ICIWorld has been developing real estate networking and technology tools for real estate brokers and salespeople since 1994.

We also teaching how to work exclusive real estate opportunities since 1994 in a confidential manner. 

All learned from conducting marketing sessions for the Central Canada CCIM Chapter for over 20 years.

Visit ICIWorld.com to see how it has grown into a world service.

Here is a  special link recently developed to see CCIM Haves and Wants.


The CCIM link can be installed on the CCIM Chapter website.

The link can be hidden or setup to display Haves and Wants of CCIM members.

A link can be setup to display Chapter Members Haves and Wants for networking purposes.

There are many kinds of links to trigger leads from the public.

For instance, here are some commercial real estate websites displaying Exclusive Haves and Wants.


Other ways to see CCIM Haves and Wants is the URL website link:

We have also built a CCIM EMail List Service available now free to subscribe:


It is networking that can assure increasing membership and increase membership retention.

This link generates leads for real estate brokers and salespeople and provides greater exposure and choice for buyers and sellers.

The page can be modified to suit.

Please make an appointment for questions.


We specialize in making tools for real estate brokers and salespeople’s websites and now industry websites.

 It is the results we wish you to see and appreciate at this time.

One lead makes the salesperson or broker a lot of money.

For reference see www.iciworld.com

This generates business in addition to MLS.

See the business being generated: https://www.iciworld.com/testimonials

After 25 years of working the business, this is a wonderful tool to help every one of your members to do business with the public.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve.

Normal to join ICIWorld.com for salespeople is $319 per year or $40 per month.

If you mention ICIWorld to anyone and they call to join and mention that they found out about it from the chapter, they can join for $240 for the first year.

If you supply the special link to members and they join through that link, it will be $240 for one year and three months.

Your members will absolutely appreciate the exposure.

Every CCIM has a chance to do deals.

We suggest the benefits are enormous.

  1. you will be demonstrating your support of individual members
  2. the benefit of the CCIM Designation will be apparent
  3. the benefit of networking with others to do deals
  4. the benefit of professional exposure
  5. the benefit of working with other who are CCIM’s
  6. the benefit of chapter and designation retention.
  7. the benefit of attracting new potential CCIM to the education and networking
All this provided by a proven service operating since 1994.

There is a wonderful story how this service started out of the CCIM Chapter.

There are two wonderful stories about how ICIWorld and this concept of networking has made it possible to sell properties higher in price that the largest real estate board in Canada and indeed North America $50M+

And . . . CCIM’s were involved!

The ICIWorld App works very well.

Very open minded to get this service working for all CCIM’s and others in the world.

Can we start with the link posted on the chapter website?

Feel free to contact us anytime.


Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS, Realtor, Broker since 1974.

ICIWorld.com Founded 1994


PS: It is possible to have a networking link made just for the chapter. This way members that are not CCIM’s can also network.