It is absolutely inevitable to generate leads with the Widgets from ICIWorld

otherwise you can easily be missing generating business to do deals and to do referrals. This article aims to show you why and how they work.

ICIWorld is a Global Broker’s Real Estate Information Listing Service operating since 1994.

Member brokers and salespeople have agreed to allow their listings, Haves and Wants to be on your website.  This includes unique exclusive opportunities in addition to listings on a real estate board.

We call them Widgets.

They are links to listings.

We have now figured out a way to give brokers a choice to share this content on other brokers websites.

You help me sell my properties, and . . . I will help you sell your properties.

What is better marketing exposure on behalf of your clients, to have your listings, Haves and Wants on one website or on 1,000+ instantly?  Keep in mind that real estate professionals are promoting their individual websites in their market areas. All of these 1,000+ real estate broker websites are providing a portal on the Internet to your listings, Haves and Wants. When the very next person visits any of these websites and sees a listing they like, the broker calls you and does a referral to you or sets a time to show a property.

I like to think of this a blanket coverage on the Internet provided by real estate salespeople themselves. Sooner or later most every prospect will visit a real estate salespersons website and . . . find your listing!  All salesperson members should be getting leads from their website. The only reason you would not get leads is if you get little or no traffic to your website. There is a solution for that. Read on.

92% of people use the Internet to search for real estate. So if you can have:

  1. more choice of listings, Haves and Wants on your real estate website;
  2. the listings, Haves and Wants are structured so that you get the leads;

this makes your website absolutely inevitable to generate leads. It powers up your website like sparkplugs for a car.  Without sparkplugs in a car, a car will not run. ICIWorld widgets are like sparkplugs for a website.

Additionally it is unique content of exclusive opportunities in real estate that provides a great opportunity for licensed real estate salespeople to provide this service from their own website to serve the public. It is inevitable that you generate leads as you will see in this article.

The benefit to the public is that doing it this way, more opportunities become available to the public.

Exclusive Listings, Haves and Wants from ICIWorld is unique content that is not on real estate boards. This provides you and your customers a competitive edge in the marketplace otherwise everyone agrees people can easily be missing doing business and not realize it.

ICIWorld has 30,000+ Haves and Wants, approximately 75% of them are exclusive not on real estate boards. They are all dated with 50-150 new ones coming in daily. Everything is dated so you can search the latest. Older listings are important for networking purposes as they identify real estate professionals with whom you may want to explore doing business with.

Of all the industries on the Internet it is real estate that provides the highest return on investment (ROI).  Another important reason to get this all working for you.


Because one lead can make one a lot of money and provide a great service to the public.

There is a lot of information in the real estate industry that is NOT on real estate boards.  Many brokers agree that 90% of apartment buildings, office buildings, shopping centers, etc and more are not on real estate boards. And today there are more FSBO’s than ever including in residential real estate. There is a way now to network this information on ICIWorld.

There is a lot of business that can be done starting from one lead advertising information on the Internet.

See over fifty pages of transactions started on ICIWorld that were not on real estate boards. (Testimonials)

Since 1994 and before the Internet, brokers and salespeople world wide have been networking exclusive Have and Want information.  I should know.  I too have been licensed in real estate since 1972. As a CCIM I too have participated in marketing sessions where over $200 million of real estate was presented over a 2 day period. Both CCIM’s and SEC members work exclusive information from time to time in a confidential fashion and do business. Commercial real estate professionals are very knowledgeable about working exclusive information.

And now with the proliferation of the Internet, there are a lot of people trying to sell a property themselves on the Internet. I suggest they hold themselves up to a lot of problems doing this themselves because they lack representation to protect their interests. And statistics show that 90% of FSBO’s (for sale by owner) are sold by a licensed real estate professional.

