75 Ways To Do More Real Estate Business On The Internet

ICIWorld is a society of real estate brokers and salespeople advertising listings, networking real estate opportunities on mobile devices and computers and reaching people in 138 countries.

Here are 75 ways to do business from a real estate broker experienced on the Internet since 1994 and dedicated to helping the real estate industry benefit from this exciting Internet Information Age.

  1. Search iciworld.com Make a connection to do business. 40,000 Have and Want ads. Similar to classified real estate ads in a newspaper but a world audience of people in 138 countries. 
  2. There is no charge to search for anyone. Make connections and do business in Database 1, message ads placed by members. 
  3. The public may place message ads in Database 2 FSBO Area free. Everyone can see a limited version of the ads. Only members may see the contact information of all ads.
  4. Non-member brokers and the public have access to about 5,000 out of the approximate 40,000 listings.
  5. Only real estate brokers and salespeople may join and for a small fee.
  6. Real estate brokers and salespeople may join from everywhere in the world for a small fee.
  7. Database 1 is information placed by the member brokers and salespeople. Contact information is available to the public, just like classified ads in a newspaper.
  8. Database 2 FSBO Area (For Sale By Owner) The public can place Haves and Wants free. However, the only people that have access to the contact information are the member brokers and salespeople.
  9. ICIWorld provides the service free for the public.
  10. Realtors advertise their regular real estate board listings.
  11. Realtors may network exclusive real estate type opportunities. 
  12. We are reaching people in 138 countries.
  13. All members have unlimited advertising and networking opportunities with contact information so the public can contact them.
  14. There are links in every ad that direct traffic to individual member websites, phone numbers and email.
  15. People can search the membership roster online with links to websites, phone numbers and email.
  16. Instant display on the ICIWorld Apps for iPhones and Androids.
  17. 3-7 seconds to search the latest listings for your interest daily no matter where in the world you are located.
  18. The first real estate website on the Internet was iciworld.com in 1994. 
  19. It is operating from 1994 to this day with 99.9% uptime.
  20. Average response time to search database 1-3 sec. 
  21. For Members Only. All members listings, Have and Want opportunities are instantly displayed on many other major world websites.
  22. www.wreils.com worldrealestateinformationlistingservice.com 
  23. Mobile website: www.nreils.com nationalrealestateinformationlistingservice.com 
  24. Mobile website: www.ils.realestate informationlistingservice.realestate 
  25. Mobile website: www.rehaw.com realestatehavesandwants.com
  26. residentialontarioproperties.com 
  27. Mobile website: iciworld.mobi
  28. iciworld.ca Canada (older websites are up to date with the ICIWorld database and still trigger leads for members to this day.)
  29. iciworld.us USA (older websites are up to date with the ICIWorld database and still trigger leads for members to this day.)
  30. iciworld.biz For business opportunities.
  31. Many websites are being built over the next five years to bring even more traffic to all members listings, Have and Want opportunities.
  32. Four hundred Global EMail List Servers Everyone can subscribe to receive Haves and Wants by EMail. https://iciworld.global (Editors note: some services in the world charge $200 to send one property to an email list service) Included for all your listings all year long. Building this service was a significant undertaking. Flexible to serve the world, i.e., request an EMail List Service for your group to network real estate Haves and Wants. We can EMail List Servers for cities, states, countries, property types, professional groups by designation, real estate companies, associations, more. It delivers your member’s Haves and Wants to other members. It strengthens the networking of your organization. The display on an organization’s website of Haves and Wants can bring more traffic to your members’ opportunities. When they do deals, they credit belonging to your organization. We can offer specials to join. 
  33. Widgets are links to listings for all member’s websites. All members can display all the listings of all the other members. Eventually, every member can display the listings of every other member globally on their website. The world is connected through licensed real estate brokers sharing their information. 
  34. Each broker’s website becomes a portal to all the information in the world on the service.
  35. We structure the display of listings, Haves and Wants on members websites to get the calls. It is lead generation virtually guaranteed unless you have little or no traffic to your website. 
  36. If membership expires, the links can remain except that they become clickable. 
  37. ICIWorld provides Realtors’ ability to network exclusive type real estate information, Have and Want opportunities that are not or that cannot be on a real estate board.  
