Learn how real estate brokers and salespeople have been working exclusive real estate information for years mostly in commercial real estate and making tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars and on ICIWorld over $1 Million dollars.

And now it is more applicable in residential real estate more than ever before because of the advent of the Internet and many people trying to sell properties themselves.

Learn how to work exclusive real estate daily in your market area no matter where in the world you are located! Trigger leads internationally on information not just listings, and, it provides more choice in the marketplace for the public.

Most real estate salespeople are only used to working listings on a real estate board to serve their clients and make money.

Much of their time is spent trying to obtain a listing from someone who wants to sell.

Then when it sells they make money by providing many services along the way.

However, the average real estate salesperson in North America has less than five listings on a real estate board.

This means many have zero, one or two listings, ie: less than five, and essentially means they are out of business.

Yes you can be working with buyers.

All this simply restricts opportunities for brokers and salespeople to make money.

Now working information in an incorrect manner can get one into a lot of trouble.

But working information in a correct manner can make you a lot of money, whether it is for residential or commercial real estate.

Commercial Realtors have been working exclusive real estate since the beginning of time.  They are used to it.  They know how to protect their sources and put agreements in place first before divulging an address or identifying a property.

And this is the key.

See this twelve minute video and it will explain how to work exclusive information in a competent and professional manner.  I should know.  I too have been a broker for over 40 years.  But today specialize in helping everyone with a license to trade in real estate, no matter where in the world you are located, to work these kinds of opportunities.

Does it work?

See these testimonials and get excited.

You have a license to trade in real estate information.

ICIWorld helps you to work this information 24 hours per day while you are doing other things.

Think about it.  You can be doing other things, but the information of someone who wants to sell their property or buy a property can be placed in one place for the world to see – www.iciworld.com

Every single salesperson in North America should have a minimum of fifteen opportunities to make money on ICIWorld and the majority are absolutely surprised when they do their first deal.

Before a listing on a real estate board is signed by a seller, it is a thought in the owners mind who conveys it to a salesperson. This thought, “putting a property for sale” or “I want to sell but I do not want to give you a listing but I will pay you a commission” is common in the real estate industry.

It is these thoughts that can be worked through ICIWorld.

They generate leads, interest from others who see the messages on ICIWorld and give you a call. Put an agreement in place first before you show a property or identify the property.

Many real estate people handling high priced properties in California, Lake Tahoe and other places have been doing this for years.

Many owners prefer to market their properties, businesses, on an exclusive basis, that highlights the opportunity but not the exact business or property.

ICIWorld provides the world wide exposure for real estate salespeople to network this kind opportunity such as for sale by owners, etc. while maintaining the confidentiality of the opportunity.

Feel free to attend our monthly world webinar, How To Work Exclusive Real Estate Information, from the comfort of your home computer. The nice thing about these webinars, if you can not make it, you will receive a recorded video of the event whether you attend or not.

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We really feel every single salesperson on the planet should be part of this global “real estate broker information listing service.”

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