Why? Because there are now more mobile phones on the planet than there are humans. Most of your prospects and clients have a mobile phone.

Wouldn’t it be good if customers and clients can search your website for real estate on their phone?

Wouldn’t it be good if they can search MLS from your website on their mobile phone?

Wouldn’t it be good if they can search Exclusive listings, all listings, commercial, residential, local and in your state or province, all from YOUR website on THEIR mobile phone?

Order a Mobile Website

ICIWorld can have a mobile website up and running for you within a jiffy. They contain the sparkplug widgets from ICIWorld, commercial and residential listings, Haves and Wants that make the phone ring.  They are structured so that YOU get the calls. You will do referrals AND direct business from time to time. Otherwise you have little or no traffic to your website. There is a solution. See How To Promote Your Website.

Mobile websites are free for one month then $199 per year which is really $16.50 per month. ICIWorld has one of the busiest booth at real estate trade shows because we make a statement that you could have a $30,000 website and it is not as powerful as the websites we supply for $199 per year. We totally set it up with you, in front of you on your computer while you are watching! It is completely customizable by you. It is setup to make you money by providing good services to all your prospects and clients.

Call for a demonstration of a mobile website  anytime and then you be the judge!

Or To Order: Send an EMail to: customerservice @ iciworld.com and request a website. Free for 30 days! Ask for a free demo anytime.  Then $199/year hosting with a credit card if you want to keep it.  Join now to get it working ready to generate leads and in a position to make you money. See samples and more details below. This is one of the most powerful tools of the Internet.  You do not have to know computers or technology.  We set it all up for you.  It is customizable by those who wish to do so. It is like a billboard on the Internet, working 24/7 showing people listings, and they call you when they like something!  For a presentation of all our services, see the recording of content of a seminar.

Sample Residential Looking Websites with Commercial

See 50 sample websites: https://50.iciworld.com

When looking at any of these sites, minimize your browser to the size of a mobile phone and see how nicely they adjust. This is the new Internet Revolution going on now.

Website samples slide show powerpoint give it time to download. If you have Power Point open it. Use your page up and down button to stop and advance slides.

Sample Commercial Looking Websites with Residential


  • We totally set it up for you so that it is ready to make money for you by generating leads.
  • It all works automatically updating itself daily and you do not have to do a thing . . . except log in for five minutes once per month and look after a To Do List.
  • We will show you how!  And if you have a problem, call us, we are your assistant!!!
  • We set it up so people can search MLS on YOUR website.
  • We set it up so people can search EXCLUSIVE  listings on YOUR website.
  • These are all competitive advantages for you in the marketplace.
  • Widgets, links, design, and training on how to use, all setup and assistance to totally get everything up and running so that the website is totally working on the Internet for you .  . all provided.

Website are like billboards, you have more than one! For $16.50/mo. it is a no brainer as long as it is generating leads and you are making money. If you are not going to tell anyone about your website or promote it, then it may be a waste of time. This is your office building so to speak on the Internet, your image to the public. If they are going to pay you tens of thousands of dollars, then you should be providing them with the best there is on the market today.  Over 300,000 real estate professionals have these websites. We can have you up and running with two appointments!

People can be on their mobile phone looking at your website while sitting in a restaurant looking a properties on your website! Next thing you know they are calling you for more information and to make an appointment!  Without it, you have no chance.

  • They can request update of new listings by email – from your website . . . all on their mobile phone. Your real estate board can also send out listings, but your real estate board can not send out the exclusive listings that are on the websites supplied by ICIWorld.
  • People use mobile phones five times more than a computer and there are now more mobile phones on the planet earth than there are people. THIS IS WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE A MOBILE WEBSITE.
  • More people can visit your website conveniently and search, find properties exclusive and MLS, residential and commercial.  They call you for more information and to set up showings. ICIWorld sets up thousands of listings structured in a way that people MUST call you.
  • They can search your real estate board listings with color photos and then call you for more information and to set up a showing
  • They can search exclusive listings with color photos and then call you for more information and to set up a showing.
  • Total turn key solutions even if you do not know how to operate a computer or even own a computer!
  • See the power of websites in this demo, how beautiful color photos look to your customers, your prospects and clients will love it!
  • You have one website already? Have another!  They are like billboards generating leads. We help you with all your websites. Link them together and more. Some make one residential and the other commercial, these are some ideas to open your mind.
  • Widgets display what buyers are looking for.
  • This demonstrates how well connected you are in the marketplace.

Regular Desktop Website and Mobile Website

[table id=34 /]

Sample of How You Can Add Links to Listings to YOUR Website

  • ICIWorld supports all web sites in the world with links.
  • ICIWorld provides links called Widgets to a database of up to date listings for your web site.
  • It is the listings that trigger leads for all salespersons web sites no matter where you are located. USA, Canada, The World.

Sample CCIM Web Sites

1 | 2 | 3

  • These are custom websites each designed with a minimum of 90 minutes consultation, one on one with you as a member with your input.
  • All websites are designed to be either residential or commercial by simply changing the graphics and links.

Websites are like billboards, like for sale signs. You can have more than one.

  • If you are introducing a new product to a city like Toronto, is it better to have one billboard or five billboards?
  • Websites are like billboards, you can have more than one and link them together. There are advantages.
  • As long as they are all generating leads then that is good!
  • They can be linked together so you only need one name on your business card.
  • They should all be triggering leads for you or get into our program called “How To Promote Your Website.”
  • They should be investments not a cost. You may as well have no websites if they are not making you money or generating leads.
  • See Our Pledge Everyone does business every 90 days or you call us. If you are not making money or generating leads then it is you who are missing something and we can help. If you are not getting enough traffic for instance we can help.

Widgets are Easy to install.

  • Ask our office to send them to you.
  • Forward them to your website designer. DONE!
  • The next person who visits your website and sees a listing has to call you.

Websites are totally setup by us for you.

  • they are customizable by you.
  • one time setup included in your membership
  • two major levels of support
  • our support includes a webinar workshop where you actually see us building the website and can make changes

 Here are other sample looking websites.

They most all look residential.

We change the image to a commercial photo and it will look commercial.

Distribution of Listing Data to Syndication Partner Sites Media Kit

List of Real Estate Boards and Associations who have an agreement with Point2 to import listing data. This means when you hand in your MLS listing, it will automatically be propagated onto your Point2 site. Again ICIWorld will help set all this up for you.

We have special ways to make it more of a commercial website.

It is absolutely inevitable that they trigger leads!

Ask for a demo to see why.

Every single salesperson on the planet must and should have a mobile website or you are missing out on the benefits of the best medium known to man, the Internet.