There are many ways to make money with your real estate license.

One way is to get a listing, advertise it, get a call, show it, get an offer, sell it and make some money.

This listing is traditionally a signed listing where you place it on a real estate board which places it on the Internet where there are 3.5 billion people. Someone calls you, make an appointment and show it, get an offer and do a deal.

If you do not have a signed listing you are basically out of business and in the business of trying to get a signed listing from someone. No opportunities to show a property, or place it on the Internet to get someone to call you so that you can show it, get an offer, sell it and make some money.

Now with ICIWorld there is an additional way for you to do business.

Use three special questions that we teach new members and get the information about the property for sale and place it on ICIWorld on the Internet where there are 3.5 billion people. Get a call, talk about the details of the property but not the address, put a listing agreement in place first before showing it, show it, get an offer and sell it and make some money.

We call this the ICIWorld Brokers Global Real Estate Information Listing Service.

Most brokers generally try for a signed listing. However some do not want to take an overpriced or problem listing because it means added expense and time with less chance to make some money. And if you can not get a signed listing, ask for permission to market it but you are going to do it without the address.

Enter: ICIWorld Information Service

Place it on ICIWorld without the address. Qualify the callers, put an agreement in place first before divulging the address or showing it and sell it and make some money.

This expands your opportunities to do business in real estate that you never had before.

You can do this will FSBO’s in the marketplace or anyone who basically says, I do not want to give you a listing, but bring me in a buyr and I will pay you a commission.

In fact the action that you give the owner of the property while not listed, can help you get a signed listing at a later date.

ICIWorld – the service made for networking information that can make you a lot of moneu.

Now with over 50 pages of testimonials on line and more happening all the time..

Entry level executive membership is $40 per month or $319 per year $25.83 per month, less than .87 cents per day.

Providing a readership for all your information all year long of 40,000+/- people month in month out.

Deliverying your listings, Haves and Wants to the public and the real estate industry daily to subscribers, 20,000+/-

Giving you the choice to allow your listings, Haves and Wants to be on 1,000+ other brokers websites. Many will call you and say they have a lead for you, is a 25% referral fee okay with you? What is better marketing exposure, to have your Haves and Wants on one site or 1,000+ websites?

Unlimited advertising all year long to a local and world market of people from 138 countries.

Ability to advertise your own real estate board listings

Ability to advertise your own exclusive opportunities that you can not place on a real estate board.

Ability to advertise your Wants to the industry where people can respond to you.

We know all this works because of over 50 pages of testimonials of members.

Remember the database is on the Internet where there are over 3.5 billion people.

Now there are other things we do on your behalf:

We have built some tech savvy ICIWorld Widgets.

This advanced programming allows you to allow your listings to be on other brokers websites if you choose to. If you say no, they do not appear on other brokers websites.

Now there are widgets for residential and commercial listings.

You can have the ICIWorld Widgets on YOUR website.

They are special because the public can not click on them.

This means it is absolutely inevitable for some one to call you.

The calls are actually very good because the information contains the general area, type of property and a price range. A person who calls knows this. So in essence they have just qualified themselves. Some brokers report getting into a transaction within 4 calls on a listing.

the moment you install the ICIWorld Widgets on your website, the very next person who visits your website has to call you for more information. It goes something like this: “I am on your website and I am interested in message number 135880, can you help me?” You should say “yes I certainly can help you.” Then you have two choices. a) get the information from the other broker make an appointment and show the property and make $10,000. or b) Tell the person you will have someone call them back. Then you call the other broker and say “I have a lead for you, is a 25% referral fee okay with you?” Referrals now average $3,000 to $10,000 and more with one broker now reporting having done fifteen.

Without the ICIWorld Widgets on your website you have no chance of triggering a call from any of these listings. The moment it is installed the very next person who visits your website can be calling you. You are about to make some money.

As an Executive Member there are some minimum suggested things you can do to take full advantage of the service.

You can do as many or as little of the following as you wish. Retired brokers and salespeople and those who wish to do only referrals must have a website with the ICIWorld Widgets on it. Then take our monthly program on How To Promote Your Website. We are advertising in major trade publications on your behalf.

if a person sees our ad on the front page of an industry trade publication, visits or and sees your listing, calls you, you show it and make $20,000 that is exactly what can happen over and over again if you have placed information and it is less than 90 days old. If it is not less than 90 days old, your information does not appear in the ICIWorld Apps.

Other suggestions:

How To Use The ICIWorld Service

Learn how to work exclusive information in a competent professional manner.

Place your Haves and Wants by going to click on Log In, click on Add Have and Want enter your info, and click to submit information. Reach 40,000+/- people with one click plus 20,000 subscribers by EMail. Many transactions are started right from the EMails.

Set a goal of having at least 10 Haves and 5 Wants on ICIWorld at any one time.

That way you have information working on the Internet 24 hours per day while you are going other things.

The members reporting deals are getting calls on their information. Many sell the property show other property and sell it and many more wonderful successful stories of lifelong business relationships made.

Use a list of the Wants from ICIworld in your listing presentation to get listings. Show owners, sellers how well connected you are into the buyers in the marketplace. This is the power of the independent real estate brokers sharing their Wants that you can use to get listings.

Order the ICIWorld Widgets on joining. it is a simple order form. We send you the instructions by EMail. You forward them to your website designer. Most all real estate website designers in the industry know ICIWorld Widgets and how to install them. Absolutely any problems give us a call.

May we suggest an initial orientation.

This is conducted over the Internet in your home or business office while we are talking over the phone or VOIP.

It is usually 30 minutes or less.

We use gotomeeting software.

As long as you know how to turn a computer on and push a mouse, you are in business with us.

And finally you should know Our Pledge:

never go longer than 90 days without either doing a deal or at the very least generating leads that you feel will lead to doing deals someday;

otherwise call us. We will check to see, do you know the three special questions that can help you get up to 15 opportunities on ICIWorld. Have you got a mobile website, with ICIWorld Widgets. Do you know how to promote your website. We teach that too!

Join today.

$319 to get started.

Join online at or call and make an appointment any time.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


Gary Nusca, CCIM, Inc.

Time Required:

orientation 30 minutes if you wish. We send the instructions for the ICIWorld Widgets to you so that you can forward them to your website designer. One follow up appointment with us so we can check to make sure they are installed properly and can work to generate leads for you.

make sure you know how to add a listing and with one click reach 40,000 people

search from time to time.

Thats it for ICIWorld.

You can also learn How To Promote Your Website a monthly 90 minute program.

If you are not making money, then you should have another 30 minute appointment. We have a checklist to over with you of things we recommend that you do. We go over any problems or issues you may have or that we can see that you do not see.

Join today and start placing your opportunities that can make you money.

See testimonials of others on the cutting edge of technology doing it