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Get all your prospects, clients, all in your sphere of influence . . . to add your mobile website . . . to their mobile devices and phones!

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Think of the last wedding you were at. How many were there? This is a sphere of influence.

Imagine if everyone, prospects, clients, acquaintances, friends, friends of friends, family had your real estate mobile real estate website on their mobile device/phone!

Imagine when anyone was interested in real estate they simply went to their phone, searched your website on their mobile phone to find a property. They called you to show it and you made money selling it.

The advantage is enormous because now all your customers have YOUR resource for searching real estate. They or their friends, family see a property, bingo they call you!

All because you had provided a link, a shortcut on their mobile phone to real estate.

The first brokers who can show all their customers, clients, friends, and more how to add your mobile website as a shortcut to their mobile device, the sooner you will benefit.

But you need to have a MOBILE WEBSITE and properly set up.

ICIWorld totally sets up, turn key, Mobile Websites.  

See Samples and To Order.

Free for thirty days and then $16.50 per month if you want to keep it. 

See Sample Websites

The beautiful thing, is that when it is all setup, it all works automatically, updating itself by the minute, daily.
You should let people know this so they should come back to your website to search for new listings.

See the first ten minutes of this video

  • regarding websites
  • the next 80 minutes is understanding real estate concepts and how to work exclusive information
  • what is exclusive information
  • how to recognize it
  • more exclusive now in residential, see how to work it.
  • confidentiality and how to protect your sources in commercial real estate
  • understand the valuable service you provide in this regard

This is a comprehensive video on How To Promote Your Website.

  • why some make money with their websites and others do not
  • what makes a website powerful
  • what makes a website trigger leads
  • why are websites like billboards
  • what is the difference of a website and a mobile website
  • how you may want to customize your website for listings
  • why provide more listings than just your immediate area
  • why have commercial listings when you are a residential agent
  • why have residential listings when you are a commercial agent
  • why are listings on a website important
  • referrals – why do some brokers never do them.
  • referrals – how and why websites trigger leads to do referrals
  • images, graphics on a website set the tone.
  • why you should program this very special website from ICIWorld to send out new listings that match the description of what they are looking for.
  • program people to receive listings on the next open house that you do.
  • and more.

Benefit For You:

  1. the shortcut to your website remains on their mobile device or phone all year long!
  2. you have a presence on all your customers and clients mobile phones.
  3. they can search anytime and ask you for more information
  4. they can search MLS and call you to see a property
  5. they can search Exclusives (from ICIWorld) Your website has more opportunities than other brokers.
  6. they call you to see a property.
  7. show a property, sell it and make money.
  8. your website is becomes the real estate button their phone all the time ready to search and call you.
  9. your prospects will even show others how to add your website to their phones so they end up calling you to see property.
  10. Commercial AND residential listings, Haves and Wants all in a way that you get the call. Customers can not see the address or contact the other broker. They must call you. (ICIWorld Widgets)

Benefit For Your Customers, Clients, Friends

  1. immediate access to search real estate on their phone
  2. they know who you are so they can feel comfortable calling you.
  3. MLS listings
  4. Exclusive Listings (ICIWorld Widgets) Not on other brokers websites
  5. Lists of buyers (ICIWorld Widgets) Not on other brokers websites
  6. Properties “coming for sale” (ICIWorld Widgets) Not on other brokers websites
  7. FSBO (ICIWorld Widgets) Not on other brokers websites
  8. Commercial AND Residential (ICIWorld Widgets)
  9. your website provides more opportunities than the competition
  10. it is mobile so they carry it around with them all the time for instant access

Your Duty, Responsibility, Obligation and Opportunity

  1. Made sure the website is totally up to date and working (minimum once per month Log In and go through To Do List)
  2. Make sure links to listings are all working. Check each and every link.
  3. Show your customers how to add your website to their phone. Become an expert at it!
  4. Make sure if all of a sudden they are with a friend looking for real estate, they can pull out their phone, bring up YOUR website, and Search.
  5. Make sure they know how to subscribe to receive EMail updates of new listings that match the description of what they are looking for.
  6. Make sure you give them good service, respond to requests by EMail, telepone!
  7. Get your resource centre full of information that buyers and sellers could want.
  8. Do a test with them once in a while to make sure they know how to use it.

Imagine all your prospects and clients have your mobile site on their phones!

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