Why everyone should take the CCIM course CI101.

In over 30 years of recommending everyone to take this course, I have never had one person regret taking this course.

It will help you analyze the before and after-tax implications of investing in any kind of real estate, retail, office, industrial, or residential.

You will be able to paint a picture for people interested in investing in real estate on how real estate makes money and creates wealth. 

After showing a property, many people will say they want to think about it. You can give them a picture of how that real estate makes money.  When they talk with their financial advisors, family, and friends, they can disagree with some of the assumptions. You can change the analysis to reflect to suggest making a slightly different offer. It will keep them stay focused on the property you just showed them. 

It can help you help your prospects and clients do transactions for the rest of your life.

It can help you invest in real estate.

It was also from the CCIM Marketing Sessions of networking commercial real estate Haves and Wants that I got the idea of ICIWorld created as an independent global real estate networking service for real estate brokers and salespeople to serve the public worldwide. Now an independent association, a society of real estate brokers and salespeople serving the public worldwide. Based on the tremendous proven success of members proving if they can be successful every broker has a chance to be successful using information. Our hope is have some help, investment, partnership, joint venture or other idea to provide the service for every broker and salesperson in the world.

Apply the education you learn from CCIM and help your customers apply it when considering investments.

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