No stress

No time (5 minutes per month)

Would you mind doing the odd five-minute referral that makes you $3,000 to $10,000 and more, while you are retired?

Then this retired brokers program is for you.

Have fun generating the odd five-minute referral by having your own billboard (website) on the

Brokers report making money with one going to their mailbox and picking up a $5,000 cheque for doing a referral.

The concept is this:

A website is a billboard. It operates automatically by itself updating itself automatically. Other brokers have agreed to allow their listings on your website. People see the listings and call YOU for more information.

The one that we can supply you is special because it has thousands of residential and commercial listings, agreed to by other brokers to allow them on your website, specially structured in a way that YOU get the calls!

Do referrals on the leads generated off the Internet.

All set up by us for you.

Customizable by you.

$319/year, websites are free for one month then $39/month.

Support through videos, printouts and telephone tech support Bus. 416-840-6227 or 416-214-4875.

See samples. Can be working within a day.

And revenue producing links can be placed on ALL your websites. You will see sample websites. It is the links to content that make them different from all other websites in the world. If you have a real estate website with no content or little content why should people call you? Understand this and you will appreciate what we have taken years to build on your behalf that serves the public well and helps you make money doing it. Gary Nusca, CCIM and Broker for since 1972 specializing in helping brokers and salespeople use the powers of the Internet.

“Programs and services for the real estate industry since 1994”

See among the most testimonials being reported on the Internet so you know you are not wasting your time.  Mind you, you may wish to choose to do referrals on the leads rather than selling it yourself.

Retired Brokers Program

It is for all salespeople in the world including retired salespeople

“You could be a member of ICIWorld for ten years at $319 per year that is $3,190.  You can do a referral on the next person who visits your website and makes $5,000.” You should be generating leads every three months.

Would you mind working the odd five-minute referral that makes you $5,000 to $10,000 while you are retired?

If the answer is “yes” then you definitely should have this program.

One broker reported opening his mail and receiving a check for $5,000 from doing a referral.  This is cutting-edge technology and the application of information technology to make the internet work for you in the real estate industry. We set it up for you.

Of course, full-time real estate professional salespeople can choose to work with buyers and sellers who contact them and do referrals on the properties out of their expertise or market area.

Much like doctors, dentists, lawyers, and accountants do referrals to help people, you as a retired broker can now do the same and provide a great service to the public.

There are over 3.5 Billion people using the Internet.

See the deals being done by ICIWorld Executive Members

Referral opportunities are for every single member.

74% of people looking for real estate start on the Internet.

96% of people are searching for listings.

You simply need to have a way to display some listings to them, in a way that YOU get the odd inquiry, and then do a referral! When they ask you for more information on any message number of a listing on YOUR website that we make and set up for you, you simply say, “I will have someone call you back.”  You simply call the other broker and say “I have a lead for you, is a 25% referral commission okay with you?”

You just need the odd lead. ICIWorld has the answer!

ICIWorld provides special links that go on all YOUR websites in a way that YOU get the calls.  There is a wide choice of links.

ICIWorld supplies unique and very special websites for retired brokers and salespeople that generates leads from time to time that are excellent referral opportunities while at the same time providing a great service to the public.

And we set this up for you and with you.

These web sites are special because of the content of both residential and commercial real estate listings all structured in a way that YOU get the calls!

The only reason a broker does not do referrals is that you do not get the leads.  Now you will!

We provide personal support and a special video training program once you join that shows how to do it.

1) The Conference Board published a good report in 2005 titled

America’s Aging Workforce Posing New Opportunities and Challenges.


“Some 64 million baby boomers (over 40 percent of the U.S. labor force) are poised to retire in large numbers by the end of this decade. In industries already facing labor and skills shortages, forward-thinking companies are recruiting, retaining, and developing flexible work-time arrangements and/or phased retirement plans for these workers (55 years of age or older), many of whom have skills that are difficult to replace. Such actions are putting these companies ahead of competitors who view the aging workforce largely as a burden putting strains on pension plans and healthcare costs.”

“Older workers want to remain in their jobs for both personal fulfillment and financial reasons. In a related forthcoming study from The Conference Board, more than half (55 percent) of older employees surveyed said they were not planning to retire because they find their jobs interesting. Significantly, 74 percent also cited not having sufficient financial resources as a reason they were continuing to work, and 60 percent cited the need for medical benefits.”

The ICIWorld Retired Brokers Program is about doing referrals from a special and unique website that we distribute to you immediately upon joining.  We set it up for you. It generates very good leads because people are calling on specific ads.

They already know the general location, type of property, price or size.  You simply work the leads as referral opportunities and provide a great service to the public.

Instead of working with buyers and sellers and driving people around, you simply use your knowledge of the industry to do referrals.  We show you how to work with a website, how to generate traffic, how to set up content, and more, that triggers interest from buyers and sellers, that generates leads and you simply work the leads as five-minute referrals that average $3,000 to $10,000 and more.

