members of ICIWorld who are licensed real estate brokers and salespeople.

You can also network real estate Have and Want information that is not on MLS, put it on, put agreements in place first before you identify and show the property, and buy and sell real estate.

Haves are the properties for sale and for lease not necessarily on MLS. 

In fact, 75% of the information on ICIWorld is not on MLS, but placed by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople. Those who wish to learn how to do it properly in accordance and compliant with their licensing bodies, please take in a Special Video Webinar-On-Demand.  (90 minute) recording How To Work Exclusive Real Estate presented for real estate boards, associations and companies. Ask us to do a Webinar for your organization. We will supply a link you can circulate to all your team and/or members, no limit. Just set a time to start. Contact me to discuss.

Wants are the acquisition criteria of buyers, what people are looking to buy or lease.

In one respect, ICIWorld is for brokers to place ads for networking purposes, similar to classified ads in a newspaper but following guidelines that help people search in the iciworld real estate database, make connections with members and do business.

Real estate brokers and salespeople have been networking Exclusive type information on this service since 1994. See testimonials some with over thirty transactions. And that is not a bad return on a membership of $40/month or $319/year. 

ICI stands for Industrial, commercial and investment.  

Our database powers many websites worldwide. When a member broker or salesperson places a listing, it instantly populates thousands of pages on the Internet. The next person who searches any one of thousands of pages worldwide will instantly see your information. Some of our other databases and websites powered by ICIWorld are,,, and others. Special domain names for professional designations and other purposes are available to build your own brand. Special links are available to display your company’s Haves and Wants. All links can be used by you either internally for networking purposes or placed on your websites to trigger leads from the public.

Connections for sales now exceed $50M+ amongst the highest of a real estate board or association in the world, proving that a service like this can help you make connections with information, not just listings. 

Networking goes on daily in the real estate industry. Exploring these opportunities and potential transactions is networking. Talking with others about the possibilities of a trade in real estate is networking. You do it confidentially until an actual listing is signed, conduct a showing, and the due diligence begins leading to a sale. 

ICIWorld has digitized the networking that goes on daily. In the “information age,” where everyone operates at the speed of thought, ICIWorld digitizes real estate Have and Want information in the form of real estate Have and Want opportunities. Then the information is displayed on all member brokers and salesperson websites, mobile Apps, computers, websites, EMail when subscribed, and more. 

The brokers and salespeople of the world are trained in consumer protection and are the best ones positioned in the industry to provide it to the public.

The time is come for all real estate boards to adopt this service. It has proven to benefit every member who learns how to use it properly.
Some training is required:

  • to learn how to identify and collect information
  • how to display it in a confidential manner
  • how to manage it effectively
  • how to remain in compliance with your real estate license.
  • And how it is compatible with other services in the industry. 

Most residential real estate brokers and salespeople know only MLS and are restricted. The commercial brokers and salespeople in CCIM marketing sessions inspired this service to deal in all types of exclusive type opportunities, which continues to make members tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and now over one million dollars of commission incomes.

The faster you can get the land to buyers, the faster the land can be developed and increase the housing supply to stabilize home prices.

It helps them get together to provide more housing and help reduce housing prices, especially for all the young people. 

Some brokers will say up to 90% of the land, shopping centers, apartment buildings, office buildings, and business opportunities are not on MLS MLS is the best, but not every broker can get a signed listing to put it on MLS.

That is where this service becomes essential. One broker had a $4M shopping center on MLS and got four calls, yet on ICIWorld, they got 30 calls and sold it.

I have been a broker for 48 years. BOTH ARE IMPORTANT to include in your marketing to help you get the highest and best price and terms if you put it on the market. Otherwise, you can be missing on achieving the highest and best price and terms.

ICI stands for industrial, commercial and investment real estate. We added residential several years ago, and it is separate from the commercial. 

MLS handles all the properties for sale where you can get a signed listing. In the listing, you write an offer with contact details, legal description, etc. Provided only by real estate brokers and salespeople. 

