One good real estate habit for everyone in the business is to check the new real estate opportunities from an industry of real estate broker and salesperson members on ICIWorld daily, first thing in the morning.
Click on either commercial, business opportunities, residential or FSBO’s.
Click on Search Database.
It will take 3-5 seconds in total on the latest mobile devices when you add a shortcut to your home screen.
For the public, there are unique real estate opportunities not available elsewhere.
For real estate brokers and salespeople:
See a property for one of your prospects or clients?  Set up a showing, get an offer and make money today.
See a buyer for one of your properties? Invite them to see your property, get an offer and make money today.
Without a showing today you make zero. With a showing you have a chance to make money.
Make a habit of checking daily for new real estate opportunities from your colleagues in the real estate business and set up showings to help your clients and earn $$$ doing it.