Here is a great article on networking.

Th article applies to all businesses.

in the case of Real Estate, most brokers and salespeople have between zero to less than five listings on a real estate board.

However most brokers and salespeople also know many other properties not on real estate boards such as the FSBO’s in their area and other exclusive type selling opportunities.

Although all members advertise their real estate board listings, they also can network real estate Have and Want information that can not be placed on a real estate board.

What better person to network with than a person who is presently doing business in a market area that you are interested in and/or  in a type of property or business that you are interested in.

The real estate Haves and Wants on ICIWorld identify people working the type of property you may have an interest in and a market area. You can and should network with them even though it might not be the exact listing you are looking for.

They could even be older listings on ICIWorld in the area that you are interested in.

Take the opportunity to discuss the market and other listings not on the service.

If something sold can it benefit you to know how much it sold for? Sure!

If they work in a market area with the types of property you are interested in, does it not stand to reason that if they know what you are looking for, they may just find it for you when it becomes available?

So developing good business relationships becomes very important.

It is like planting seeds in a farmers field.

Networking is free if you know who to network with.

The listings on ICIWorld can help you do that.

Then when you identify someone who is dealing in the type of property and area that you are interested in, visit their web site.

You should find a wealth of information.

Many of our members have a web site serving their market area and the types of properties they deal in.

If you do not get that far to their web site, you can easily be missing doing deals and not realize it. This is because there are a lot of exclusive listings on their web sites that are not on real estate boards.

Members even have special services such as sending out new listings to you that match the description of what you are looking for.  It is a no obligation and free service! If a new condo, home or commercial property becomes available, you can subscribe to receive a copy by EMail, in the price range and categories that you are interested in.

There are thousands of brokers and salespeople adding real estate board listings, exclusive listings.  They are best positioned in the market place to identify and collect this information and then to display it all for your benefit.

Search Members by city, market area, specialty, language spoken.

Establish a good relationship with a member and place your HAVES AND WANTS with them for the ultimate in world wide exposure.

Subscribe to receive listings from their web site.

Search their web site exclusive as well as real estate board type listings.

They say 90% of the millionaires in the world made it in real estate. Almost every single member can relate stories how they have helped people create wealth through real estate. They help in many ways.

Networking is free . . . you just have to know who to network with.