1. Place Unlimited Have and Want Ads world wide exposure. They go into a world searchable database by everyone on the Internet now over 2.4 billion people; and instant and automatic delivery by EMail to the real estate industry and the public approximately 50,000 ; With a simple membership you can reach this local and world audience of people with a like minded interest in real estate.See statistics.Only listings that are Status Active and no more than six months old are available in ICIWorld Apps. 
  2. LISTING FEEDS OF THOUSANDS OF LISTINGS FOR YOUR WEB SITE IN A SPECIAL WAY THAT YOU GET THE CALLS! These are revenue producing links for YOUR web site.It becomes inevitable that you will generate leads unless you have no traffic going to your web site and we have solutions for that! Add content of real estate ads to all YOUR  web sites with simple links. We help you do it all.People are looking for listings on the Internet. Now you will have thousands of real estate ads, all structured so that you get the calls. These links up date themselves daily and you do not have to do a thing. This can be the number one reason why people will return to your web site regularly to check for new listing!!!

    Leads For a Lifetime links. 96% of people are searching for listings. Now you will have both commercial and residential real estate listings especially structured in a way that you get the calls! Do referrals. Do direct business. There are 50-100 new ads added daily automatically and you do not have to do a thing. It brings people back to your web site to check for new listings regularly. This is unlimited leads off the Internet for you.  This is not a pay for lead service. This generates leads off the Internet.

    These are great leads because the people doing the searching already know the type of property, the price and size and a general location. Members can do referrals and or show the property themselves. Every broker and salesperson in the world will make money with just this one feature. It is inevitable. Without a membership you are missing one of the most powerful Internet tools to help you do business by generating leads.

    NOTE: If there is one thing better than listing and selling real estate it is referrals.  Why?  because they average $3,000 to $10,000 and more. The only reason salespeople do not do referrals is because they do not get the leads.  Now you will.  There are over 2.4 Billion people on the Internet. We show you how to generate traffic so that the public sees these ads and they have to call you.  This works for every single member of ICIWorld who learns how to make it         work. We help you every step of the way.

  3. Turn key web site.Web sites display thousands of residential and commercial listings in a way that YOU get the leads. This makes them the most powerful on earth. Everyone should embrace the concept that web sites are like billboards. You can have more than one and if they are all generating leads then why not? Particularly if they work automatically by themselves updating themselves 50-100 new listings a day and you do not have to do a thing.  *except log in to in once per month, add your listings from time to time, promote it. $5,000-$10,000 looking web site. Web sites are free for one month and then $19.95/mo. or $199/year subject to change at any time.You can even sell advertising on your web site. You can trade for advertising on your web site with mortgage brokers, etc. Yes you can sell cars, services, products from your web site. The special difference from all other web sites in the world is the thousands of residential and commercial real estate ads all structured in a way that you get the leads. Do referrals. Do direct business; 96% of people searching for real estate are searching for listings!  If you have a web site with 20 listings or 2,000 listings, which one will trigger more calls for you. Web sites are customized for you in the way you do business and for your area. INCLUDES SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION DONE BY OUR OFFICE AND WE ALSO SHOW YOU HOW TO PROMOTE A WEBSITE (On video and a printout).   You can use this information for all your other web sites as well. Web sites deliver daily listings to your prospects. Web sites deliver a note to your cell phone when people visit your web site.

    Once you have the link to ICIWorld information on your web site, you will never again send people to ICIWorld.  You should only send them to your own web site to see all the information on ICIWorld. If you are not a member you miss this most powerful tool, a storefront of listings to serve the public tailored         with how you do business. Do referrals and/or direct business. “I have been a real estate broker for over 35 years and this is one of the best and most powerful services for every single real estate broker and salesperson in the world.” It is absolutely inevitable that you do business unless you have a material defect in your membership or no traffic going to your web site.         We have solutions for both of these situations.

  4. Full access to Database 1. Only about 4,000 can be seen by the public; If you are not a member you miss opportunities to meet people with whom you can do business.
  5. Full access to Database 2 FSBO’s, over 9,000 real estate Haves and Wants placed by the public.  Only         members have full access; If you are not a member you miss opportunities directly from the public.
  6. Database 2 FSBO Area – receive Haves and Wants by EMail for members only; If you are not a member you miss opportunities directly from the public on a daily basis.
  7. A database of your own listings on your web site. It is a link to your listings for your web site. Add a         commercial listing to ICIWorld and it is instantly on your web site.  Add residential homes directly to your web site;
  8. Add, modify, delete, mark sold, unlimited Haves and Wants, all year long; This removes the cost to advertise your opportunities to the public all year long on  one of the largest web sites in the world for real estate.
  9. Distribution of all new listings to the public by EMail.  10,000 to 20,000 EMails deliver information  to  the public daily. Some of the best responses are within 24hr to 48hr of placing a listing; It would take you thousands of man hours to build databases and keep them up to date to reach all the people who subscribe to receive daily listings by EMail . . . all automatically  . . . for all your listings all year long.
  10. Resource Center. We let every member discover it upon joining. Access to personal and business information         compiled over 15 years ideas, concepts, tips, tools that will benefit you the rest of your life. Everyone who sees it says it alone is worth the price of joining;
  11. Training and support in your office over the phone everywhere in the world by way of Daily Webinar Workshops!  It is online. Use a USB headset to listen and talk while online. Also other training by windows video         streaming media and telephone support. This training includes personal support on how to work with the web site and how to make the web site work for you; One concept, one idea, one tool, one contact, and you  make a lot of money. This area has hundreds.  All video training programs included.
  12. Powerful listing tools; statistics,  lists of buyers. If you can print out a list of 200 buyers of apartment buildings and your competitor can not, who is going to get the listing? Some say it is the most powerful listing tool on the market today.
  13. Retired brokers program;  Have fun the rest of your life doing just referrals. The only reason why brokers do not do referrals is because you do not get the leads. Now you will; Would you mind doing the odd five minute referral that makes you money? See www.retiredbrokers.com
  14. Search Matrix for company or group. ICIWorld specializes in the database. Have it appear with the information you want for the people you want. It can help your group network like never before.  It can help your organization grow; It is sophisticated databases formerly reserved for the Fortune 1,000 companies, tailored to suit your company and/or organization.  See  Search Members and  Details for a Search Matrix for your organization.
  15. ICIWorld global directory listing; See  Search Members.  They even  search for a member in our testimonials. You will be surprised how people can find you to do business.
  16. Access to all listings including 9,000 ads placed by the public; Without a membership you can easily miss making connections to do business and not realize it.