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Information networking appears on two thousand brokers and sales peoples websites.
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No charge for brokers until you wish to place your Haves and Wants for $40.

You can see all the action, activity, and brokers making money at that site.

There is no charge to network with them and make money.
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the real estate ideas, concepts, technology, and information tools, that we have been working on since 1994.
All helping real estate brokers and salespeople use the Internet to make money.

A Webinar Specifically Designed For Your Real Estate Office,
Real Estate Boards and Real Estate Associations
For Commercial & Residential Real Estate Professionals
Presented by:
Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS, Realtor, Broker 48 years, Bio

Manager/Founder is an Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople Since 1994
Internet Information Assistants for Real Estate Professionals

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Another option to learn, take in a Webinar-On-Demand

Recorded videos of seminars and webinars conducted
for real estate offices, boards and associations.

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  • How To Use The Powers of the Internet
  • How to make money for the rest of your life generating referrals. Great for part-time and retiring brokers and salespeople
  • It is one thing to have technology. It is quite another thing for real estate people to learn how to use it successfully.
  • How Brokers and Salespeople are missing doing deals and do not realize it
  • How brokers and salespeople are making tens of thousands of dollars working exclusive type real estate opportunities.
  • The impact of the Internet on Commercial and Residential Real Estate
  • Powerful features of the Internet
  • Open and Exclusive Listings –A Model that Works
  • Powerful Marketing Techniques and Tools
  • One thing better than listing and selling real estate, It is referrals. How to generate them.
  • Wants. If you know someone who wants a business like a pharmacy, can you ask the owner of your pharmacy if they would like to sell it? And if you are residential you generate a referral! Do it for all kinds of businesses.
  • Working with Wants, some of the largest deals start with the ‘WANTS’
  • How to use the Buyer Wants and do business by 5 pm Today!
  • The Brokers Largest Responsibility
  • How Information identifies people with whom you can do business
  • How to reach Principals effectively -Public Information vs Private Information
  • How to Trigger Leads from Listings ‘HAVES’ & ‘WANTS’ designed so you get the calls
  • How to increase traffic to your website
  • Make your existing website more powerful
  • Mobile Real Estate websites –absolutely essential
  • How to get your website on all your customers’ mobile phones..and why.
  • Get excited. There are new ways to generate business today!

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