ICIWorld is here to provide solutions so that a lot our members are doing deals and providing great services to the public.

We are here to help people work smarter and get deals easier.

Powerful networking

  • how do you achieve the ultimate in world wide exposure while at the same time achieving confidentiality for your client?  ICIWorld.
  • sometimes you know about an opportunity but you feel you can not advertise it because you they will not give you an MLS listing.
  • there is a way to network information confidentially by not identifying the property or the address.
  • we teach members to network information in a professional manner.
  • this information triggers interest. You put a listing agreement in place before showing the property.
  • everyone licensed real estate person in the world should have a minimum of fifteen opportunities working for them, 10 Haves and 5 Wants minimum. Some ICIWorld members have 30-60+ opportunities and are generating leads and doing deals regularly.
  • this is your inventory on the Internet. Your inventory is the gold that is on the Internet. One enquiry one showing one sale makes one a lot of money. AND you are providing a great service the public who would not have found out about it.
  • developing good business relationships with every person you meet is key.  Many people are very knowledgeable about real estate in their area. They know about properties not on ICIWorld. They may come across exactly what you are looking for two weeks from now and if you have a good relationship with them, they could call you back and you can both be doing a deal lickety-split.
  • it provides a great service to the public who in many cases would like a real estate sale done confidentially.
  • the real estate industry provides the highest return on investment of any industry on the internet for real estate salespeople because one lead can make one a lot of money.

Lead Generation

  • through the networking of real estate information Haves and Wants not just real estate board type listings such as MLS
  • readership and penetration of the Internet
  • EMail List Services that deliver the information to the pubic daily, to the industry daily
  • links for a real estate broker and salespersons web site. Without them why should people call? Specialty links, residential, commercial, power of sales, waterfront, hotels, gas stations, condos, cottages, any key word you do business, locations such as cities, FSBO’s, Haves, Wants. The next person that visits a web site and sees anything has to call you.
  • web sites $19.99 with IDX links for people to search your real estate board from your web site (if available), IDX links from ICIWorld, exclusive listings not available on any other web site, links to your other web site and vice versa, ability to subscribe to email list services to deliver new listings when they become available, by price range, by type of property, by location including neighborhoods, and more.

To get this all working?  ICIWorld has a step by step plan.

  • to get started is a one time learning method
  • start with a membership
  • 30 minute orientation is available – one on one in your office over the phone while you are on the computer
  • they will help you add your first listing or piece of information or a Want. You will be able to do it yourself for all your listings all year long for the rest of your life. You will be dealing directly with the world public. You are responsible for your own information. We will help you. We have found that once you know how to place information effectively you will not need our assistance but it is always there to help.
  • one time setup to get links working on your web site. Once set up they work automatically updating themselves 50-100 listings per day and you do not have to do a thing. It is these new listings daily that you should tell all your prospects and clients to check out. This brings people back to your web site regularly to check out the new listings or they could be missing out.
  • web site is a one time setup. It is one of the most powerful tools of the Internet. We totally set it up for you but in conjunction with you asking questions all along the way and explaining how it works. It comes with tutorials, a manual and two major levels of support. They are customizable and we will show you how to place your own picture on the front to give it a commercial or residential look. We will help you customize it to reflect your business, they type of business and the are in which you work with tools that can help all your clients and prospects. It is $19.99.These web sites are more powerful than a $30,000 web site because of the extensive listings we setup for you. These are listings that other brokers have agreed to allow them to be on your web site. If you do not have them, you are missing out generating leads because the public searches the Internet looking for listings. If you do not have these listings you are missing triggering leads and do not realize it.

Visit our various web sites www.iciworld.com for more information and call to book an appointment. Have a pad of paper and pencil to take notes. See the sample web sites if there is a design that you like to get started.  We will be showing you more.  You can change a design almost like a flick of the switch. You can change the wording, the buttons, they style, the colours, the themes very easily.  This is your office building on the Internet where there are 2.4 billion people. Let us have fun building it with you.

Know Our Pledge. This is important because it is a way to measure success.  If you are not doing a deal every ninety days or at the very least developing good business relationships that you feel can lead to doing deals someday, then you need to call us. If you have a flat tire in your car you do not abandon the car, you get the tire fixed. We know this works because we started in 1994 on the Internet and literally all our members generate leads or there is something wrong with their membership or they have not attended to something. We can help. But we have to know. Otherwise we can’t help you.

This website is now in beta test mode.  This means there are things that still have to be worked on and presented and we can sure use your help with a little feedback.

A short EMail with your comments would really be appreciate now while we have people working on it.

Please send an email to design@iciworld.net

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Gary Nusca, CCIM, AMP
ICIWorld.net, Inc.