We have made it a goal to make it free for all members without popup advertising.

We have made it a goal to provide this service free for brokers and salespeople worldwide without having advertisements bother you. 

How can and does it become free?


This demonstration is conducted over the Internet. Ten minutes before your time, go to iciworld.com and click on Webinar Workshops (at the top under make an appointment) Our two computers will be connected. 

Our office in one sense is like a doctors office all day long, one apppointment after another, every hour on the hour, starting at 6 am daily. Usually only one or two appointments is ever needed for members. Most everything in the beginning is a one time setup and orientation. Most everything works automatically, your website will have the links to links of other brokers and they update themselves automatically in real time. Once you are a member there is really only two things you will do, search from time to time on your mobile phone or computer, average 2 min. 30 sec. Make connections with others. And secondly, add your listings, Haves and Wants from time to time. That’s it! To learn how brokers and selling properties and making money schedule a free demo.