Membership Expiring
Please note that your Executive Membership in the ICIWorld Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople is due for renewal. 
If you have already renewed, kindly disregard this notice. However, it contains a checklist to ensure you make money or trigger leads every ninety days. 
Some get so busy certain things on ICIWorld get overlooked, and you can easily be missing doing deals and not realize it.
To make it fast, make a 60-minute appointment, and we can go through our particular checklist within minutes.
How are you doing? 
We would like to hear from you. 
We request your suggestions and advice each year as well. 

We have a particular checklist to review for every member to ensure you are triggering leads to do business every 90 days. Otherwise, please make an appointment and give us a chance to do an information checkup. Measure Your Sucess with our Pledge

We recommend going through the checklist now with us before your Membership expires. It saves work. Your listings will expire and become old. Each one would have to activate again. The IDX Links and Listings on your website become clickable, so people can see the listings and click on them if they want. See 

However, when you renew before your renewal date, your listings remain active, and the links on your website remain not clickable, so people have to call you for more information. If you are not getting calls for any reason, you are ready for the next level, how to promote your website. There are several things to learn. 

There are new and upgraded services each year. 

There are new real estate ideas and concepts. 

Ask us about this in an appointment you should make before your expiry date.

Here are a few changes that we cover:

  • New social media pages and groups to add listings, Haves and Wants. One example is Facebook Ontario Commercial Real Estate Group, LinkedIn and others for the USA.
  • Subscribing to selected global EMail list servers
  • New Apps
  • New mobile websites,
  • Social media services like the ICIWorld International Newspaper. Articles of interest you can forward to your social media platforms.
  • Possible unique links for your website to trigger leads, learning your website’s power. With Built-in CRM, you can send out newsletters and more.
  • Teaching you how to add your mobile website to your customer’s mobile phones as a shortcut. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every customer in YOUR database had YOUR mobile website on their mobile phones?
  • Make sure you have the Exclusive button on your website’s menu bar. 100% inevitable to trigger leads. One lead in ten years pays for a lifetime of ICIWorld services. You should be doing business every 90 days; otherwise, give us a chance to help you. There are five billion people here on the Internet. We have the experience to help, but only if you ask us. We appreciate the opportunity. See the transactions! Proving all brokers and salespeople can do business.
  • Add shortcuts to your phone to access information within one second.
  • And how to work the Wants. Use them to focus on who you should talk to in your community. Using them to talk, focus on business owners and property owners today if they consider selling for the right price.
  • How to trigger leads with exclusive information, not just MLS, and more. You must learn the three particular questions. If not, you probably are not taking advantage.
  • 90 days. If your listings are older than 90 days, they are not displayed in the initial display on thousands of pages on the Internet, mobile websites, ICIWorld Apps, and more.
  • See some of the latest networking on Vimeo
  • do you have fifteen Haves and Wants to work 24/7? If not, may we show you to do it?
  • More.
  • It leads to immediate showings and dollars.
Always remember Our Pledge. If you are not doing a deal every 90 days, a referral, or at the very least triggering leads that you feel will lead to doing deals, you should give us a chance to help you. Five billion people are using the Internet, and it is something you may be missing or not doing. 99% of the time, we can help fix it from the experience of helping 1,000 brokers. We ask for the opportunity to help.
However, many of you are doing very well; if others are doing well, every member can do well. Wouldn’t you agree?
May we add your testimonials?
Check your Membership to see how you are listed. SEARCH EXECUTIVE MEMBERS


  • See the new website
  • Make sure you have it as a shortcut on your bookmarks bar on google chrome. One click to click on Commercial or Business Opportunities or Residential or FSBOs. That way, you only have one click to open it.
  • Click on Search Database and see all the new listings, Haves and Wants coming in daily, 75% not on MLS, 50% not on MLS for residential.
  • Install the ICIWorld Global Real Estate Network App on your mobile devices. Again less than 7 seconds to see the listings, Haves and Wants and network with others.
  • ICIWorld Global Real Estate Networking EMail List Services CCIMs say besides location, location is essential, timing, timing, timing is necessary to do deals. Receiving info within 24 hours can be vital to transactions; otherwise, you can miss doing deals and not realize it. Subscribe to receive the listings daily.
  • Social media pages. Add listings to the Commercial Real Estate social media pages.

Requirements to Maximize Your Executive Membership

  • To maximize your use of a global information service, you must keep your information less than 90 days old. ICIWorld powers thousands of pages on the Internet, websites and thousands of people using mobile Apps and mobile websites, as well as IDX Listings on 2,000+ broker’s websites. Otherwise, you are missing out on maximum exposure.
  • Every member should have a minimum of fifteen Have and Want opportunities working 24/7. Otherwise, you are missing out. If not, perhaps it is because you may not be working on exclusive type information. Make an appointment, and we can show you how in three minutes, or attend a recorded Webinar, FEATURED VIDEO Webinars-On-Demand. Conducted for real estate boards, associations and offices.
  • Ensure you have the IDX Widgets of Listings, Haves and Wants to work on your website. It is inevitable to trigger leads. See IDX Links. If you have not been getting leads, make an appointment, and we can examine why not.

To provide uninterrupted service, click this link: RENEW

Renewal is $319/year or $40/mo.
  • go to
  • Click on Log In
  • Look for Executive Member Services in red printing.
  • Login (hit the back button twice after login in)
  • See Renew/Join
  • Make an appointment
However, when you sponsor a new member, your renewal is reduced to $240. For each additional one, we add three months to your Membership. Add four, and you get an extra year. In other words, $240 for two years. 
See details here Sponsorship Program.
Call anytime for assistance. USA 954-317-2327 Canada 416-840-6227
Go to the new Log In Member Management Page at 

One difference from the old site, which is still functional, is that after adding a listing, you will hit the back button twice. After modifying your member record, hit the back button once. Etc.

Please always consider us as your personal marketing and information assistant.


Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS, Realtor, Broker 48 years.

Manager and Founder

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USA 954-317-2327

Contact us.

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