For Residential Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople

Two major ways to make more money in your regular everyday travels. 

As a broker for 49 years and 29 years on the Internet I see how some brokers and salespeople are making money and others are not.

This page is our contribution of experience to share with every single salesperson on the planet how to do business every 90-day period of time otherwise call us because you are missing something and do not realize it.

A good portion of it generates referrals almost every week. How?  Read on. And you can do it this week starting now. 

You be the judge, here we go.

  1. As a licensed salesperson it is legal for you to talk to people about real estate, about trading in real estate, and make money doing it. 
  2. I liken your real estate license like a general practioner doctor. If they diagnose you with a heart problem, they may refer you to a heart doctor. 
  3. Likewise if you know that someone wants to sell their business you can refer them to a real estate broker who has the buyer and receive a referral fee, or refer them to a commercial broker in your office and also receive a referral fee. 
  4. You can ask questions of every business owner of any and all businesses that you frequent. A full presentation on this is number 5 on Log In Member Management Page, number 5, see a featured video, and learn the three special questions.
  5. You can trigger leads from the ICIWorld Global IDX Links that you can place on your website. Much like you have MLS on your website, you can now have ILS (information listing service) on your website. They are like real estate classified ads all in a way that YOU get the leads. This is pretty special because you receive inquiries on any and all listings. It is like have real estate classified ads on YOUR website in a way that YOU receive all the inquiries. DO REFERRALS. Every residential salesperson on earth can do referrals.
  6. Part-time salespeople can do referrals from the ICIWorld Global IDX Links.
  7. Retiring brokers and salespeople can do referrals from the ICIWorld Global IDX Links.
  8. This is great news for commercial real estate brokers because there could be more incoming referral inquiries on their listings, Have and Want opportunities on ICIWorld.
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