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Search the Haves ready to sell or lease or do business today.

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All initial display of listings, Haves and Wants are always less than 90 days old. 

You can choose 30 days old. You can choose one year old listings. 


Available for Android and iOS –  ICIWorld Global Real Estate Networking App.

As you can see you can install the ICIWorld App to your mobile devices. It is free to use, make connections and do business.

Produce a list of buyers for almost anything in real estate within seconds.

Produce a list of exclusive real estate opportunities and sort them by price all within a minute. 

Some properties have been shown and then sold within 2 hours of negotiations.

THE REASON IS TIMING. and ICIWorld provides Have and Want information in a timely manner. You can subscribe to receive daily listings here: We suggest you use gmail or yahoo for your mail not hotmail, outlook or live as they block our EMail. We have $$$ signs in all our emails and they block our mail as suspicious spam. 


Add as a shortcut on your mobile phone. It is information at your fingertips. It contains more information than the App. 

  • one click to open the App
  • one click to click on commercial or business opportunities or residential or FSBOs.
  • one click to Search Database
  • See all the latest networking going on.
  • Learn how to use the search form. It takes a week or two to really learn how to use it. Keyword searches, sorting by price, and more.
  • Contact us. For assistance, make an appointment.
  • For all brokers in the world to network with all the public in the world.