Provide World Commercial and Residential Real Estate Exclusive Opportunities Haves and Wants From Your Website.

World Real Estate Networking From Your Website

Provide world real estate opportunities from your website.

You market listings. But if you cannot get a listing, you can also market the information in a particular way to trigger leads to do business.

The ICIWorld Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople helps you connect globally and locally with the public. Provides more choice for the public and more opportunities to make money for Realtors. And you can provide it from your website.

It features several things: 

  1. It is a world real estate Internet Database operating since 1994 for brokers and salespeople worldwide to network with the public.
  2. A global platform to network real estate Have and Want opportunities that are not on real estate boards. If someone says I do not want to give you a listing but bring me a buyer, I will pay you a commission; there is a particular way to network that kind of information. 
  3. A world Internet platform for brokers and salespeople to market regular real estate board listings, just like classified ads in a newspaper but to a world market.
  4. ICIWorld provides an IDX Link, a global Internet portal, that every broker and salesperson in the world can add to their existing website. This link displays the world listings. 
  5. Brokers and salespeople trigger leads from their websites from the inquiries on the real estate opportunities displayed through the IDX links supplied by ICIWorld for each member.
  6. With the IDX Links, do direct business or generate referral opportunities for the rest of your life.

The ICIWorld YouTube Educational Channel shares how to identify real estate information that can make you money and make it work for you and your prospects and clients to connect and do transactions and referrals globally. 

The ICIWorld YouTube Educational Channel demonstrates how IDX Links inevitably generate inquiries for every single member. 

Resources that have helped broker and salesperson members make tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars and now over $1M. Connections for sales of all real estate business categories and price ranges with the highest higher than almost all real estate boards in Canada and the USA namely $50M+ All done by connections made by broker and salesperson members of ICIWorld. Some sales had fourteen offers from brokers and salespeople using other services. We simply say all brokers and salespeople should include ICIWorld in their marketing plans. 

Much like brokers got together to form MLS many years ago, brokers and salespeople now have an information service to do the same. You will find ICIWorld is not a service that competes with MLS. Instead, it compliments every broker who has MLS because you cannot place information on MLS unless you have a signed listing. 

Resources and one-time learning check out the videos and upcoming Webinars that you can register for now.

Traffic is from people in 138+ countries with a potential reach of 5+ billion people.

Search Database 1 information placed by member brokers and salespeople. Search Database 2 FSBO Area (for sale by owner) information placed by the public free. You must contact a member broker or salesperson for more information in the Database 2 FSBO Area.

ICIWorld Global Networking Real Estate App and mobile websites display real Have and Want opportunities on smartphones for members and the public worldwide.

Take the three-second test. Open the ICIWorld App. Choose either commercial, business opportunities, residential. Click on search database. See the latest world listings. All within three seconds. Choose your country. Search. Do this for Database2 FSBO Area. Listings displayed in Database 1 are less than 90 days old. 

ICIWorld provides a method for members to globally share their Have and Want opportunities and listings on a real estate board. Doing this provides more choice for the public and more opportunities for Realtors to make money.