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Only ICIWorld.com Members can search all 30,000+ listings on ICIWorld.

Only ICIWorld.com Members can place information that reaches people in 138 countries.

Only ICIWorld.com Members can place exclusive information that automatically appears on 1,000+ other brokers websites, 18,000 places throughout the Internet and delivers the information by EMail to 20,000+/- subscribers daily.

If your broker is not placing your property on ICIWorld insist that they do. Otherwise you can be missing achieving the highest and best price and terms. ICIWorld members have sold properties $50M+ which is higher than on real estate boards. We simply say, include this service in your marketing plans or you can be missing out. Members providing this service are licensed, real estate professionals and members of various real estate associations and boards.

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Start by clicking on Search Database. Then do another search adding one parameter only.

  • To find a member by location, use the City or Province or Market Area field, type the city or area
  • To find a member by language, type the language in the Comments (contains) field
  • To find a member by specialty, type in the Specialty in the Specialty (contains) field
  • Visit the member’s website and you will see more helpful information that they provide. Many now have mobile websites with three major world networks to search. (ICIWorld provides mobile websites for members.)

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