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58 minutes.

It includes the following strategies:

  1. How to work real estate Have and Want exclusive information that generates leads just like real estate board listings do.
  2. Methods to eventually get more listings that you can sell and, to help you obtain listings that you can add to your real estate board.
  3. Methods to search exclusive listings on the market industry wide today that are not on real estate boards.
  4. Real estate widgets to add to YOUR website of exclusive information that make it absolutely inevitable for you to generate leads from YOUR website.
  5. Why to consider having more than one website that you can link together for lead generation.

Understanding what it takes and how to ensure you get leads every 90 days and what to do about it if you do not.

Invite us to do a seminar in your office. For residential and/or commercial real estate salespeople. Understanding the powers of the Internet to help you take advantage of the most powerful medium known to man . . . the Internet.  Depending on your location we can easily do a Webinar for all your sales team.  Just need a date and time. We send you an email link for gotomeeting software so that everyone can attend from the comfort of their own home office or business computer. One can have breakfast with us while watching and listening to the seminar.  And . . . one can ask questions during the session. We also like to make this software available to managers and owners to host a meeting for all sales staff for any speaker. In this case we are simply a sponsor of the program that you run.  1-1,000 may attend.

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