ICIWorld has 30,000+ listings, 75% are exclusive

This presents very exciting opportunities for the licensed real estate industry to do more business than they are presently doing. How many listings do you have on a real estate board? Everyone on ICIWorld should have a minimum of fifteen opportunities because it is information not just a signed listing.  Everyone should get  a signed listing before showing the property or divulging the address of a property when it is information.

Licensed real estate salespeople can trade in real estate information. We believe there is ten times more information that an individual salesperson can work on ICIWorld than can be worked on a real estate board. And in fact we will be making submissions to real estate boards to adopt and promote this service to all their members.  ICIWorld can handle all the information that can not be placed on a real estate board. It can be done in a competent and professional manner as our members have been doing since 1994.

Many do not want to search the older listings . . . you do not have to if you do not want to.  But for others this is a gold mine as well.  So we give everyone choices.

There are four status’s of listings

  1. active
  2. sold
  3. inactive
  4. expired

There are also dates on every single listing.

  • YOU CAN SET A DATE TO SEARCH BACK TO IE: 30 days old, 60 days old, 180 days, old, all

Older listings and in fact all listings are used networking purposes.  They help identify people with whom you may be able to do business. Develop good business relationships with them and you will find out about other properties not on the service, other properties that come for sale in the next couple of weeks, etc. They might call you back and say a property matching the description of what you are looking for has just come available, want to see it?

This service serves the world. There are five billion people who access the Internet in various ways and ICIWorld now makes all information available to the world to see. This brings traffic to ever single member from the listings and the links in the listings to members websites.

Real estate has so many intricacies that it is impossible to show one way to search. This is because searching residential is different that searching commercial. There are special ways to zero in on exactly what you wish to search.  You just have to learn them.

There are also varying skill sets to search by the public and by the licensed real estate industry. Searching advanced is different that clicking on a prepared search.

Prepared searches are presented for you to be the fastest, easiest way to search.  go to iciworld.com click on Search, click on a country or continent, make choices and bingo the results are on the screen.

However some people want to zero in on things a little more so an advanced search may be in order.

We have heard the comment that ICIWorld is too much information.  It is true and we call it a gold mine of information. But you sometimes have to dig for the gold.

This page will help you get to the gold in the fastest possible way in the world today.

Literally anything you wish to search for can be found within 60 seconds and usually within 15-30 seconds. Call the person on the phone. Make an appointment to go show something, draw up an offer, get it accepted and make $50,000, $10,000, etc. It can and has been that fast for many. See Testimonials

The following are examples. Can you do these searches?

Start at ICIWorld’s Search Page

  • How to find a home
  • How to find an apartment building
  • How to find a shopping centre
  • How to search a city
  • How to search residential in a city
  • How to search commercial or apartments or businesses in a city
  • How to search for any type of business
  • How to search properties coming for sale
  • How to search the latest listings in my city
  • How to search  the latest shopping centres or apartment buildings coming for sale
  • How to search a buyer for my property
  • How to search buyers
  • How to find an owner who will take back a mortgage
  • How to find an owner who may consider trading equity for my equity
  • How to search by keyword
  • How to find hotels and motels in one search

How to do any of these searches within seconds.

With a view to doing business.

What are the obstacles?

  • salespeople who do not return phone calls
  • listings that are no longer available
  • listings where there is no cooperation


  • call the broker/manager of the office
  • make it an opportunity to network,
  • if no cooperation find out why, maybe if there is no commission from the seller, you should get it from the buyer.

There is a responsibility on the part of the members to update their information. Call or email ICIWorld and we will contact the member and see what has happened with a view to rectify the situation.

Your suggestions are appreciated.