  38. One can place as much or as little information as one wishes in any message ad.
  39. Advertising, networking opportunities can trigger interest in the world. Realtors should put agreements in place first before divulging addresses or identifying a property.
  40. 75% of the commercial real estate listings on ICIWorld are not on real estate boards.
  41. 50% of the residential real estate listings on ICIWorld are not on real estate boards.
  42. Websites. You can have a $30,000 website, and it is not as powerful as the one we provide for $44/mo.
  43. Websites are like billboards. You can have more than one. If they are all making money, why not?
  44. We teach you how to promote your website. What good is a website if you have little or no traffic? We have attended world search engine optimization conferences at great expense to learn on behalf of members. We share the benefits with our members.
  45. Part of an ICIWorld marketing plan for members is to get all their clients, customers and prospects, all people in their CRM, to put their mobile website onto all their customers’ mobile phones as a shortcut. We teach how to make shortcuts. They look like an App but use zero resources. Every customer will be only one click away from clicking on your website. When they see a listing, they call you to show it. 
  46. We teach how to work the Wants. You can focus, target your business activities. If you know there is a buyer for a restaurant, the next time you eat in a restaurant, ask to talk to the owner. We teach particular questions to ask. 
  47. There are buyers for all kinds of businesses that you can be targeting today—Ie, pharmacies, fast food, etc. Find interest in an owner to sell. You can do referrals or split the commission with another who knows how to sell businesses. Make money in both cases, just by asking a free question. Learn the Wants daily within 3 seconds from the ICIWorld App on your phone.
  48. If someone says I want to sell my property or business, I do not want to give you a listing. But bring me in x dollars, and I will pay you a commission. This situation is a specialty of ICIWorld. We teach how to handle it. 
  49. See the testimonials of members doing deals. See members making tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some have now made over $1 Million. 
  50. One of the largest sales at The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board in the last few years was $28 million. ICIWorld members have sold properties for over $50 million.  
  51. The above fact should indicate that if you omit ICIWorld in your marketing plans, you can be missing achieving the highest and best price and terms for your clients.
  52. Members have unlimited ads and networking.
  53. Messages are on the Internet 24 hours per day, seven days per week.
  54. Members can leave the ads on ICIWorld until they sell.
  55. ICIWorld has a private Database 2 For Sale By Owner Area. (FSBO). However, the only people that can access the contact information are the member brokers. 
  56. The roster of members provides people to contact you directly.
  57. The testimonials trigger leads for members because some people choose to do business with successful members.
  58. Search Database 2 FSBO Area. There are buyer Wants, properties and businesses for sale. You can deal directly with buyers and sellers. 
  59. We can help you personally to place listings, Haves and Wants. 
  60. Videos to learn on your own are available.
  61. Our go-to stage has videos to learn.
  62. Our Youtube Channel has videos and upcoming Webinars to learn.
  63. Almost everything is a one-time setup. 
  64. Training and assistance are provided over the Internet by appointment. We hope you appreciate the quality one on one approach.
  65. No website? No problem. We provide turnkey mobile websites. They can be up and running within an hour.
  66. Over 18,000 pages display links to information on ICIWorld.
  67. Over 2,000 other brokers display links to exclusive real estate opportunities.
  68. Thousands of EMails distribute Haves and Wants daily to the public and the real estate industry.
  69. ICIWorld has been operating since 1994 and has the experience to provide these services.
  70. We can provide services for real estate brokers and salespeople in every area of the world. 
  71. We use GoToMeeting daily we call Webinar Workshops and assist every broker and salesperson in the world as long as they have the Internet.
  72. Members can sponsor others to join and receive credit. 
  73. We conduct Webinars. Typically a broker-owner or manager sets a date and time. We send the announcement to circulate. There is no limit to the number of people who can attend. (1,000 can participate live. 10,000 can register and receive a copy of the event after the event by EMail.)
  74. We can be a guest speaker hosted by your Zoom or other Webinar software.
  75. Educational seminars are $2,500 without selling. However, if you allow us to mention ICIWorld periodically, the Webinar is free.
  76. We can provide the comments of attendees of the last 100 seminars and webinars for your consideration.