We have learned and continue to learn, unique and exciting ways brokers and salespeople can make money from commercial and residential real estate information services.  We share these concepts with Executive Members through ICIWorld.

Since 1994 when we were the first real estate information service on the Internet, we have been developing these services and submit that this service is a valuable tool for every single real estate  broker's and salesperson's "information tool box" in the world.

ICIWorld is a special information tool that helps brokers and salespeople work open and exclusive information to make them money in a way compatible with organized real estate.

Many of the ideas started years ago.  Then with the book by Bill Gates called "@ the Speed of Thought" it inspired us to connect thoughts of people in the commercial and residential real estate industry.  The kind of thoughts were of intentions and goals to buy and sell and lease real state.  We call these Haves and Wants.

When people who spend all their daily lives trading in real estate, they are the best positioned people to build a competent service, to qualify information and work it effectively.

To some extent the whole world is learning how to use these services and ICIWorld and all members are on the cutting edge learning not only how and what services to develop that help the industry network, but to then market the concepts and then teach the concepts. 

We have been so inspired by the all the successes of every single member who applies these concepts that we know they work and ICIWorld continues to grow.

And members are profiting big time and their clients and prospects! See testimonials.

We invite you to participate.  Call anytime for a demo.

This service applies to every area of the world.

We appreciate the opportunity to help.

Gary Nusca, CCIM

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ICIWorld Industrial, Commercial and Investment Real Estate

Think of this service as an electronic equivalent of classified ads in a newspaper but to a market of two billion people using the Internet and the people they reach.

"Have and Want Information in the commercial real estate business can make one a lot of money."

Each Have or Want in this business can make you $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 and more if you are a real estate broker making a commission.  You are helping people get together to do a deal.

The Haves and Wants identify people with whom you may be able to do business with.

New and old listings identify people and essentially the contacts and the kind of real estate they may deal in. If you develop a good business relationship with these brokers and salespeople you will find that doors can open up to doing business.

For the buyer it is an opportunity to create wealth. 

For the seller it frees them up to get on with their plans.

In the past, brokers would not work open and exclusive type information unless one had a listing.  Why spend money marketing a property if the owner would not even give you a listing?

Today, ICIWorld has removed the restriction of the cost of advertising information because with a small yearly membership, one can network as many real estate Haves and Wants as one can. 

And the public can network as many Haves and Wants as they wish to as well for free in the Free FSBO Area.

In Canada and the USA you must be a licensed real estate broker or salesperson to be an Executive Member. 

This is not the case in the rest of the world. See who can join.

Principals can join to sell their property in every area of the world until such time as there is organized real estate in their country.  Repeat: In Canada and the USA you must be a licensed real estate broker or salesperson to be an Executive Member. 

ICIWorld is the fastest and easiest way to network Have and Want Information in the world today for Industrial, Commercial and Investment Real Estate, Land, Farms, Businesses, Financing and more.

Since 1991 and today we continue building services to strengthen local, regional, and national and international networking . . . communities.

Yes everyone advertises their real estate board type listings on ICIWorld.  We recommend real estate board type listing services, however there is much more information in everyone's market area, that can not be worked through a real estate board type service. 

90% of shopping centers in many markets are not on real estate boards. 

90% of apartment buildings are not on real estate boards. 

Yet it is valuable information that can help one make a connection that can lead to doing a deal, make one a lot of money and serve the public well.

ICIWorld is the main service in the world that can help facilitate these connections.  We have been doing this for over fifteen years and it is working as smooth today as ever.

In fact 44% of a recent months sales through ICIWorld were of this variety.  This included open and exclusive information, buyers acquisition criteria, and much more, not just real estate board type listings to help generate the connection that led to doing the deal. 

May we step you outside of the box of you normally work just listings and show you how information can work for you? 

We suggested to one broker to place a message "two apartment buildings coming for sale."  He generated contacts that led to doing two deals and he made $239,000 from this one message.  You can do this in your marketplace through ICIWorld! May we show you how?

ICIWorld.net is a service designed to handle the free flow of information.  It may be the only major world wide service that we know of in the world helping brokers work this kind of information in a most successful and effective manner, competent and professional manner, compatible with how real estate brokers do business in the organized real estate industry. 

One broker who started MLS in his community in 1956 said it in one of our seminars that he thought it was some of the freshest ideas in commercial real estate in our business in years and many others agree.

These ideas will work in YOUR MARKET PLACE when handled properly and because of the readership! This is cutting edge technology that will work for you. It is very exciting.  We hear it from every member.  May we demonstrate it to you, in a simple presentation in your office over phone while you are on the Internet? 

