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Usually on one Fri. per month 11 am – 12:30 pm EVERY MONTH

How Long: 90 minutes

Who Should Attend: Licensed Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople World Wide.

Relevance: For all licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the world.

  • what good is a website if you have little or no traffic
  • how a website can provide great services for your prospects and clients
  • how to get to the top of the search engines within 48 hours
  • learn what SEO is and how to work it
  • learn 40 different ways to promote your website
  • learn why just one person visiting your website can make you a lot of money and provide services not available elsewhere
  • learn how make it inevitable for you to get leads
  • how to reach tens of thousands of people
  • learn how to unlock power in your websites
  • learn how exclusive information generates leads
  • learn how to have services similar to classified ads in a newspaper for your website where YOU get the calls.
  • how to understand how to work exclusive information
  • learn how social media works and helps
  • learn the power of websites
  • learn how your website can send out listings to customers so when they receive a listing they call you to see the property
  • learn how to send out exclusive information not on real estate boards . . . all automatically done by your website.
  • learn how to get your websites doing automatic things for you
  • learn why some websites generate leads and others do not
  • learn how all websites can work by adding networks of listings
  • how to recognize important information that can make you money
  • learn what 90% of the real estate people on the Internet are missing
  • learn how to make your website a resource for your prospects, clients and . . . for your community.
  • learn how to make your website more powerful



Q: Relevance to your business:
A: Gary has enlivened me. Brought back the zeal I’ve had in my earlier days, before my car accident. Thankfully!.
Q: What areas of improvement if any would you suggest?
A: A bit more about Meta Tags and their importance, please.
Q: Knowledge of Subject Matter, etc.:
A: I haven’t met another person with such an abundance of knowledge in the Real Estate field willing to share such.
Q: General Comments
A: Thrilled with the knowledge that Gary infuses into me each time I have a meeting with him!
Q: How long have you been in real estate?
A: 36 years.
Q: May we use your comments without your name?
A: Yes
Q: Testimonials (if any):
A: I heartily recommend anyone in the Real Estate field to join ICI World and gain the knowledge that I have from Gary. He overflows with enthusiasm and it is contagious!. After 36 years, I thought I knew a lot, but now I know I could learn so much more with the right leader!

This Webinar is included free for Executive Members of ICIWorld,  for non-members the cost is $319 plus applicable taxes.

Quick Facts about Successful Websites

Real Estate provides the Highest Return On Investment (ROI) of any industry on the Internet. Why? Because one lead can make $3,000 to $10,000 in referrals alone! See testimonials of it being done!

What good is a website if don’t have any traffic? You might as well not even have a website!

The Power of a Real Estate Website is in the Listings – You should also promote this fact.

If you have thousands of listings; both residential, commercial choices, MLS AND exclusive, you can maximize the opportunities for the public and . . . more opportunities to provide service!

90% of people search the Internet for real estate and if you have a great choice, then you have a better than average chance of triggering interest.

We invite you to our How To Promote Your Website Webinar, it’s not just about Search Engine Optimization, it’s much more. Your website is your office building on the Internet! If you had 100 salespeople working for you and they all had websites generating leads for the company that would be great!

A salesperson can have more than one website because they’re like billboards. If you have a billboard at Yonge and Dundas and another on Lakeshore Road and they are all generating leads why not? You can link them together. You only need one domain name on your business card because when people visit that one, you will have a link on that one to your other one. They can all generate leads.  We support all your web sites.

How to Promote Your Web Site includes:

  • Domain Names and How to Strategically Choose a Name
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 40 More Methods to Promote Your Website
  • How to Choose Meta tags and Keywords and Where to Put Them
  • Sponsored Links and How they Work
  • The Value of Having More than One Website and Linking Them
  • Email and Fax Multicasts
  • Social Media; Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube
  • Apps and How they Drive Traffic
  • World Directories
  • Other Major Resources with Great Advice
  • Learn about the Plague of Click Fraud
  • Mobilized Websites

Call us anytime if you would like some feedback and recommendations for your website.

There’s is no charge, even for non-members! This is a free complimentary offer!

We have recorded several past sessions that Executive Members can see  in training videos.

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