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“Essential Reading for Anyone who Uses the Internet.”

With simple knowledge you can protect yourself and others against problems that can easily occur.

The Internet is the most amazing marketing and communication medium known to man. However, in order to use it in a competent, professional and safe manner there are some things everyone in the world must be aware of – or you can get into serious problems.

Read each part of our 14 part Online Security Series as listed below to educate yourself and build your online confidence and when you have time check out our blog for more informative information.

Other security issues to be aware

  • Password Protection
  • EBay & Craigslist Protection
  • 7 Signs of a Scam – Microsoft
  • An Interview with a Scammer
  • What is Malware?
  • Place You Can Go to get the Latest Alerts
  • Be Careful when Searching the Net
  • The Difference between Virus’, Worms, and Trojans
  • Solutions for Spam
  • Virus News & Help