This applies to all licensed real estate brokers and salespeople no matter where in the world you are located.

Residential and Commercial real estate brokers and salespeople.

While you are retired, would you mind doing the odd five-minute referral once in a while to make $5,000 to $10,000?

How does it work?  What is it?

It is quite simple.

Most retired brokers and salespeople really do not have to work.  If they do work it is because they want to, they like to.

The nice thing about real estate is you can pick and choose when to work and when not to work.

Enjoy your retirement years. Keeping a little busy once in a while is productive and keeps the arteries flowing so to speak.

The retired broker program works like this:

you work the odd referral opportunity;

referrals are five minutes to do and average from $3,000 to $10,000 and more;

you get the leads generated by a web site;

we supply the web site;

we supply the content that updates itself and changes automatically by itself daily;

we show you how to look up the message number when someone calls you.

All brokers have great connections built up over the years.

All brokers have great knowledge about the business.

Would you mind doing the odd five minute referral while you are retired that makes you $10,000?

You will also be providing the public with a good service.

There are thousands of people on the Internet who search for real estate.  We supply you with a turn key web site with thousands of listings.  What is special about it, is that the listings are structured in a way that people have to call  you!

You could be fishing or sitting beside a pool in Florida.  Would you mind doing the odd five minute referral that makes you $10,000?

The call will come in to you and may sound like this.  “Hi, I was on your web site and I am interested in message number 125687, can you help me?”

You will say, “yes, I will have someone call you back.”

You will then contact that broker who has that listing and say “I have a lead for you, is a 25% referral commission okay with you?”

That is a five minute phone call that can generate from $3,000 to $10,000.

One broker has done fifteen referrals. That is less than two hours work ie: 5 minutes x 15 = 75 minutes.  He has made over $40,000.

The only reason why brokers and salespeople do not do referrals is because they do not get the leads. Now with a web site you have the opportunity to get the leads.

I too have been a broker for over 35 years but have chosen to specialize in helping real estate brokers and salespeople benefit from the greatest medium known to mankind . . . the Internet.  We have been learning and developing these services since 1994 and continue to develop new ones all included in a nominal yearly membership.

Here are some resources and how to sign up:

Sample web sites

See testimonials

Sign up here with a credit card.

Upon joining, call our office and/or make an appointment..

Then simply ask us to send you a web site.

North America Toll Free 1-877-272-1721 or Bus. 416-214-4875

There is a way to call us from anywhere in the world free. Contact us.

Web sites are included in a membership free for one month whether you use them or not. After one month you have the choice to continue with them for $19.95/month.

We send you an email with a link to your new web site!

You log in to it. Call us with the log in information and we go in and customize it with content and set it up for you.

It is customizable!  We show you how with a manual, continued telephone support as well as exclusive windows media video educational training.  You simply click on a link and it plays for you.

There is one 90 minute course you should have to make all this happen. This course is provided by windows media video on your computer. It is called “How To Promote Your Web Site,” available to members only. Video Training.

In order to generate referrals you need the leads.  In order to generate the leads you need the traffic. This course tells you how it is done.

We have a another 90 minute training program, also conducted in your office over the phone, “Web site workshop.”  This shows you the complete workings of the web site.

Today’s web sites are like having a real physical store on a major street. People walk by, see pictures of homes, commercial properties and more and get interested.  They call you.  Except you do have to pay $3,000 to $5,000 a month and much more to have this store front.  You can have it from ICIWorld for the cost an economical yearly
membership and then $19.95 per month after one month. It is your storefront to the public.

See sample web sites.

It is possible to add some links to your existing web site if you have one.  However you should also have the one supplied by us. Think of web sites as billboards and if the one we supply you helps you make $50,000 a year and your other one does, then why not?

The web site by itself does not make you money.  It is the content that is on ICIWorld that generates the leads. It is the special sophisticated programming that we apply. It is the training that we make available to you by way of  windows media video streaming.  It is the continued telephone support.

96% of people searching the Internet are looking for listings.

All brokers and salespeople when they enter their Haves and Wants on ICIWorld must answer a question on every single listing, “will you allow your listings to be advertised on other brokers web sites?” If it is yes, then it will appear.  If it is no then they will not appear.

It is the subject line that appears to the public, not the contact information.

People can not click on the message they must contact you.

Provide a valuable service to the public, much like a doctor or professional person provides referral services, you provide your expertise and provide a referral to help that person realize their dreams.

“In retirement, every single real estate broker and salesperson anywhere and everywhere on the planet earth can now choose to stay in touch in real estate, applying life long knowledge, doing what we love to do best . . . helping people in real estate and make money doing it. It is a way of life.” Gary Nusca, CCIM, Broker for 33 years.

Have fun with it.

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