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ICIWorld Mobile Real Estate Websites

The New Internet Revolution

For Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople.

Every one of your customers should have YOUR website on THEIR PHONE.

It is one way so your customers do not forget you. Anytime they want to search real estate, they should click on YOUR WEBSITE.

The race is on for every single ICIWorld member to get all your customers, clients, friends, acquaintances, etc. to put your website as a shortcut onto the phone every single person you know.

Our instructions show you the way to do it.

See this ICIWorld Blog Article The Race Is On . . . 

Visit the ICIWorld Educational YouTube Channel for explanation and demonstrations.

Call for a demo 416-214-4875 we can show you within four minutes and THEN .  . . you be the judge!

Or . . . or read on and see sample websites.


By real estate company, by website hosting company, by geographic area.

Web sites include MLS link from your board if they have one. This means people can search MLS listings from your website.  You will have exclusive listings from ICIWorld Residential AND Commercial.  AND .  . .  the exclusive listings are structured so that people have to call you for more information. They can not see the address or contact information. You now have a chance to do referrals AND direct business the moment you install the links on your website.

You will also be able to advertise all your listings, Haves and Wants on ICIWorld all year long so that they too appear on other brokers websites instantly. What is better penetration of the marketplace, to have your listings on one website or on 1,000+ other brokers websites instantly?

This means the very next person who visits your website and sees an exclusive listing has to call you. On the other real estate board listings, they will have a choice to call you or drive by the property first if it has an address showing or the listing broker such as MLS listings.   But the exclusive information means they HAVE TO CALL YOU.

Tell prospects to go to YOUR website on their mobile phone and search MLS and Exclusive Listings!

Here are sample websites of how they can see listings, Haves and Wants, MLS, Exclusive, Residential, Commercial on YOUR website.

One time setup and the website works 24/7By simply typing in your domain name, your website knows whether to provide the mobile version or the full Internet version. People use their mobile phones five times more than a computer.

Do an open house, get everyone to load your website! They can select to receive listings from YOUR website. They can search your local real estate board from YOUR website. They can search exclusive listings from YOUR website.

Did you know you can have more than one website? Websites are like billboards, you can have more than one. If you are making money from them all then why not? If you are not generating leads then why have any? Trigger one lead and it pays for a lifetime of services.  See Our Pledge how you should be doing business every 90 days otherwise call us.

Within 90 minutes (two appointments) we can have you up and running with a beautiful website that is mobilized!

More powerful than a $30,000 website from ICIWorld for $199/year.

If you do not have a mobile web site today as of 2015 you are plain and simple missing out.

Your customers expect the best and you can so easily give it to them.