We are as close as the nearest telephone.  Contact us. We can bring you one click away to your next customer. 

"Information" versus Real Estate Board Type Listings

  • The following survey is common in every jurisdiction in the USA and Canada.
  • We have conducted surveys for the rest of the world such as Panama, other Caribbean countries, and there are no real estate boards yet lots of opportunities of properties for sale and rent and buyers looking purchase. ICIWorld fills this gap in the marketplace to work buying and selling information in a productive, competent manner.
  • One such survey of a classroom of commercial real estate brokers in a seminar (sample seminar) we provided recently indicated:
    • various brokers had 0-5 listings on a real estate board of a commercial nature;
    • however they knew about 10+ opportunities to do business where the owner would pay a commission if they brought in a purchaser successfully.  These could be classed as open and exclusive type listings;
    • whenever an owner says "bring me in an offer and I will pay you a commission but I do not want to list it on a real estate board" that is an open listing type situation.
    • brokers indicated they could obtain many more if they wanted to;
    • these brokers were working with 5-10 buyers and more; 
    • in other words there was more than 15-20+ other opportunities in the marketplace that brokers could have been working in the market place compared to the 2-5 listings that they were working on a real estate board;
    • each one of these other opportunities could be worth $10,000, $30,000, $50,000 and more.
  • The brokers who were working with 50 Haves and Wants on ICIWorld had sold over 20 properties and one was averaging one deal per month.  They made the most money consistently. Their inventory was high communicating these opportunities to a world marketplace of people who were interested in these kinds of real estate and business opportunities;
  • One broker made $50,000 with two hours work, another $239,000 with one piece of information, not a listing on a real estate board. Call and we will explain or see testimonials.
  • Most commercial brokers know about opportunities to do business in their marketplace that traditionally can not be worked on a real estate board or internet type listing service.
  • ICIWorld is the only major world wide service of its kind to help brokers work this kind of information in an effective manner.
  • Recently we found 44% of just the last 50 properties of hundreds reported Sold on ICIWorld have been of the "information" variety, not listings on a real estate board.  We think this is just scratching the surface.  We think this will grow dramatically as brokers and salespeople learn how to work "information" in an effective manner and it is ICIWorld that is leading the way as it has for many other services for the real estate industry.
  • Just because members work open and exclusive information does not mean that they do not have an agreement in place before showing the property or divulging the address.
  • From our experience we know that no matter where a broker is located, one can dramatically increase earnings by working "information" in your marketplace . .. not just listings such as on a typical real estate board or typical real estate board type Internet listing service.  
  • ICIWorld has a proven model that can work open and exclusive information to the benefit of all concerned that is taught in a one on one Training Session.
  • There are skill elements to handling this information that must be learned otherwise you miss doing deals.  
  • Help and assistance is provided throughout the year as well as on the Internet with Webinars, Videos and You Tube.
  • For instance, we suggest never placing an address or giving away the location of your property . . . on the Internet. Trigger the call first, qualify the people first and then when you know who you are working with put an agreement in place first and then show the property. 
  • Just because we work open and exclusive information does not mean we do not have agreements in place before divulging information or showing the property.  
  • Learn the model that has been working twenty years before the advent of the Internet.
  • Think of this service as an electronic equivalent of classified ads in a newspaper but to a market of over 2+ billion people.  Just place enough information to trigger a call.  The public is reading the information big time.  It is designed to spark interest from a qualified buyer or seller in the marketplace.  The idea is to qualify the callers and develop relationships that lead to doing business. Then get into the package of information where appropriate.
  • We can demonstrate to brokers in every area of the world that there is 100% and more opportunities in the marketplace that can be worked in your marketplace than you are presently not working now.  You can be receiving calls within hours and starting to do deals.
  • Each Have or Want can be worth $10,000 to $30,000 to $50,000 and more, isn't that right?   If you have 10-20 of these, this gives you opportunities to do business that you never had before!  Treat them as gold.  
  • One of the biggest responsibilities brokers and salespeople have is to recognize important information and then . . . to write it down onto a Have or Want Sheet.  You can print them off the Internet.  Then delegate them to be placed on ICIWorld or delegate them to yourself to place.  Otherwise you can miss doing deals and . . . not even know it.  Most every broker agrees.
  • There is no other major world wide service that works open and exclusive type information quite so effectively as ICIWorld.
  • All opportunities remain on ICIWorld as long as you are a member.  Haves and Wants are maintained in a private expired listing area available to members only if a members renewal is not renewed on time. 
  • It is all about networking. The listings identify people with whom you may wish to network with. If a person deals in a certain type of property is it possible you can do deals on other properties not on ICIWorld? Yet it was the information that you placed that made it possible for people to find you and vice versa. If you miss any one of the four ways to network you can easily be missing doing deals and not realize it.
  • inactive, expired listings
  • Yes every member works their real estate board type listings makes connections to do deals, but it is the "information" variety that you should get excited about.  You have a license in real estate and by definition you are licensed to trade in real estate information. You are probably not working this kind of information and yet it can dramatically increase your income when you work it properly.  See testimonials. We will show you how.  There is a proven model that works that we teach once a person has a paid membership.
  • It works in every area of the world.
  • There have been hundreds of sales along these lines with new broker members in new areas doing deals!  Why?  Because there is readership here!  I believe this is just the beginning in every community in the world!  
  • The true value of the service however is the contacts and the people behind the service not the listings.  For example, one thing that members report regularly is receiving calls on an ad that might not suit the caller, discussing  something not on the service and developing a relationship that leads to doing business. 
  • The exposure is here for your information, you just have to place and we will walk you through it.  Call now for a demo or to get started.  Or Join Now and learn a whole new way of what I call "Stepping Outside the Box
We will show you how some brokers are making hundreds of thousands of dollars on "commercial real estate information" in the marketplace.


