For all Executive Members who have placed information in Database 1

We spend a lot of time, expense and preparation to attend major marketing events in the industry.  It is important that you update your database listings.  It is easy and takes only two clicks.

This is to promote the information that Executive Members have placed on This is your information. When a person from any of the major events we attend see your listing, they can call you, and you can do business. 1,000’s of people receive our handouts to visit the site and see your personal listings.

This is like we are a salesperson for you to generate leads for you.

However many of your listings may not be seen and for others who do not update their listings, none will be seen.

Why your listings may not be showing up to the public on the Internet

  • if you have listings, Haves and Wants that are older than 90 days old, they do not show up in the default settings in the ICIWorld App for Apple products such as iPhones, etc. (Install the ICIWorld App available in the App Store)
  • if you have listings, Haves and Wants that are older than 90 days old, they do not show up in the default settings in the ICIWorld App for Androids (Install the ICIWorld App available in the Play Store)
  • listings, Haves and Wants that are older than 90 days old do not show up in the default settings for the ICIWorld Mobile Site  Add this to your home screen on all mobile devices.
  • there is a new Age Field category where people can search by date, 30, 60, 90, days old, etc. and some only search the latest listings by age.
  • if you have listings that are not Active Status they also do not show up anytime.


Many end users of the information in the databases only want to see the latest.


Keep listings up to date by logging in within 90 days. We recommend modifying them updating them every 30-60 days. (takes 2 clicks per listing)

Two things happen when you up date listing:

  1. it goes back to the top of the database that is receiving a major readership (First time we have hit 1,000,000 hits by the 3rd week of the month)
  2. your listing gets emailed out to the industry (20,000+ EMails deliver listings to subscribers daily)

Reason Why You Should Do It Now to Update Your Listings!

  • 1,000’s of people are attending and look at the listings, your Haves and Wants on ICIWorld.
  • There are buyers for everything! Homes, vacation properties, businesses, apartment buildings, shopping centers, you name it!
  • We demonstrate the listings using the App on iPhones, Androids and the mobile site
  • The first item on is Search Haves Wants Listings Placed by Members.
  • The first item in the Search Widget one can choose is Key Word for any type of business
  • If one chooses gas for gas station for instance, the oldest listing that appears is Feb. 27, 2014.
  • Every single listing placed before that date does not appear because it is older than 3 months..

For assistance to place ads and take full advantage of ICIWorld services that helps you connect to do business:

  • go to
  • click on For Members
  • click on Number 7 Training
  • go to click on Log In, then click on Log In on the left. Forgot your password? No problem. Click on Password Help on the left and it will be sent to you within 3 minutes.
  • if you need log in help here it is Logging In to Instructions (PDF file you can print)LoginCLICK HERE[/themify_button]

It only takes a few minutes of your time to up date your listings and reach an industry of people. Login today and update your listings.

PS: if you need an appointment we normally make up to 30 minutes available to you at a time starting as early as 7am. . It can take as little as 2 minutes for us to look at your membership and website and the use of ICIWorld Global Tools and Services and make immediate recommendations and answer any and all questions.  Book an Appointment