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The market continues to move and one should never stop networking, planting seeds for future business, keeping your information alive and working 24/7 where other people with a like minded interest in real estate can see your Haves and Wants and contact you?
Each year we suggest strongly that you make an appointment with us. There is new technology and information services being added. Just one service can be responsible for triggering the right person to contact you so that you can serve your customers.
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We notice that your Executive Membership has expired.
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  2. Print out the Orientation PDF File. This is like a pilots checklist for a broker to ensure you are making money every 90 days or at the very least triggering leads that you feel will lead to doing deals someday.
  3. Make an Appointment.

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Make sure you know Our Pledge.
In some cases, members may qualify for a one time restart privilege, It appears you might be one of them.
  • We have some members who did not have the Exclusive Menu Button working on their website. This is inevitable to trigger leads if you have it. If not, you qualify for a restart privilege.
  • We notice some members have listings much older than 90 days. Listings older than 90 days old do NOT show up on the major world searches by people from 138 countries and locally. Only listings less than 90 days old are displayed on the Apps for iPhones, Androids and mobile websites.
  • We notice some members have 1 or 2 listings or no listings. This can mean that one has abandoned the service or were too busy or forgot about it or other reason.
This all means you never really used the service.
In these cases we provide a complimentary one time per member restart privilege. Make an appointment and we can show you.
We simply request that you give us a chance to help you to ensure you live up to Our Pledge. That every single member should either be doing a deal or incoming or outgoing referral every 90 days, or at the very least trigger leads that you feel will lead to doing a deal or referral someday or give us a chance to help.
Make an appointment and within 2 minutes we can analyze to see what needs to be done to help to generate business and make recommendations. There are 4+ billion people on the Internet and we have the experience helping members do deals since 1994.
If you have referred anyone to join the service you can rejoin for $240 instead of $319. Or $30 per month. Additional referrals we add three months onto your membership. Sponsorship Program.
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