The Training Program that all members receive has proven time and time again to upgrade the skills of the members is important.

The true value of this service is in the relationships one can develop. 

Many connect on one ad that does not suit them, but go off and do a deal on something else.

Typically in the past open listing information was not worked because of lack of control and the cost involved.  Today with the internet, open listings can be worked and we have suggestion on ways to handle this information in a successful manner. 

An $80M hotel complex would be Western USA $80M Hotel.  That's it! That can trigger a call from a REIT or PENSION FUND or other large buyer.

95% of the real estate brokers and salespeople of the world really have not arrived on the internet in an effective fashion.

Here is another example of how one broker made $239,000.  He had an apartment building coming for sale and said Gary, when I get the listing I'll put it on.  I said why don't you place a message that says "two apartment buildings "coming for sale."  When people call, you can put them on a list and when you get your listing signed, you can call them.  He did this, and received 14 calls in 24 hours and sold two buildings.  All brokers and salespeople in the world are licensed to trade in real estate information.

Short History and Description of Development
Commercial Real Estate " Information" 
that can make one a lot of money.

I am in a very unique position to see and learn how business transactions get started and things happening in the marketplace.  We have been an information and marketing assistant to licensed real estate brokers and salespeople world wide for the last ten years.

We have helped run CCIM Marketing Sessions where over $200,000,000 worth of Haves and Wants in commercial real estate have been presented.  This service grew out of CCIM Chapter Marketing Sessions and has now become a major world service.  It has required high level programming, waiting for technology to catch up, waiting for people to become educated to use computers and technology, and then teaching how to network information not on real estate boards. This actually should be a service adopted by every single real estate board in the world. With the new developments under way every real estate board, every commercial group in the world can make use of something new called a "Search Matrix."  Every group can have its own ICIWorld EMail List Service, delivering information within the hour to your marketplace.  How much does it cost?  It is free to groups if their members are members of ICIWorld.  

Licensed real estate professionals world wide are best positioned in the market place to know about and gather Have and Want information in the commercial real estate industry.  This helps their clients and prospects to connect with others to do business.  This provides a real value added service to the industry world wide to help people do real estate business. 

This is great for the economy because in many trades in real estate there is an upgrading of stock going on. Buyers in many cases fix up, repair, renovate, build and this stimulates the economy and creates jobs. Thousands of jobs. One piece of land identified and sold through ICIWorld was a housing division, shopping center site, and much more.

What we try to do on ICIWorld is to apply some principles of what Bill Gates wrote in his book "at the speed of thought."  In other words, information at the speed of thought. This is to bring your clients and prospects closer together through the member brokers.   It is working now in an effective manner with deals now reported daily to prove it.  

We do not charge a franchise fee for new brokers in new areas yet they get the benefit of being the first. The reason it is successful in new areas is because there are relative degrees of readership in every area of the world for information on ICIWorld and no one else in the area is doing it. Information in real estate can be like a gold mine.   

People can pop up information on the screen within 4.9 seconds from everywhere on earth!  And they are doing it big time.  See Statistics.

There is no question that literally every person at one time or another will come across ICIWorld either on the Internet, at a conference, seminar, trade show, etc. if they deal in some aspect of commercial real estate in the world.  

If your information is placed, they can easily call you and presto you can be into a deal.

The power of the Internet is what we have studied and developed services for since 1994.  This power goes to work for you the minute you join. It is the responsibility however of every single real estate broker and salesperson of the world to place their information in an effective manner! 

