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Sample content of seminars. YouTube Video 52 min.

MREB Seminar Recording YouTube Video 197 min.

Re/Max office A World Webinar for two offices in British Columbia conducted completely on and through the Internet. They projected it on the screen in their two offices.

It is all about helping the real estate industry with Internet tools, techniques and real estate concepts and understanding how to use them to all licensed real estate professionals to make money providing services for the public. A network would take ten years to set up but it is setup here to work instantly.

Learn more about the Internet an education session:

One can attend in person at MREB or
Register for the On Line Webinar.
If you can not attend either in person or on the Webinar, register for the online Webinar and you will be able to receive a link to a recording later. Webinars can be heard on any mobile device as well.

ICIWorld is a global broker’s real estate “information listing service.”

One piece of information can make you a lot of money. We will be showing you to work “real estate information” in a manner compatible with the industry and licensing bodies.

Brokers and salespeople in the commercial real estate industry have been doing this for years even before the Internet. Now we are showing residential as well as those wanting to do more commercial real estate how to do it as well.

This seminar will help you learn:

how to work open and exclusive opportunities, residential AND commercial, and showing you how to work them on the Internet to find interested people
how to work properties coming for sale, FSBO listings, builders, and more.
how to set up showings and protect yourself for remuneration
how to work real estate information, Have and Want opportunities that can not be placed on a real estate board
how advertise this information in a way that you get the leads
how to market opportunities world wide while protecting your information
how to handle the inquiries when a property is not listed but still available
how to add hundreds, thousands of listings to your website in a way that people call you
how to add power of sales, buyers, and many other opportunities in real estate to your website
how to have a website that sends out new listings to your prospects and clients, exclusive as well as real estate board listings
how to generate and handle referral opportunities
why it is important to promote your website and solutions on how to do it
why information is like the gold on the Internet

and more.

Bring your mobile devices. We will also cover:

popular Apps for mobile devices, iPhones, Androids, Blackberriy’s and Windows
how to make long distance phone calls absolutely free
how to remember everything in life business and personal
how to not lose anything on a computer
how to make your files available on any device
how to have your phone listen to a song on the radio and tell you who the singer is and song title
popular real estate apps
how to calculate alcohol consumption

What makes a website work.

What do you need to do before you even promote a website.

How to Promote Your Website

Why is all this so important? Because one lead can make one a lot of money.

Instructors with many years of teaching.

This presentation is designed to help show you how to maximize your potential using the internet.

We will help to show you how to “work smarter, not harder”.