How we use old listings for Networking

There has been some critique of the older listings on ICIWorld which are used for networking purposes in the industry.

We agree that if you do not want to see older listings you should not have to see them!

Before we delineate why we keep older listings, (real estate boards do, appraisers do, and others for networking purposes) it is necessary to point out that anyone who does not want to see old listings does not have to.

New tools with an Age Field and the Search Advanced Feature.

Sample of a new widget with the new age tool. World | Ontario More to be built for the world. 

Sample of the Advanced Search method  with another field called Date of Listing Between. Use that.

And one more field called Status. We do admit there may be some older listings still marked Active. So use the date field in conjunction with the active status field.

Now the exciting news is there are a lot of new listings . . . coming in daily from this real estate community on ICIWorld, approximately 50-150!

There are approximately 3,000 Haves and Wants and listings placed within the last 120 day period. We believe this is just the beginning.

There is little to no critique of the newer listings, Haves and Wants on ICIWorld. They help people connect to make money. There are 20,000+/- people receiving new listings by Email daily and there is no question this is very popular and productive.

Prepared Search Pages

Note any of our prepared search pages and widgets can be modified to suit a member based on age of listings as well as Status such as Active. It is a choice of the member.

Now members should know that a new listing and listings modified after 30 days are automatically emailed out to the industry. So keeping your listings current by modifying them every 30-60 days and in no event letting them go longer than 90 days is a very good idea. People get so busy working the top half of the database they do not have a chance to get down to the bottom where your listing is going after 90 days.

There are ways to see only the new listings, Haves and Wants up to the second, 30-60-90 days-6months-1year-all.  Here are some ways.

  1. Receive them by Email hot off the press
  2. Many do not realize you can search new ones using the Date Field and the Age Field according to your own personal wishes as to age of a listing, Have and/or Want.
  3. There is and always has been a date field one can choose to select any age of listing depending on ones parameters. It is our Search Advanced Tool where you can set the dates.
  4. Set a button on your computer or mobile device of the URL that brings up the latest listings for your area of interest. This literally will be up to the second!
  5. Search the newest up to the second by clicking on Latest!
  6. Add the ICIWorld App to your Android or iPhone and search the newest. Sort by Age or date.
  7. Add the mobile application to the home screen on your device to search the newest.
  8. Use the date field to set your own parameters. This is important because everyone has a different view of how long listings, Haves and Wants should remain.  Members and past members have the responsibility to look after their own information whether they are a member or not. But we know this does not always get done. So having the ability to set your own parameters provides everyone the opportunity to search they way they wish.

We appreciate the feedback on any and everything on ICIWorld because this gives us an opportunity to respond why our experience seeing the benefits of older listings providing networking opportunities in action is also important for other members and to present a professional response.

It is very exciting because networking real estate Have and Want information generates business, not just listings as we have been demonstrating since 1994.

In fact from our personal unique position in the marketplace we see as much as ten times as much business one can generate with real estate Have and Want information not just listings.

Having a listing certainly is the best if you can get it, but this is not always possible or even desirable in some cases of overpriced listings.  There is a responsibility of money and time and some may not want that.


When you have information it does get older the minute you place it.

  • But the people are still there.
  • The property is always there.
  • The listing identifies people with whom you might do business
  • It can be beneficial to find out that if the property sold, how much it sold for, etc.  Members have the responsibility to mark things sold, but sometimes it gets overlooked. Tell them.
  • Ask the salesperson, do they know of any others? Since they work in that field they may very well know of others.
  • Ask them if they ever get another one like it, to call you.
  • This depends on you developing a good business relationship with others.

This service is really about the people behind every single listing. The listings identify people with whom you may be able to do business with in a number of ways.

It may be that it is mostly commercial real estate professionals are the ones who like the opportunity to see the old listings, who are the people active in a marketplace, who are the people most knowledgeable, who are the people with the contacts, who are the people who are active.  The old listings can help identify these people.

A large contingent of members mostly who do commercial real estate prefer having this ability as well as seeing the new listings. For anyone who has a critique of the older listings you will also find there are supporters of keeping the older listings for network purposes.

Commercial distribution of real estate Haves and Wants by Email is a success story.  Apartment building $13M sold in three days, one developer purchased three properties in one year all directly through contacts in the Email that he receives, and many more.  Go to click on Testimonials to see more.

From experience we submit that it is the contacts, the people, behind the listings that are important.

This is networking.

Develop good business relationships with members on the service and it can open doors to new opportunities.

Build your personal database of contacts and make notes about the people you talk with.

All starting from identifying through the listings, new and old, people with whom you may be able to do some business.

According to RECO and other licensing bodies. … A registrant shall not include anything in an advertisement that could reasonably be used to identify specific real estate unless the owner of the real estate has consented in writing.

If you do not identify a property or give an address, you can network information in this information world.

  • One example is a restaurant.
  • An ad like: Mississauga restaurant $350,000 making money
  • This does not identify the property or give an address.
  • It could be any restaurant.
  • You can network this kind of information through ICIWorld if you are a licensed real estate broker or salesperson.
  • This is displayed to the public.
  • When they ask you for the address, you tell them that in this particular case you have to put an agreement in place first before showing the property or divulging the location, but that you can make arrangements to show it to them on Sat at 12 or would 1pm be more convenient?
  • Then the day before your showing you get yourself a 48 hour exclusive agreement to cover your showing.
  • There are 30,000 listings, 75% of which are exclusive on ICIWorld.
  • Members put agreements in place first before showing properties or divulging an address or identifying the property.

In seminars that we conduct in real estate offices all over North America, most knowledgeable real estate professionals will agree 90% of apartment buildings are not on real estate boards, 90% of shopping centres are not on real estate boards, and this is true for land, businesses, and much more.

Today we see residential FSBO’s more than ever.

All of these opportunities can be worked as your inventory on the Internet where there are 2+ billion people connected.

Put agreements in place first and then go show property.

It works. Read the  Testimonials CLICK HERE. See the deals being done. Talk to the real estate professionals who are doing it. Understand it. Learn how to do it.

So to do business for any who have any critique of older listings we say, you do not have to look at them if you do not want to. Just search the new ones., Inc. (Since 1994)

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