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Only Members can search all 30,000+ listings on ICIWorld.

Only Members can place information that reaches people in 138 countries.

Only Members can place exclusive information that automatically appears on 1,000+ other brokers websites each with a lot of traffic, 18,000 places throughout the Internet and delivers the information by EMail to 20,000+/- subscribers daily.

Only Members can have links on their own website to all the information on from other brokers and salespeople worldwide. Now that’s marketing exposure!

Place YOUR Have or Want with a member for the ultimate in world wide exposure. Some of the largest sales start from a Want. Wanted Office Buildings $20M-$100M. One sold in Toronto through a member. 

If you are thinking of selling but wish to keep it confidential, that is what this service is all about We do not have to provide an address, a location or identify your property. Only when there is a qualified buyer will the broker approach you to cover his showing with a listing agreement. 

And if you have any real estate or business available, if you do not place it on this service you can be missing doing a deal and not realize it. One property sold over $50M and had fourteen offers. Two members, independent brokers on ICIWorld sold it. We simply suggest if you do not place it here, you can be missing out on achieving the highest best price and terms.  

Develop a business relationship with a member or insist that your real estate broker join and place your property, Haves and Wants on here. 

Several ways to search for a member. They are all licensed real estate brokers and salespeople. 

We wish to make you aware of special ways to search. In any field you only need to put in a word and even part of a word to start in any field.

  1. Use the market area, type in a city and search. If you type in a city in the city field you will get an office, but the salesperson may cover several cities.
  2. in the Specialty field contains do a search and see how it is being filled in. This is good to type in a certain kind of business. For hotels and motels just type in otel and it will find both. Remember on search properties to use key words to find listings and the salespeople placing those listings, waterfront, farm, etc.
  3. you can search by persons name. If you are not sure how to spell it, type in a part of the persons name.
  4. most all have websites and links to their social media, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.
  5. You could type in your area code only in a phone number field.
  6. You could type the first three letters of your postal code in the zip/postal code area.
  7. In the comments contains field you can type in a language. 

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