Licensed real estate salespeople protect the public from fraud artists, unscrupulous people, thieves. They protect buyers from misrepresentation and hiding material facts that could affect their decisions. And they can provide instant and extensive networks to reach people quickly. And in the final analysis buyers subtract the money they were trying to save not using a Realtor so one does not really save at all. Most of all they miss the wide marketing and networking that licensed real estate brokers and salespeople can provide that helps to achieve the highest and best price and terms possible.

Generate an inquiry, develop a good business relationship, put an agreement in place show a property,  get an offer and do a deal. And . . . you are providing a great service for the public.

Generating business from a website sounds easy doesn’t it when there are billions of people on the Internet.

Well it can be that simple to generate a lead off your real estate website but in actual fact many are struggling to make a website work.

It can be because there is little or no traffic to the website or . . . I suggest it starts with the information on your website.

People are searching for listings.

Is it possible some people visiting your website see the addresses of the listings? If they do, is it possible they may drive by the property first before calling you?  Is it possible they may see the other broker’s name and number on the for sale sign and call him/her and do a deal and you do not even know it?

What if you could have some real estate information on your website so that people HAVE TO CALL YOU.  Thousands of listings, Have and Want opportunities! Changing daily, automatically, up to the second. And the majority are exclusive not on any other service.

ICIWorld Real Estate Widgets do just that for real estate professionals.

And it provides a great service for a number of reasons.

Residential and commercial listings, exclusive opportunities of Haves and Wants in a way that YOU get the calls.

Real estate classified ads in a newspaper trigger leads to do business.

What if you could have the real estate classified ads of a newspaper on your website in a way that you get all the calls?

If you spend a lot of money to build and promote your website, shouldn’t you get some benefit to trigger that buyer or seller for one of the opportunities?

Other brokers and salespeople on ICIWorld have agreed to allow their listings, Haves and Wants to be on other brokers websites. What is greater marketing exposure, to have your listings on one website, or on another 1,000+ brokers websites instantly? So it is good for sellers providing greater marketing exposure. It is good for the buyers because there is more choice.

ICIWorld is a global broker’s real estate information listing service.

Brokers have a choice to allow this content to be displayed on every brokers website.  99% choose to do so.

Licensed real estate professionals are in the best position in the industry to identify and collect and display this exclusive Have and Want information. They also provide important services to help the public do  a trade in real estate successfully and protect the public in what for many is the largest trade in their lives.

Why not have some of the listings on your website, set up like having the classified ads of a newspaper on YOUR website and in a way that YOU get the calls.  Then . . . promote your website so you can benefit from the effort!

The inquiries many times will be on listings that are out of your market area.  They will be on types of properties out of your real estate expertise. DO REFERRALS!  The only reason brokers and salespeople do little or no referrals is simply because they do not get the leads.  Now you will!

Other broker and salesperson members of ICIWorld have agreed to allow their listings to be on YOUR website. Every listing has a question to be answered yes or no, will you allow your listings to be advertised on other brokers websites. If yes, they appear instantly on 1,000+ other brokers websites.

Order the Widgets of the widgets from ICIWorld and they are emailed to you.  You forward them to your website designer. After they are installed, call us for a followup appointment to ensure they are installed and working properly. Then they are ready. The very next person who visits your website has to call you for more information.

They work automatically updating themselves, 50-150 new listings daily.

You should tell people there are 50-150 new listings daily.  They should visit your website regularly to check for new listings.

That’s it. You will have content that is inevitable to generate leads. And it all works automatically daily up dating themselves.

The reason we say content is king, is because without content why should anyone call you.  With content it is inevitable to generate leads. And it shows how well connected you are in the marketplace.

Generate leads for the rest of your life. In fact we recommend you never give up your real estate license. Would you mind doing the odd five minute referral that makes you $3,000 to $10,000 while you are retired? See See And you are providing a great service to the public because they may never have found out about an opportunity if it was not for you and your website.

Most all agree, it is inevitable that you do business and/or generate leads otherwise you may have no or little traffic to your website.

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Gary Nusca, CCIM (Since 1994)