ICIWorld’s GoToStage Channel

Some of our most recent Webinars contain what it takes to make money by serving the public.  I call it the ultimate in world networking. It is not the only way to network. But if you do not include it in your marketing plans for the year, you can easily be missing doing deals and not realize it. 

It is not just location, location, location that is important.  It is timing, timing, timing. Being at the right spot, at the right time, is critical for doing some of the largest AND smallest deals in the land and everything in between.  

The world reach provided by ICIWorld and our inspiration by Bill Gates is what he said to Warren Buffet back in the 1990’s when we started, 

  • “the cost to publish your information, getting your message in front of someone, talking with people around the world is zero or so close to zero it doesn’t make any difference.”

We have employed hundreds of services, over 50 computers and countless devices, thousands of man and woman hours, developing this service. 

The expertise of the worldwide technology and real estate industry input is at play at every degree here.  And yet there are new developments happening all the time. 

But it is the information that is the rock bottom solid foundation of the service. Instant networking of information is working wonderfully and it is presented by real estate brokers and salespeople, who serve the public with a code of ethics and standards of business practice that include protection for the public. 

ICIWorld’s Educational YouTube Channel

The average time spent daily by thousands of people using ICIWorld is 2 min. 30 sec.  Why? Because you just need the connection for a new opportunity to do business.

But you have to learn how to recognize important information and how to work it. But a one-time learning curve is required to understand how to use the tools.  It is one thing to have a tool.  It is quite another to learn how to use it. These videos teach it. 

And the good news is, it is basically a one-time learning curve.  After that, the only things you do are

1. Search from time to time, to make connections, get ideas, and do business.

2. Add, modify, delete your information from time to time. That’s it.

The average new member is 1-2 hours one-time learning curve and you will be good to go.

Four Webinars For Members

Number 1 and 3 Understanding the Powers of the Internet, How to Network Exclusive Real Estate Opportunities

Learn the concepts of networking real estate Have and Want opportunities in a proper way, how Haves and Wants can be on your website to trigger leads, how networking can and should be at your fingertips daily, how to recognize important information that can help customers, and help you make money, more.

Number 2 is Orientation

It is all the instructions to ensure you succeed using and information service like ICIWorld. This is a pilot’s checklist for a member broker. If you miss one item you can miss making $50,000, we have the experience to show you. It is a complete instruction manual printed is eight pages step by step. Most people only require one appointment with us over the Internet and you will be able to add, modify, delete your Haves and Wants, search on your mobile devices and computers. The widgets work automatically on your website updating themselves in real-time. 

Number 4 is How to Promote Your Website.

What good is a website if you have little or no traffic. And you can be getting traffic but not generating leads. This video is a result of traveling to a world search engine convention. Several thousand dollars to learn items in this video.  Not only is it free, but we give you $100. How? We provide information that includes $100 worth of free advertising pay per click services. Use it and it can trigger a lead that makes you $15,000 to $20,000 and more.  

If someone every says to you, “I want to sell my property, Bring me a buyer and I will pay you a commission, but I do not want to give you a listing at this time,” there is a way for you to make money with this information.

NOW THERE IS A WAY! ICIWorld. Global marketing since 1994 of exclusive real estate Haves and Wants in a confidential manner.

Seminars are $5,000 strictly educational no advertising. However, they are free if you allow us to do a 6 minute commercial on our services. 

Presentations include pdf file

ICIWorld Services pdf file

Some of the latest services:

www.wreils.com World Real Estate Information Listing Service

www.nreils.com National Real Estate Information Listing Service

www.ILS.realestate Information Listing Service For Real Estate

Why wouldn’t a broker or salesperson not want to have all the other brokers global information on their own website to trigger leads, do referrals, generate business, generate prospecting opportunities.  

If every broker in the world had it working from their own website, you literally would have the whole world’s real estate opportunities through MLS and non-mls information filtered through licensed real estate brokers and salespeople. 

At the moment the world is a hodge podge of circulating flyers, announcements on Facebook that if you do not see it, they are lost. It is this loss of opportunity for everyone that is a crying shame when it simply is not necessary. Simply put it on ICIWorld. That opportunity does not go away. It is in a database that is searchable so that when people get around to it, they see it at their own convenient time.  And it only takes a few minutes, 2 min. and 30 sec. is the average time it only takes to search and make a connection. 

But if your information is not here, then would you not agree you could be missing doing deals and not realize it. 

Stay safe.