Investment In A World Real Estate Information Listing Service or

Investment In A Global Real Estate Networking Service

Investment In A Real Estate Information Listing Service

Investment In A World Real Estate Information Listing Service or

Investment In A Global Real Estate Networking Service

How did membership come about?

We think all brokers and salespeople in the world should have a vested interest in developing this world service. 

World Real Estate Information Listing Service . com

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Primary concerns in building this worldwide real estate networking service for all licensed real estate practitioners in the world.

  • only licensed real estate brokers and salespeople provide Haves and Wants directly to the public. 
  • this helps protect the public because agents are trained in consumer protection.
  • it is better to have licensed real estate brokers and salespeople providing this networking of real estate Have and Want information so that a trade in real estate can properly be done responsibly.
  • by having licensed real estate brokers and salespeople collect information worldwide and putting it in one place, makes this service helpful to all people dealing in real estate worldwide. 
  • this is a networking service not a multiple listing service where you have a signed listing and can write an offer from the listing. The networking messaging ads on ICIWorld are more like classified ads in a newspaper but with links to MLS listings where appropriate.
  • many owners of properties do not want to sign a listing and put it on MLS. You can place information on ICIWorld without an address. But if you have to give an address you must have a signed listing.
  • placing Wants on ICIWorld are very valuable. Owners of properties can contact you directly. People in the $20M to $100M+ price ranges do not want every person to know. This way they can respond to you if you placed your Want. $75M office buildings have been sold this way through connections made by members. 

Being on the cutting edge of technology and the way we develop a global real estate networking service is not conventional on purpose. 

Part of the reason is because it started by a real estate broker who could not keep track of all the wonderful commercial real estate opportunities presented in CCIM breakfast meetings and marketing sessions at the Toronto Real Estate Board. 

Now the world can. Broker members place Haves and Wants in Database 1 with a membership. The public can do it in Database 2 FREE. 

We have not changed the membership fee since 1994. It is till $319 per year or $40 / month. Many think it should be $319 per month. Why? Read the testimonials and you calculate the ROI. It is wonderful.

We chose to do it without a $20 Million dollar investment like The overhead is tremendous and it carries over to this day in terms of fees required and it is a great service every broker should consider using. 

You see we too are brokers. You never know where your next deal is coming from so why not use all these new services? You do not have to eliminate one over the other. Use them all and if they all make you money why not! Do you have one website? Why not have two? They are like billboards and if they all make you money why not?

Information tools and technology have never been done before for the things we are building for the real estate industry worldwide to provide networking services not listing services like all the others that serve the public.

  1. Digitizing real estate Have and Want information.
  2. Real estate brokers can provide as much or as little information in each ad to trigger interest from a qualified buyer or seller.
  3. In one respect it is more like real estate classified ads, but all provided by the ICIWorld Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople, It can be set up for your association, group, or company to provide it from your website. 
  4. Providing IDX links for every member to have the real estate networking service provided by individual members from their website.
  5. Providing IDX links for every member in a way that if a prospect or client sees a listing they have to call the agent who provided the website, This results in connections to do deals and very importantly referrals if you do not want to handle the inquiry yourself.
  6. Assistance to ensure you know how to work exclusive type real estate that cannot go on MLS or is not on MLS. 
  7. And follow guidelines, licensing requirements, and codes of ethics common in the real estate industry.
  8. The real estate concepts that make it compatible for 100% of the real estate brokers and salespeople in the world.
  9. Without having extensive pop-up ads, money-making advertising in your face every time you click or listen to something.
  10. Keeping the price down to cut costs for member brokers and salespeople while bringing the true benefits of the Internet to reach the world.
  11. Unlimited networking of Haves and Wants.
  12. One hour to get members up and running conducted in a 59-minute screen-sharing orientation session.
  13. Webinar-On-Demand Featured Video that teaches how to work exclusive type real estate. Sessions were recorded live conducted for real estate boards, associations and companies.
  14.  Special pledge that ensures members should be doing business every 90 days or give us a chance to help you. There are five billion people where we are on the Internet. Anyone who has not made money or connections is simply asleep at the wheel and missed using the service properly. If you have a flat tire, you do not abandon the car, you get it fixed. If you go longer than 90 days without making money call us.
Proof positive that every single member can and should be doing deals. Testimonials
Widgets, IDX links on YOUR website to trigger leads makes it absolutely inevitable to trigger leads from your website because prospects cannot click on the listings, they have to call you. See 
Get inquiries from your website because of the IDX links and do referrals! See and 
You could be a member for ten years total 319 x 10 = 3,190.  
  • one referral can make that. You should be generating business every 90 days! There are five billion people on the Internet. 
  • referrals are averaging $3,000 to $10,000 One broker has now done 10 referrals and made $45,000 from doing 15 referrals which average 5 minutes to do. 
  • one deal from one lead can provide an opportunity to make $25,000 to $50,000 to $100,000 and more. 
  • with the price range of Haves and Wants you can trigger leads on properties to $50M and more. Members receive cheques $200,000 to $300,000 from selling land for instance. You could get a call on an apartment for $3,000,000 and sell it and make $60,000.
  • was the first real estate information service on the Internet in 1994.