This is a question recently posted on our ICIWorld’s Facebook Fan Page.

Is ICIWORLD good for Real Estate Agents only or is it good for Real Estate Investors as well ?


Yes it is good to serve Real Estate Investors. It puts the world of real estate information at your fingertips.

ICIWorld’s purpose is to provide information tools for licensed real estate salespeople to serve the public.

It is good for investors because:

  • more information becomes available of an exclusive basis not on real estate boards.
  • 75% of the information on ICIWorld is of an exclusive nature not on any other service.
  • circulation of your Wants is beneficial so people can respond to you.
  • members in Canada and the USA are licensed by provincial and state real estate licensing bodies and the professionals on ICIWorld help protect the public from fraud, and other problems and guide the buying and selling process. You will have access to MLS through them as well as exclusive information.
  • larger connections on an industry wide professional and public basis means more and better opportunities
  • saves time
  • saves money
  • postings are quick. Industry information is immediately available world wide on a posting and distributed by EMail within hours.
  • networking with others is proven to be beneficial much like stock exchanges have proven to be resourceful in networking deals
  • exposure locally and world wide
  • advice and counsel from members most of whom have helped their prospects and clients create wealth through real estate and this experience can be invaluable
  • more.

There are four things the public and all investors can and should do to make connections to do business.

  1. develop a business relationship with a member and make sure that member keeps your information up to date every 30 – 60 days on ICIWorld and in no event longer than 90 days old.  And you should check that members website for the latest listings regularly.  If you do not have a business relationship with a member, do the following:
  2. Place your Haves and Wants in Database 2. It is free.
  3. Search Database 1 and 2. It is free.
  4. subscribe to receive listings by EMail. It is free.

Develop a good business relationship with a member and it is like planting the seeds of success.

Feel free to ask more questions.