90% of the brokers in the world have not arrived on the Internet in an effective fashion however and we aim to change that through our Training, Education and Orientation session upon joining and circulars and webinars and videos throughout the year to Executive Members. 

Brokers support the service through a small yearly fee and an initial one time signup of $79.  Think of it as a twenty story office building with a major service on every floor. Links to listings for a salespersons web site are supplied to members. Web sites are separate, are free for three months, then you have a choice to keep them for a small monthly fee.

This is like a service bureau that removes the restriction of having to think, "does it cost me money to advertise a new opportunity."  The answer is no because members have unlimited advertising with a membership.

Just one example of hundreds of types of information, is one broker who made $52,000 with two hours of work.  He received a verbal agreement from an owner who agreed to pay him a commission if he could produce a buyer and sell his property.  He also agreed to let him place the information on ICI World as "33,000 sq.ft. building in Toronto" without the address.  The broker received a call and a meeting with a prospective purchaser and his agent was set up. He qualified the buyers, set an appointment to show the property.  He got a 48 hour exclusive agreement and showed the property.  They went back and forth a few times with the offer and sold the property.  

This service was designed to fill the gap in the market place for commercial real estate information . . . and . . . at what Bill Gates had in mind . . . at the Speed of Thought.  

When a broker drives down the street and sees a sign on a property, for sale and a phone number, that is a piece of information.  ICIWorld has a model that can work that kind of information successfully.

When the information is placed on ICIWorld, two things happen.  One, the information is in a database that is receiving over a quarter of a million hits from tens of thousands of unique viewers and, two, the information is immediately distributed to powerful EMail List distribution Services of ICIWorld which circulates this information to all who wish to subscribe to it by EMail . . . absolutely free. 

Everyone interested in commercial real estate Have and Want information should subscribe to the ICIWorld List Services to receive these Haves and Wants by Email for their area.

This is the fastest delivery of commercial real estate information in the world today that we personally know of.

Today this service successfully handles information in the commercial real estate marketplace throughout the world.  What else do we mean by information?

Some say 90% of shopping centers are not on real estate boards and probably never will be.  The same is true for apartment buildings, land and much more. It is this kind of information that can be worked quite nicely through ICI World.

In fact I believe there is more information available than actual real estate board type listings.  This means all the private for sales in your marketplace could be worked by you.  All the private for sale by owner opportunities in your marketplace can be YOUR INVENTORY.  However we recommend unique ways to handle this information so that it is compatible with how you do business and with agreements in place at the appropriate time.

We will show you the pitfalls many brokers are making and how to protect yourself so that you can make money on "information" not just "listings."  Just because we work open and exclusive listings does not mean there are not agreements in place before divulging property information or showing the property.

The readership is world wide with over 100 countries accessing information daily.  There are opportunities in your marketplace now!  You can place them here so fast and receive response you will be delightfully surprised.  We hear this all the time.

As long as you have a license to trade in real estate, you should be a member.  If we do not have a licensed real estate broker member in your area, then can a buyer or seller can join, otherwise this is a free service to the public to read information but when you a principal posts information Free in the FSBO Area only the real estate broker members can read it.  There are over 13,000 privately placed opportunities now that members can read and contact principals directly.   There are over 13,000 listings in the public area.

All our listings are circulated to the public within one hour of them being placed.  That is why many brokers receive great calls upon modifying their information and sending it through again.

We invite you to participate.  You will have our welcome instructions, and Training Videos, Education and have an Orientation and regular yearly checkups. You will participate world wide with a 30 minute one on one session called a Webinar.

World wide . . . everyone in the world is only one a few clicks away from all members information and the average search response time is 4.9 seconds from the main computer in San Jose, California.

If you are a licensed real estate broker or salesperson, you can get the full benefit of our training and ideas by simply joining now.  It is automatic.  You will have a one year membership and have full access.  You can start placing your information now and it will be live! You will have access to the Resource Center and the private FSBO Area listings.  Click on Buy Membership from ICIWorld.net.  Details on types of memberships.

So it is not just listings that can make you a great deal of money but "information" in the marketplace.  In that sense we helping brokers Stepping Outside of the Box of how they are typically accustomed to doing business. But the Internet brings with it unique opportunities.  

We have applied some of the concepts and ideas from Bill Gates Book @ the Speed of Thought and applied it to our industry. We have recognized opportunities in the commercial real estate market place from my various functions and professional positions in the commercial real estate industry.

I would get very excited about this if I were you.  We have made a lot of brokers a lot of money and there is absolutely no reason why we can't do the same for you.  

Do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

Gary Nusca, CCIM
The Market ICI World Commercial Real Estate Information Network