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ICIWorld Table of Contents

  1. World Designed for the public to search and intro for licensed real estate salespeople

  2. Canada Designed for the public to search

  3. USA Designed for the public to search

  4. Time Required

  5. For members Enter all your listings here and they appear throughout the world and get distributed by EMail to the public and the real estate industry. You only have to place your information once reach tens of thousands of people by EMail and be in a database receiving interest from tens of thousands of people world wide.

  6. See the full "Our Pledge". "Everyone does business every 90 days either dong a deal or generating a lead that you feel will lead to doing business or your call us!"

  7. Training Videos (For Executive Members Only, includes How To Promote Your Web Site and more)

  8. Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople . com Resource Explaining the power of adding listings for a real estate salespersons web site to generate leads.   Discussing the advantages of certain web sites. Discussing the power of having web sites, linking them together, etc.

  9. Security A public service from ICIWorld for everyone who uses the Internet. There are problems of using the Internet but if you become aware of these problems you can avoid them. One example? If you do not know what phishing is, it is like driving a car and not knowing what a stop sign is.

  10. Seminars

  11. Testimonials

  12. News The ICIWorld newspaper.

  13. Interesting

  14. Humour

  15. Health

  16. Charities

  17. Politics

  18. ICIWorld YouTube Channel Mainly designed for licensed real estate people to learn tools, concepts and ideas to make the Internet work in their professional business practice.

  19. Real Estate Lead Generation a personal note. Resource

  20. Videos Four Ways to Make a Connection, How To Use the Links Bar, iPad-iPhone-Android-Blackberry users

  21. For Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople Resource

  22. "Information" not just listings Resource

  23. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  24. Who can join?

  25. Membership

  26. Welcome Instruction Pages

  27. Material Defects

  28. Instructions for your web site designer

  29. Stay connected with your iPhone or Blackberry.

  30. Uniqueness

  31. Resource Center (For Executive Members Only)

  32. Retired Brokers Program

  33. Referral Brokers Program

  34. Link to us free

  35. EMail List Services

  36. Stay connected with your iPhone or Blackberry.

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