EMail List Servers Subscription Services

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EMail List Servers Subscription Services

What are EMail List Servers

Easily the most up to date delivery of Real Estate Information available through the internet Databases will deliver to your Inbox, once a day, a summary of information added

The Information you receive is designed by you. You only receive Real Estate Information that you are interested in.


Do you want Lead Generation in the palm of your hand?

Do you want to be able to put deals together by combining Real Estate Information available from databases with your Client List?

Real Estate Information is provided by Real Estate Professionals from around the world, and members of the Public. Databases provide:

‘HAVES’ – from interested parties who Have Real Estate to offer

‘WANTS’ – from interested parties who are looking for Real Estate.

Most uniquely

‘COMING SOON’ -information about property that will be availabe in the future

When you find real estate information from the database

You will require the assistance of an Executive Member. Executive Members are Licenced Real Estate Professionals.

If you are a Licenced Real Estate Professional would like to offer you the opportunity to work these exclusive opportunities under your own branding.

Let’s Get Started

  • the digest is delivered once daily
  • you can unsubscribe from any email, any time.
  • you can update your subscription to change the type of real estate information you received, any time





Available on August, 18 2019

EMail List Servers Subscription Services