To this day, a majority of brokers and salespeople in the business do not know that there is a tremendous amount of business being done with exclusive information that is not on real estate boards.

I often wonder why others have not seen what we have had to go through to build ICIWorld for the industry in the initial software programming hurdles to the goals, objectives and dreams of a service for the benefit of the real estate industry world wide.

I wonder why some have not the patience to see the benefits of connecting with someone to do business. I know we have a lot of articles and people do not have the time to read everything.  Reading everything at one time is not the goal. We want to put it all out there for the industry to use the concepts, tools, ideas, tips, tricks, technology, information tools and then come up with there own ideas on how this service can unlock potential to do business everywhere that it is operating.  That means the planet earth.

I see some who are so critical that they rush by the service in hurried pace of today’s life and completely miss the boat.

Still others may disagree with some of the results such as old listings without every seeking a work around solution which existed the whole time. For example: you can pick and choose how far back you wish to search. You only want listings not older than 90 days.  Then only search listings less than 90 days old.

Still others do not see a design that they do not like and without appreciating the true power and benefit of a database of a service, choose to abandon it before even getting started. To a certain extent we agree.

Others do not realize this service did not have $20M in financing to get started and hiring full time programmers, designers, but rather started by a real estate broker with a penchant for doing something of a world significance. We are real estate brokers and have not had the $20M investment to design things that we feel would saddle the service going forward and make it so expensive it would price many out of the marketplace.

Still others joined and within one month did not make any money so abandoned the service entirely without a look back at why they joined in the first place. It is almost like having a car with a flat tire and they abandoned the car instead of calling to get help if they are not generating leads.

Others simply do not know that there is a tremendous amount of business being done with exclusive information that is not on real estate boards.  This is one area that every sales professional in the world should learn.

Still others placed an unrealistic expectation of service expecting personal telephone calls to follow up on things. Instead some brokers report they do not get many calls but when they do they are pretty good. There is  reason for this.

Others simply lost track that they joined a service not knowing all they had to do was call for assistance.  They got so busy it kept on being put off and off.  Yet they did not realize that with a few minutes only they could have placed their information and then . . . let the ICIWorld service work their information 24 hours per day 7 days per week to generate business.  And they do not even know how to recognize important information that can make them money and how to work it. Sometimes people can not put on a thinking cap long enough to learn we are in a two minute society.

The interesting thing is, that once one has a 30 minute orientation with us, the only thing they will be doing is the 2 minutes from time to time thing.  ie: search and you get results in less than 60 seconds.  To place an ad as little as 2-10 minutes depending on your typing skills. It is just a classified ad.  And it makes money a lot of money because you are providing a great service to the public for information, exclusive real estate Haves and Wants that do not exist anywhere else!  75% of the information on ICIWorld is exclusive on ICIWorld.

For the ones who joined and never used the service there is a standing consideration by us to re start them.  We call it a one time restart special. The only responsibility is for them to make an appointment with us for a 30 minute one on one Webinar workshop. This is conducted in their home or business office over the phone while on the Internet. Every broker loves it.  One on one attention at their pace.  The nice thing about it, it is a one time setup usually. 30 minutes and maybe another session. If there is a website involved then up to 1 hour and sometimes more.

This is a new way to do business that up to this point otherwise unavailable on an industry wide basis.

And does it work. See testimonials. Do not discount this with a bad attitude.  Instead see this as inspiration for all brokers and salespeople in the world to do business.  Much like the start of MLS itself where brokers got together and said, if you sell my listings I will help sell your listings.  And a great network has been built so that a signed listing that goes on a real estate board is instantly shared.

The same is true here with information that is not placed on real estate boards either by choice or can not be because the opportunity is not a signed listing.

Can it help you do business that you have very little chance any other way. It sure can when you know how to handle exclusive information. We conduct seminars in offices, real estate boards, and on Webinars on the Internet for any and all who will listen.

Do a search and see the exclusive listings not available on any other service.

See the testimonials and get inspired.

This service is a tried proven Internet database system performing flawlessly since 1994 and works great today.  It is built with a concept in CCIM marketing sessions that works today as the concept did in the 1980’s when I first got introduced to CCIM and marketing sessions.

There are upgrades planned for the future.

This service belongs to the real estate brokers and salespeople of the industry to serve their prospects and clients.

If you have a website with just a few listings, get the widgets working by calling our office.

Then you will have thousands of opportunities on your website that can trigger business for you.