ICIWorld is like real estate classified ads in a newspaper, specializing in real estate Have and Want opportunities. ILS is also only provided by real estate brokers and salespeople. The limited information that is not on MLS requires you to contact the broker or salesperson for more details. 

75% of the commercial information on ICIWorld is of an exclusive nature, not on MLS. About 50% of the residential information is not on MLS. Unlike MLS, ICIWorld is networking of information that people can change their mind, and the broker or salesperson should immediately remove it from ICIWorld. Brokers also advertise their MLS listings like classified ads in a newspaper.

Many business owners want to retire but do not want to let everyone know the business is for sale. It could even be bad for business; employees might start leaving, and people wonder, “Is there something wrong?” So marketing businesses become essential to do it confidentially. ICIWorld serves this purpose quite nicely, proven over 20+ years.

Many developers are dealing with many agents. They do not want to tie up their property for three months with one agent while simultaneously dealing with many other agents. The one that brings in the best offer is who they would like to pay the commission. ICIWorld serves this sector very nicely, proven over 20+ years. 

You will see the most extensive collection of Wants. These are brokers and salespeople who have qualified their buyers and placed their Wants on ICIWorld for you to see. If you have a business for sale or a business owner says yes, you bring me the right price, and I will sell, there is a Want for that kind of business on ICIWorld. You can call them, make an appointment, get an offer and sell that business.

Real estate boards and real estate associations should add this service for their members. We have over twenty years of developing ICIWorld to operate successfully and compatibly in the real estate industry. Ready to have a real estate board be the first to provide it for their members. 

Real estate networking provides more choices for the public. And because brokers and salespeople train in consumer protection, they also provide more security. ICIWorld is an information service where brokers can network “Have and Want information” on a confidential basis and market listings worldwide.

In one respect, it is like real estate classified ads where you can place as much or as little information as you wish with links to websites, etc.

ICIWorld was started in 1994 out of a CCIM Chapter by a real estate broker who saw a need to record real estate Have and Want opportunities presented in marketing sessions. Otherwise, you miss opportunities when you cannot attend or cannot write them down fast enough or remember them if you were there. 

Everyone in the real estate industry has access to MLS, so you do not miss out. 

ICIWorld has digitized information, so now no one needs to miss out on exclusive type real estate opportunities. 

ICIWorld has grown into an association of real estate brokers and salespeople to expand opportunities to do business to serve the public.

This service is now a database for the world, operating since 1994.

Real estate brokers and salespeople are the competent and the best-placed people in the industry to identify, collect and filter all the intentions of the public to buy and sell real estate. Have and Want information includes buy and sell information from the public and brokers on social media, FSBO websites (For sale by owner), etc., that are not on real estate boards.

In the case of FSBOs, studies from the National Association of Real Estate show licensed real estate brokers and salespeople sell 89% of FSBOs.To start with, they were not on MLS.

ICIWorld helps the real estate industry bring all kinds of real estate opportunities to display to the world. Real estate brokers and salespeople contribute to the real estate industry by making a place on the Internet to search it all quickly.

Brokers and salespeople are trained in consumer protection and provide security for the public.

More choice is available to buyers and sellers due to the powers of Realtors networking “Have and Want information” to the public in a professional way. Many are not signed listings, but all the opportunities can lead to a signed listing, transactions, and MLS listings.

MLS is still the best way to market real estate if you can get a signed listing. 

The problem is that many owners who want to sell will say, “bring me in $1M for my property, but I do not want to give you a listing, but I will pay you a commission.”

  • Others will say I would like to sell my business, but I only want qualified buyers to see it.
  • I want my property to sell but on a confidential basis.
  • I have offers now, so I do not want to sign a listing.
  • All the for sale by owners
  • you have a property coming for sale,
  • assignments.
  • Some say 90% of apartment buildings and shopping centers are not on real estate boards. 
  • And this applies to land, recreational property, senior lifestyles and much more.

Information of a buying and selling nature is scattered all over the Internet. Wouldn’t it be time-saving if every broker in the world could identify and collect all these opportunities, place them in one place, and then make them available from their very own website?

