We provide top-quality service at a great, affordable pricing that fits any budget. Our services aren’t just revolutionary, and you’ll literally be able to boost your business at a price that will make you smile!

Maximize our lead-generating system by becoming a member, and if you don’t see results within the first 90 days, call us! You can’t go wrong! See OUR PLEDGE.

  Check out what you receive with your membership

  • Welcome Instruction Page
  • Start up Checklist
  • Instructions on How to Enter Information
  • Marketing Plan
  • Support in your office over the phone while you are on your computer called Zoom Workshops. It helps all members, from beginners to experts. Usually, one 30-minute session is all it takes to get you orientated and started. A total of 90 minutes gets your website customized and live online. Most things work on autopilot once set up.
  • A website built just for you (additional charge; see details)
  • Video access to Training Videos (Windows Media and Youtube) assist with simple tasks such as: How to place Want, How to place a Have, How to Search, How to pick a good domain name for your web site, How to Promote Your Web Site, etc.
  • Listen to recorded sessions with guest speakers, which are playable on Smartphone technology.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Our experience includes attending World Search Engine Conferences with such specialists as MSN, Yahoo and Google executives. You get the benefit of this $4,000 cost! It is all about How To Promote Your Website. What good is a website if you have no visitors?
  • Learn how to incorporate social media into your marketing strategy.
  • Simple training videos to walk you through the process of website customization.  There are now over 300,000+ real estate professionals employing these websites successfully. This is your office on the Internet! Your customers will love it.
  • You also have the choice to allow your listings to be on other brokers web sites. What is better, having your listing on one web site or thousands? Will you work with another broker if they bring a buyer? On the other hand, if you’re a closed board or don’t share listings, you don’t have to. You’re in control!
  • Add a listing to this special website, and it is Geo-codded, and you’ll appear in Google! Now that’s marketing!
  • Consultation to search for “material defects” Most web sites have them. They are the difference between making money or making nothing. Fix one material defect and it can be like a light switch turning on.  All of a sudden you can start getting leads.
  • We provide links for all your other websites that trigger leads. Send Instructions for your Website designer to place unique revenue-producing links on all of your other websites. Link to thousands of listings in a way that YOU get the calls. It’s inevitable that you won’t generate leads if you have no traffic. Luckily, we have a solution for that.
  • Immediate access to all listings, including private Database 2 For Sale By Owners and past and expired listings in Database. Networking with our members produces a great deal of business.
  • The ability to Start placing Haves and Wants immediately for world wide exposure. They instantly appear on over 18,000 Internet places and are automatically emailed to the industry. You get amazing marketing with the click of a button. We recommend you modify your ads every 30-90 days for best results (two clicks to modify an ad).
  • Ads working 24 hours per day, seven days per week for you! (Expired member’s ads go to an expired listing area and remain available to members only. All ads are dated.)

Our prices are made to fit any budget! Don’t wait another minute, become a member of one of the world’s most powerful real estate networks today!


Product Price Special Offers
Executive Membership $319 for 12 months
+$75.00 Setup Fee

Book now and get 4 months FREE!
That’s 12 months for $240 (Plus HST)

Membership Renewal $319 for 12 months NO SIGN UP FEE!
ICI WORLD Website $40/month NO CONTRACT!
Design Services Call us for a FREE Quote! Custom designed for your needs
Seminar          Call us for a FREE Quote!                           Your Entire Team will Benefit



Have you heard about the ICIWorld Referral Program?

If you are already an Executive Member with ICI WORLD and refer 1 licensed real estate salesperson, you’ll get a discounted membership of $240.00/year instead of the full price of $300.00/year


  1. Refer a friend to ICI WORLD
  2. They purchase a membership with ICI WORLD services
  3. You BOTH reap the rewards!


To thank you, we will credit $60.00 off the normal price of $300.00/year to $240.00/year for one year!


Not only will the people you refer be able to promote and generate leads for their business, they’re also going to get a FREE month of ICI WORLD services as a Thank you.

Get in touch with us to find out how much referrals can benefit you.

We also have a Corporate Program!




Everyone in your organization, company, association, franchise, group, or chapter may join for $240/yr.

We waive the $79 signup fee for our corporate teams!

Whoever will be making commissions from the sale of property on ICIWorld must be a member. Husband and wives, partners, father and sons, etc. require two memberships. However we waive the signup fee for both.

  • Put links to Haves and Wants of your sales people on your corporate web site. See samples This helps everyone see all your sales people’s haves and wants at a glance with contact names and numbers of your salespeople. It helps them do business!
  • Put a link to 20,000 real estate ads on your corporate web site in a way that your salespeople get the calls. Details. This generates leads for a lifetime for your sales people. This link updates itself daily with 50-100 new listings.
  • You even receive a specialized search matrix for your franchise. We will send you the link. You place this link on your franchise/corporate web site.
  • Most real estate companies support their residential real estate salespeople well, now you can support your people the BEST.