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Free, personalized and complimentary.

ICIWorld Global Real Estate EMail List Servers may be the most comprehensive set of automatic EMail delivery of real estate Haves and Wants ever built for everyone in the world interested in real estate worldwide.

And we can add an EMail List Server on request.

The ICIWorld Society of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople started in 1994 provides Global EMail List Service free for the public and the real estate industry.

The Global EMail List Servers deliver real estate classified ads, listings, Have and Want opportunities, to people worldwide in 138 countries who are interested in buying, selling and leasing real estate and businesses. Upon adding a listing, the system automatically generates an email to subscribers, a Digest of the previous days’ listings, the next day. Free to subscribe. Requires a membership to place your ads. As little as $40 to add all your listings.  Details.

The public can add Haves and Wants free to Database 2 FSBO Area, but only member brokers can subscribe to receive the FSBOs. (For Sale By Owner)

To see the listings that could be EMailed to you, visit www.RealEstateHavesAnd Wants.com or www.rehaw.com for short. And you can add this mobile website as a shortcut to the home screen of your mobile phone. Or add the ICIWorld App for iPhones, Androids. That is another way to see the latest listings within 3-7 seconds. ie: open the mobile website or App, click on Commercial, click on Search Database. Only listings placed today will get sent out tomorrow by EMail.

ICIWorld member brokers serve the worldwide public of buyers and sellers, developers, owners, the real estate industry. It is a community of all like-minded people interested in real estate in the world.

If we do not have an email list service that interests you, please request one.

FREE to subscribe/unsubscribe to receive listings by EMail. You are dealing with a computer. And it is double opt-in. You will have a free account. All provided by members of ICIWorld who are all licensed, real estate brokers and salespeople.  

Sign up for an account https://iciworld.global 

Real estate brokers and salespeople can join ICIWorld and get their Haves and Wants to deliver worldwide to buyers and sellers. Once you are a member, you can place unlimited ads all year long on ICIWorld’s Global Real Estate Classified Ad Service. Details to Join.  There is no charge to search listings, receive listings by email. There is no charge until you wish to market your listings, Haves and Wants globally.

Your listings, Haves and Wants are then delivered worldwide to buyers, sellers, developers, bankers, whoever are interested in real estate and business opportunities the next day.

Real estate brokers and salespeople qualify the buyers and sellers to proceed to serve and protect.

For COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE HAVE AND WANT OPPORTUNITIES – we recommend choosing your state or province. If none, then select your country, for now,

For RESIDENTIAL – we recommend selecting your region, such as the GTA, Niagara Region, etc. or a city. We will build Greater Miami, etc. regions on request. 

We recommend selecting MIME DIGEST, ENABLED. That way, you receive only one email per day, whether there are 2 or 10 new listings.

Check your spam EMail. If you find an email there, add it to your contacts, and make it not spam. 

There are 400+ Global EMail Real Estate List Servers to choose from and perhaps another 2,000 to go as we build more on request

There are specialties called keywords ie: hotels, motels, medical, waterfront, and much more. 

Some examples:

  1. commercial for a state or province. 
  2. if you only want residential for the city or region you work in.
  3. if you only want shopping centers in Ontario
  4. if you only want hotels, or gas stations, or medical buildings.
  5. if you only want residential in Florida
  6. if you only want commercial in California
  7. if you only want other CCIM Haves and Wants
  8. if you only want a CCIM Chapter Haves and Wants
  9. if you only want a CIPS member Haves and Wants for the world
  10. If you only want the Haves and Wants from your company salespeople

We call it all “information at your fingertips.”

And real estate information is gold on the Internet.

Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS Bio
ICIWorld.com Since 1994.
Canada Toronto 416-777-2633
Canada Vancouver  604-628-0571
Canada Montreal 514-312-2183
USA Florida 954-317-2327
USA Chicago 312-934-0143

If you have more than 20 members joining from any country in the world we will supply a phone number for your country to supply service for your members.


For a full explanation and history since 1994 delivering 20,000 EMails per day to people in 138 countries see Our Blog Article.

Need help? Make an appointment 15, 30 or 60-minute appointments. Conducted over the Internet absolutely everywhere in the world on the Internet. We talk over the phone or VOIP (through the Internet). We can call you. 

One developer has purchased three properties through the EMail List Service. Says he does not visit the website.