I believe real estate brokers and salespeople can use social media to collect all that loose information and place it in ONE place, making it easier to find, namely by sharing all their information on each other’s websites. ICIWorld provides the tools and technology to do this. There are hundreds of social media locations you would have to go through to get a list of buyers for anything. On ICIWorld or a member’s website, Search, select Wants, and you get the buyers. If the whole world of real estate brokers and salespeople put all their information in this one spot, every broker and salesperson would have it on their website. How much easier and more efficient would that be for the world. And everyone would maximize their opportunities to connect with others instead of missing opportunities because they did not search a specific Facebook or Kijiji site at the right time. Brokers can do this for the world. Real estate transactions create prosperity. 

ICIWorld is an information service where brokers can network Have and Want intentions of buyers and sellers. For that reason, not every listing is a sure thing guaranteed, not until an actual listing agreement is signed.  

Marketing property in a confidential fashion is essential for many owners.

You can do that on ICIWorld competently, which we have been doing since 1994,

Everyone in the world can install the ICIWorld Global Real Estate Networking App on your mobile device. Within a few seconds, see the networking going on daily, make connections and do business.

Add a listing, Have or Want from anywhere globally, and it is instantly available worldwide to people in 138 countries. 

Licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in Canada and the USA provide ICIWorld. Most all brokers and salespeople can use an assistant. That is what we are to help you in this information age network information that can make you money by helping your prospects and clients with more choices.

Our experience running CCIM Marketing Sessions will help you connect with others to do business.

Real estate brokers and salespeople join with our assistance for unlimited instant global networking and marketing all year long. Make an appointment.

Add a listing in the Caribbean, and it is instantly available worldwide. 

“Haves” are the real estate opportunities for properties and businesses for sale and for lease and real estate board listings.

Haves and Wants are people who have indicated they wish to sell or buy but are not a signed listing like MLS. Listing agreements still have to be put in place, and of course, there could be changes.

ICIWorld is a networking service. And because it is like real estate classified ads, brokers also advertise their regular real estate board listings and networking information. 

Buyers who are ready, willing and able to buy Today. “Wants” are the acquisition criteria of buyers. What type of property buyers are looking for, where, and price range. 

Real estate brokers and salespeople join for unlimited, instant and global networking. Place as much or as little information as you wish in each message, and you can also market your real estate board listings worldwide and reach people in 138+ countries.

There are now 5+ billion people using the Internet. 

As a Realtor, if someone says to you that they do not want to give you a listing, but they will pay you a commission, there is a way to network that kind of information globally, get a buyer, put an agreement in place first before showing the property and do a sale. 

Many owners of properties and business opportunities do not want their information on the Internet or MLS.

Yet they want to market their property or business confidentially.

You do it here on the ICIWorld with connections made confidentially and sales to $50M+

It is a real estate networking service designed so you can place as much or as little information as you wish.

You can network the opportunity without an address. 

You can advertise real estate board listings with links to generate traffic to your website. 

See the testimonials of brokers and salespeople doing transactions with exclusive type information, not just listings on a real estate board. 

Networking means more opportunities and choices for the public.

More opportunities for brokers and salespeople to make money. 

And there is protection for the public because brokers and salespeople train in consumer protection. Look for the real estate licensing body in your state or province. 

From our unique position in the real estate marketplace, we see many brokers and salespeople who do not know how to network information confidentially and professionally, leading to sales and leases. 

We can teach Realtors how to recognize important information that can make you money and then work it effectively and competently that generate business.

Our Webinars-On-Demand teach it.

Learn How To Search in Seconds ICIWorld YouTube Channel Listen to a Featured Video. Recorded videos of presentations to real estate offices, boards and associations.

See Networking and Training Sessions ICIWorld Vimeo Showcase

It is all about networking and information technology tools for the real estate industry. 

About 2,000 Have and Want opportunities are available to the public. 

Member brokers and salespeople have access to the contact information for all 40,000+. 

ICIWorld is an assistant for all real estate brokers and salespeople to help serve the public.

Join Today and help us develop it for the world.