Wish List For a Real Estate Salesperson.

  1. An assistant who can help me save time and take advantage of a Internet services to help me make money and provide the ultimate in services for my prospects and clients.
  2. An assistant who can help me place an ad and help me reach 50,000 people with my real estate opportunities and buyers criteria to provide advanced services for my prospects and clients.
  3. A web site that automatically sends an EMail to my buyers the moment exclusive listings become available and/or an MLS listing comes on the market in a way they just have to call me to show it and gives my clients and prospects the first opportunity.
  4. I would like to program all the buyers that I meet, including from open houses or just on the phone meeting someone, into my web site to receive new listings that match the criteria of what they are looking for.  Or I can tell them to go to my website and see all the MLS AND Exclusive Listings and they can choose to receive listings for their area absolutely free. If they want to see a property just call me.
  5. I would like a web site that has thousands of listings with colour photos and slide show displays, residential AND commercial so I can send all buyers that I talk to, to see these listings and call me on the ones they would like to see.
  6. I see other brokers have thousands of exclusive listings and I would like them as well as MLS listings.
  7. I would like to be able to hand in a listing to my real estate board and then have it automatically added to my web site.
  8. I would like to have all my customers be able to search my own web site for MLS listings if possible.
  9. I would like FSBO’s on my web site in a way that gives me a chance to help them and make money.
  10. I would like to place a listing once on my web site and have it appear on 1,000 other brokers web sites instantly. What is better marketing to have it on one web site or instantly on 1,000?
  11. I would like to have links to real estate listings for my customers to see on my existing web site(s) that trigger leads.
  12. I would like to be able to work all the FSBO’s in my marketplace through my web site and network this information industry wide in a way that gives me a chance to protect myself so people do not go around behind my back, opportunities to show the property and make some money.
  13. I would like to have someone set this all up for me and show me how to use it.
  14. I would like to send people to MY web site and have them call me with the message numbers of the listings they would like to see.
  15. I would like to receive a call at 2pm in the afternoon from a person who received an email from my web site with a request to see this new listing tonight at 7pm. I would like this service working automatically 24 hours per day, watching for new listings that match all my buyers!
  16. I would like to be able to advertise my buyers to the public so that if someone has a property that fits what my buyers are looking for, the owner of that property would call me or other brokers and salespeople.
  17. I would like to have a list of one hundred buyers to use in a listing presentation when I am trying to list a property to show people how well connected I am to the buyers in the marketplace for all kinds of residential AND commercial property.
  18. I would like to access all this exclusive and MLS information on my iPhone Samsung, Blackberry, iPad or any mobile device as well as my computer. It would be helpful if someone could show me how to do it and to show me how do set it up and show my for my specialty.
  19. I would like my customers to be able to see my web site optimized for their mobile device no matter what device they have and to search my web site for listings on their mobile device so they call me for assistance to show it to them.
  20. I would like my customers to visit my web site regularly to see the latest listings coming for sale and to call me when they want to see one.
  21. I would like to know how to work exclusive information in a way that I don’t get burned.
  22. I would like education on using the Internet, what to watch out for, how to improve my use of the Internet.
  23. I would like things to be more automatic so I can concentrate on talking with people.
  24. I would like to know what to delegate and what not to delegate.
  25. Could I keep all my existing services and simply add all of the above items easily one time so they work for me?
  26. Can I have all these services compatible with all my existing services?
  27. My use of computers is not very good. How can I possibly get this all working when I do not use a computer as good as others.
  28. I would like to achieve this ultimate in marketing on the Internet but in the most economical way possible in the world today.
  29. more.

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