Don’t just pass this by.  This is lead generation from your website for you.  The minute you place the ICIWorld Widgets which are listings, Haves and Wants from the broker and salesperson membership who have agreed to allow them to be on your website, the very next person who sees a listing has to call you.  If you do not have them.  No call.  The moment you have them someone has to call you.

And if you do not get calls, it is not because of the listings, it is because you may have little or no traffic to your website.  And we help with that with a monthly webinar that can help you with virtually all website companies in the business.

Getting this type of message to the industry is taking a lot longer than I ever expected.

Part of the reason for members not promoting it is that this service becomes a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Why should a competitor tell you about it.

But if you have read this far, now you know.

Feel free to call anytime.

Call for a demo anytime.

The cost was meant to be the lowest price way to network all the while taking 100% of the advantage of the Internet. We did not want to sacrifice anything while maintaining a low price service.

You can help to keep the price low in your use of the service. Add, modify and delete your own listings, Haves and Wants and keep them less than 90 days old. This saves having people to do it for you. Renew online. This keeps the price down saving to have extra people.

To do this we set a goal to have one computer, a very special high tech powerful computer with redundant backups, etc. to serve the world. This one computer can handle tens of thousands of people networking away.

Then if we could just train individual real estate salespeople how to place information properly, effectively and in a timely manner then they could simply advertise to the world by placing one ad. That cuts out all the middle men.

However we found licensed real estate salespeople generally do not act on their own. They need a call from a salesperson, several calls, twenty calls. This necessitated a sales centre, a call centre.  Then the overhead starts.

Then salespeople are not very good at following instructions and videos, thus the need for hands on assistance. Again overhead having a support centre, with the ability to make videos and printouts.

Then understanding the real estate information business on the Internet takes education.  This is best done in a seminar in front of 25-50-100 salespeople at a time. Thus the need for instructors.

Now the benefit of doing all this is for the public.  This is because more information becomes available for them to do business than what one can do on a real estate board.

All countries do not have real estate boards except USA and Canada.

This service can handle all the real estate and business Haves and Wants of every country of the world!

The question is “how to grow it.”

Although we have several ideas on growing it, we are open to ideas.

The service is grossing $150,000 per year as it operates but is poised to handle growth.

Opportunities for revenue growth are unlimited.

There has been no substantial advertising sold to date thus far yet the readership is 50,000+/- people per month.

We are building a model that sells ads next to the kind of listing result that would indicate the kind of people you might like to reach.

Marketplace is the start of cataloguing all services to the real estate industry and bringing attention to these services through various methods such as 60,000+/- emailing monthly.

Social media and other ways to continue to be there for the industry bringing attention to the Haves and Wants of members.

Advanced level programming and design are now being looked at more and more.

All this takes time and energy.

We are trying to keep the overhead low to keep the cost down.

There are pressures everywhere but the biggest one is a major sales department.  To pay salespeople we would have to double the price of the network.  But instead we think we should use the best salespeople of all, the members. So we have an official sponsorship program.  It is just starting to kick in.

This will ensure the service grows to serve the public while at the same time keeping the price down.

Enough thinking out load here.

But we thought it might be good for everyone to know what is going on here.

We consider ourselves like Alexander Graham Bell, inventing the telephone, inventing electricity for others was not received with open arms in the beginning.  But look at today.

Well real estate listing services have been one way, a signed listing on a real estate board. Now today by following strict guidelines you can network real estate information that is proven to make money for the public who invests in real estate and for the real estate practitioners who serve them . . . ICIWorld.

And . . . there is more exclusive information in residential real estate than ever with the advent of the Internet.  It is real estate brokers and salespeople who are best placed in the industry to collect it all and place it in one spot for the world to see. See yourself and see how easy it is.  A broker simply goes to and logs in and clicks on Add Have Want and it instantly appears on mobile devices and computers world wide. On 18,000+ pages on the Internet built since 1994. On 2,000 brokers websites and growing, 40,000 readership on websites from people from 138 countries. 20,000+/- emails deliver information daily to the public.

It is getting easier for broker information to be read by the public because now, once a person has added a shortcut to the home screen of their mobile phone, they always have it to search! This has never happened before.  And the mobile website that we make for members, should be added to all the members clients and prospects phones. This means the listings, Haves and Wants of ICIWorld information is made available to tens of thousands of people through every members website!

This is tremendous penetration of the marketplace to generate business.

That is why we call our service, The Market ICIWorld Real Estate Network.

It is a real estate market.